Episode 1.07

“Chuck vs. the Alma Mater”
Airdate: November 5, 2007
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NBC Synopsis – Added 10.16.07
BACK TO SCHOOL – Chuck (Zachary Levi) has to return to Stanford University, the institute that expelled him, on homecoming weekend to help a former professor. Chuck finds out that his former professor is also a government operative who is being hunted out for a sensitive top-secret file. Chuck must use his past experiences to find his Professor’s hidden secret, while at the same time discovering shocking secrets about his own life. More importantly, Chuck discovers the truth about his former friend, Bryce Larkin, the one who got him kicked out of Stanford. Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) has problems with the new assistant manager at Buy More. Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lancaster, and Ryan McPartlin also star.


Added 10.16.07
Title changed from “Chuck vs. the Icelandic Archer”.

Added 10.13.07
One of Chuck’s old college professors is involved with the company and suddenly finds a bad man in his class. He runs to his office and escapes through a secret hole in his closet floor. Casey tells Chuck that he will be going with them to talk to the man, in the hopes that he will cooperate. From flashbacks, we learn that in college, Bryce Larkin told the professor that Chuck had stolen an answer key to the mid-term to cheat with and to sell, which is why Chuck was kicked out of school. While trying to recover some intel that the professor had saved, Sarah and Casey hold off the bad guys so Chuck can escape with the disc. He realizes they need help and calls several people for backup, struggling to remember the code phrase so they will know he’s for real. The backup responds just in time, as Sarah and Casey run out of ammo. Chuck finally gets to look at the info on the disc and learns what really happened in his past.

Added 10.09.07
First appearance of Rachel Bilson?

Based on the photos, it appears that this is the “origin” episode during which Chuck returns to Stanford, possibly to recover a hidden disc.

Added 09.13.07
(Tentative) In a telephone conference today, Josh Schwartz said that they are now shooting an episode in which Chuck returns to Stanford for his “origin story” and we see the relationship between him and his former roommate/future rogue agent Bryce play out in flashback.

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