Episode 4.01

“Chuck vs. the Anniversary”
Airdate: September 20, 2010
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Official Synopsis – added 09.03.10

CHUCK BEGINS A SEARCH FOR HIS MOTHER, WHICH HE MUST KEEP A SECRET FROM THE CIA AND HIS SISTER — LINDA HAMILTON GUEST STARS AS MARY BARTOWSKI — DOLPH LUNDGREN, HARRY DEAN STANTON AND OLIVIA MUNN ALSO GUEST STAR — Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) go on a rogue globe-spanning mission to find Chuck’s mom. Meanwhile, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) follow a trail to Russia as they investigate the mysterious Volkoff Industries and its operative, Marco (guest star Dolph Lundgren). Back at home, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) delivers big news to her family. Bonita Friedericy also stars.

Behind The Scenes Photos – added 07.21.10

Photos from behind the scenes of Chuck episode 4.01

Guest Star – added 07.20.10

Olivia Munn will guest as Greta in the season premiere.

Guest Stars – added 07.14.10

The first bit of Chuck season 4 casting news is here! Ausiello reports that Rocky IV icon Dolph Lundgren has been cast in the premiere episode. His character is unknown, but we suspect he’ll follow in the steps of Michael Clarke Duncan and  Adoni Maropis as the villain who kickstarts the season.

Also on board for the Chuck season premiere is Harry Dean Stanton, last seen on Big Love. His role is also being kept under wraps, but feel free to speculate on how these two integrate into “Chuck vs. the Anniversary.”

Updated 10:10PM: Ausiello posted more information about their roles in today’s spoiler column

“Dolph Lundgren plays Marko,” explains Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak. “Is he Russian? Yes. Is he a terrifying bad guy? Yes. Will he say, ‘I must break you’? You’ll have to wait for the return of Chuck.” I’m counting the days! Now, what about Stanton? “Harry will play Harry Dean, the man who comes between Chuck and his search for Mom. Who is he exactly? Well, we’ll say this: Only Harry Dean Stanton could play this part.” Okay, now I’m counting the minutes!

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