Episode 4.17

“Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil”
Original Airdate: February 28, 2011
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Official Synopsis – added 02.10.11
CHUCK AND SARAH PLAN THE ULTIMATE HEIST AT A HIGH-SECURITY BANK—LAUREN COHAN AND RAY WISE GUEST STAR—Chuck (Zachary Levi) pushes Vivian McArthur (guest star Lauren Cohan) to get in touch with her inner villain for a mission. Elsewhere, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) tries to get in touch with her inner bride as wedding plans ramp up. Meanwhile, Morgan’s (Joshua Gomez) search for a new roommate takes an unexpected turn. Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lancaster, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay, Mark Christopher Lawrence and http://www.finquesbalada.com/buy-levitra-generic Bonita Friedericy also star.

Additional Guest Stars – added 01.24.11

The First Bank of Evil is a “powerful and corrupt bank” protected by Asian mercenaries and run by Mr. Aleixo, a sinister-looking Asian bank manager.

Title & Casting Call – added 01.23.11

According to SpoilerTV, Chuck episode 4.17 is titled “Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil.” Best. Title. Ever!

They’re casting at least two guest stars for this episode: Riley, a powerful lawyer in his 50′s who may be a recurring character, and Henry VIII. Pretty sure the latter is an actor/impersonator but his presence leads me to think we’re staying in England for a while longer as the Vivian arc plays out. Is the lawyer also connected to generic viagra online canadian pharmacyonline viagra no prescription her? And could the title of the episode be a callback to when we first met Volkoff?

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