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Episode 4.05

“Chuck vs. the Couch Lock”
Airdate: October 18, 2010
Gallery: Promotional Photos | Screencaps

Official Synopsis, Title Correction – added 10.02.10

Previously reported as “Chuck vs. the Couch Look”, this episode is actually “Chuck vs. the Couch Lock.”

CHUCK芒鈧劉S LATEST MISSION PROVIDES A LINK TO CASEY芒鈧劉S PAST 芒鈧 AND POSSIBLY TO CHUCK芒鈧劉S MOM 芒鈧 ERIC ROBERTS, JOEL DAVID MOORE , DAVE BATISTA AND MEKENNA MELVIN GUEST STAR 芒鈧 When Colonel Casey芒鈧劉s (Adam Baldwin) former team returns looking for him, Chuck (Zachary Levi) must decide what he芒鈧劉s willing to sacrifice in order to find his mom. Elsewhere, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) works up the nerve to buy viagra pills reveal a potentially dangerous secret to Casey. Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Bonita Friedericy, Vik Sahay and http://www.janebrophy.co.uk/buy-brand-name-cialis Scott Krinsky also star.

Guest Stars – added 08.26.10

Before he was Chuck, Zachary Levi was ambitious, snarky Kipp Stedman on ABC芒鈧劉s Less Than Perfect, starring Sarah Rue. ChuckTV.net has learned that Zac will reunite with one of his Less Than Perfect co-stars this season when Eric Roberts (who played anchorman Will Butler) guests on Chuck. He芒鈧劉ll be part be part of Casey芒鈧劉s former Special Ops team referenced in this spoiler from TV Guide.

Also part of the assistance team are Squintern, filmmaker and Zac芒鈧劉s BFF Joel David Moore and WWE superstar Batista. I imagine Casey and Batista will be the grunting part of the group while Moore and Roberts are the 芒鈧揑芒鈧劉m a PC芒鈧 and 芒鈧揑芒鈧劉m a Mac芒鈧 duo (so NOT Justin Long and John Hodgman). The trio begin filming on Monday, August 30.

But wait, Roberts has even more connections to Chuck! He can currently be seen on the big screen in The Expendables, co-starring with Steve Austin (Hugo Panzer from season 3 and returning in season 4) and Dolph Lundgren (guest starring in season 4).

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