Season 5

NBC has renewed Chuck for a fifth and buy 5 mg cialis final season, slated to premiere Friday, October 28, 2011, at 8/7c. will update with spoilers, casting news, photos, videos, and more as they are made available.

Chuck season 4 will be available on DVD and Blu-ray October 11, 2011.


Chuck season 5 sees Chuck and Sarah owning Carmichael Industries, a private espionage agency with the Burbank Buy More as their cover. In order to keep the Buy More afloat, Chuck launches a new promotional campaign featuring Captain Awesome as the face of half price viagra the Buy More.

Morgan has the Intersect, but he may not be able to the best choice handle it.

Season 5 Episodes

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Episode 5.01 :: “Chuck vs. the Zoom

Episode 5.02 :: “Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit

Episode 5.03 :: “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips

Episode 5.04 :: “Chuck vs. the Business Trip

Episode 5.05 :: “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off

Episode 5.06 :: “Chuck vs. the Curse

Episode 5.07 :: “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit

Episode 5.08 :: “Chuck vs. the Baby

Episode 5.09 :: “Chuck vs. the Kept Man

Episode 5.10 :: Title TBA

Episode 5.11 :: “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train

Episode 5.12 :: Title TBA

Episode 5.13 :: “Chuck vs. the Goodbye

Chuck Season 5 New Cast Members/Guest Stars

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Mark Hamill is a villain with a French accent; appears in 5.01.

Craig Kilborn is Roger Bale, another villain in episode 5.01.

Carrie-Anne Moss is Gertrude Verbanski, owner of a rival espionage agency and possible love interest for Casey.

Jeff Fahey is Karl Sneijder, owner of a South African diamond mining company; appears in 5.02

Justin Hartley is Wesley Sneijder, Karl’s brother who is kidnapped by Karl’s enemies; appears in 5.02.

Beau Garrett plays Valaria, leader of a cult called Church of the Eternal win; appears in 5.05.

Rebecca Romijn is Robin Cunnings, a rogue CIA agent; appears in 5.06.

Stan Lee will have a cameo in episode 5.07.

Cheryl Ladd will play Emma, Sarah’s mom; appears in episode 5.08.

Tim DeKay will play Kieran Ryker, Sarah’s former handler; appears in episode 5.08.

Bo Derek will play herself in episode 5.10.

Angus Macfadyen will play Nicholas Quinn, the team’s final Big Bad; appears in episodes 5.10-5.13.

Chuck Season 5 Videos

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First Chuck season 5 promo

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