Season 5

NBC has renewed Chuck for a fifth and final season, slated to premiere Friday, October 28, 2011, at 8/7c. will update with spoilers, casting news, photos, videos, and more as they are made available.

Chuck season 4 will be available on DVD and Blu-ray October 11, 2011.


Chuck season 5 sees Chuck and Sarah owning Carmichael Industries, a private espionage agency with the Burbank Buy More as their cover. In order to keep the Buy More afloat, Chuck launches a new promotional campaign featuring Captain Awesome as the face of the Buy More.

Morgan has the Intersect, but he may not be able to handle it.

Season 5 Episodes

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Episode 5.01 :: “Chuck vs. the Zoom

Episode 5.02 :: “Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit

Episode 5.03 :: “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips

Episode 5.04 :: “Chuck vs. the Business Trip

Episode 5.05 :: “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off

Episode 5.06 :: “Chuck vs. the Curse

Episode 5.07 :: “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit

Episode 5.08 :: “Chuck vs. the Baby

Episode 5.09 :: “Chuck vs. the Kept Man

Episode 5.10 :: Title TBA

Episode 5.11 :: “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train

Episode 5.12 :: Title TBA

Episode 5.13 :: “Chuck vs. the Goodbye

Chuck Season 5 New Cast Members/Guest Stars

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Mark Hamill is a villain with a French accent; appears in 5.01.

Craig Kilborn is Roger Bale, another villain in episode 5.01.

Carrie-Anne Moss is Gertrude Verbanski, owner of a rival espionage agency and possible love interest for Casey.

Jeff Fahey is Karl Sneijder, owner of a South African diamond mining company; appears in 5.02

Justin Hartley is Wesley Sneijder, Karl’s brother who is kidnapped by Karl’s enemies; appears in 5.02.

Beau Garrett plays Valaria, leader of a cult called Church of the Eternal win; appears in 5.05.

Rebecca Romijn is Robin Cunnings, a rogue CIA agent; appears in 5.06.

Stan Lee will have a cameo in episode 5.07.

Cheryl Ladd will play Emma, Sarah’s mom; appears in episode 5.08.

Tim DeKay will play Kieran Ryker, Sarah’s former handler; appears in episode 5.08.

Bo Derek will play herself in episode 5.10.

Angus Macfadyen will play Nicholas Quinn, the team’s final Big Bad; appears in episodes 5.10-5.13.

Chuck Season 5 Videos

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First Chuck season 5 promo

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