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Episode 4.03

“Chuck vs. the Cubic Z”
Airdate: October 4, 2010
Gallery: Promotional Photos | Screencaps

Official Synopsis – added 9.17.10

Chuck AND Sarah芒鈧劉S PAST COMES BACK TO 芒鈧揌UNT芒鈧 THEM WHEN A PRISON TRANSFER DELIVERS OLD FOES TO THE BUY MORE芒鈧淣ICOLE RICHIE, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN AND STACY KIEBLER GUEST STAR 芒鈧 Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah芒鈧劉s (Yvonne Strahovski) romantic mission is cancelled with the arrival of Hugo Panzer (guest star Stone Cold Steve Austin) and Heather Chandler (guest star Nicole Richie). But Chuck grows more interested when the manipulative Heather claims to know a secret about his mom. Meanwhile, as Morgan (Joshua Gomez) prepares the Buy More for a huge video game release, he gets a surprise from Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence). Adam Baldwin, Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky and buying generic propecia Bonita Friedericy also star.

Live Twitcast From The Set – added 08.14.10

Zac shows again why the Chuck cast and crew is the best.脗聽 He TwitCasted live from the http://www.aiamilwaukee.org/cheap-soft-viagra set twice while shooting episode 3.03 4.03.


The first one happened just before I went to bed at approximately 08:30 PM PST:

Clip 1

Imagine my surprise and amazement to find Zac had TwitCasted for a second time around 2:30 AM PST shortly before I woke up!

Talk about your Hard Day芒鈧劉s Night!

Clip 2

Guest Stars – 08.02.10

Stacy Keibler tweeted this morning that she芒鈧劉ll be guest starring on Chuck this season, after giving us some clues yesterday. Ausiello has now confirmed that what most of us assumed, that she芒鈧劉ll play Greta in episode 4.03 (title TBA). She芒鈧劉ll take on the www.alpineequip.com role after Olivia Munn and Isaiah Mustafa, joining the ranks of Greta-of-the-week in the reimagined Buy More this season.

Keibler also revealed that she芒鈧劉ll be in the same episode that sees the return of 芒鈧淪tone Cold芒鈧劉 Steve Austin, and therefore Nicole Richie. The episode starts filming this week and will air in October.

Guest Stars – added 07.22.10

Now this is big news: Nicole Richie and Steve Austin will be reprising their roles on Chuck this season, per Ausiello. Richie played Heather Chandler in fan favorite season 2 episode 芒鈧揅huck vs. the Cougars芒鈧. She was Sarah芒鈧劉s high school 芒鈧搈ean girl芒鈧 who turned out to be involved in nefarious goings on at their reunion 10 years later. She芒鈧劉ll appear in an episode slated for October (we believe it芒鈧劉s episode 4.04) when a prison transfer goes wrong and Heather ends up at Castle for safe keeping. Per Ausiello, her arrival coincides with some serious bumps in Chuck and only best offers overnight viagra Sarah芒鈧劉s relationship, which she芒鈧劉ll try to use to her advantage.

Steve Austin will reprise his role as Hugo Panzer from season 3芒鈧瞫 芒鈧揅huck vs. First Class芒鈧 later this season. No word on what Hugo芒鈧劉s doing back in Chuck芒鈧劉s world, but we have a feeling he芒鈧劉ll be out for a little bit of revenge against the nerd who took him down in the airplane.

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