Webisode Spoilers

The Chuck webisodes will be documentary-style installments of life at the Buy More. They begin with an informational film about some aspect of working at Buy More, intercut with “actual” goings on. Here are the premises for a couple of the webisodes:

Part 7: Customer Service

Jeff and Lester are watching cartoons when they hear the service bell ding. An attractive woman is standing at the Nerd Herd desk, waiting for assistance. Lester calls dibs but Jeff enforces the Roshambo rule (think Rock, Paper, Scissors on the run); Lester cheats and gets to the woman first. Although he attempts to flirt with her, the woman is all business. Her laptop died, she said, as she was uploading “personal” photos. Lester thinks he recognizes the woman, but she brushes him off by saying she works in the “entertainment industry.” When Lester recovers her photos, however, he realizes where he may have seen her before… When Morgan catches Lester, Jeff, and Anna (whose “expert opinion” they’ve enlisted) looking at porn, he busts them. The woman, furious, takes her laptop and leaves. Ah, customer service in action.

Part 15: Employee Health

After completing an interview for the film crew, the director asks Casey about rumors that he’s eliminated shoplifting from the Burbank branch of the Buy More. Casey isn’t one to brag, but his “unofficial” interest in law enforcement has caused him to come up with his own three-strike policy. Steal once, you get a warning; steal twice, you get written up; steal three times…well, you’ll just have to watch the documentary.

Part 24: Youth Marketing

The documentary crew catches Morgan selling the unrated version of Showgirls to a couple of teenage boys, clearly underage. Too bad for Morgan, not only does he get caught on tape, but the after a sneak peek the boys demand a refund, claiming that the movie isn’t “dirty” enough. Why should he pay Morgan 5 bucks for that when he can see naked pictures of Morgan’s mom online for free? What? Morgan thought those pictures had all been removed! The kid demands his money back, but Morgan retaliates with a threat to tell the kid’s friends that he stole a Hannah Montana CD. On second thought…

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