Episode 5.07

“Chuck vs. the Santa Suit”
Airdate: December 23, 2011
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Short Synopsis – added 11.29.11

Chuck and Sarah learn who is trying to destroy Carmichael Industries; Ellie’s Christmas plans come undone; a computer virus threatens to ruin Christmas at Buy More.

Casting News – added 09.29.11

More awesome guest star news, Chucksters! Alan Sepinwall at Hitfix scooped that comic legend Stan Lee will cameo in Chuck episode 5.07, the Christmas episode. Per Sepinwall, Chuck encounters Lee “in the most unexpected of places.” Secret identity anyone?

Holiday Episode – added 09.26.11

Hot on the heels of the news that Chuck is casting Sarah Walker’s mom come reports that the series is filming a Christmas episode! Our sources indicate that episode 5.07 (title TBA) will show us Chuck and Sarah’s first Christmas as a married couple, and Baby Clara’s first Christmas. Awwww. Fans have been asking for a Christmas episode for a long time, so props to Fedak & Co. for working one in during the final season.

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