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Chuck vs. The Goodbye: Five Years Later

Chuck vs. the Goodbye

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Chuck series finale, and one of the most controversial final episodes in television history. It was an emotional time. Many of us had been fighting for this show since season 2. We were invested in Charah, in Carmichael Industries, in Casey and his daughter Alex, in Morgan and his growth (and Alex), in Ellie ...

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Chucktoids: Did Sarah Leave Malibu With Chuck?

The tears and passionate kiss Chuck and Sarah share before the series fades to black suggest they will leave Malibu together. However, additional audio-visual clues during the final episode subtly reinforce this impression. Imagery The finale’s opening sequence of Sarah free falling foreshadows her ultimate awakening and transformation in a variety of ways. She revives in time to pull her chute ...

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Chuck vs. the Podcast 105: Chris Fedak Answers!

On the last podcast, you saw the man behind the music, and got to witness the full depth of his mesmerizing “Question and Answer” music cue. This week, be mesmerized by the man behind the show, in an 84 minute question and answer session! Click image to play video… more details below. We had over 700 questions submitted… obviously we ...

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Survey Says: Most People Liked the Chuck Finale & More Survey Results

Following the series finale of Chuck, we launched our fourth Chuck Fan Survey to gather quantitative data in addition to the qualitative (comments left on the site, in the forum, emails, etc.) about the final episodes, season 5, and the entire series. The Chuck Fan Survey is, obviously, representative of online fan opinions, meaning those Chuck fans who are seek ...

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Chuck vs. the Podcast 103: Goodbye Chuck

January 27th was a day of tremendous excitement, which we now mark with sadness as the date we said “goodbye” to Chuck. The 2-part finale, comprising ‘Chuck vs. Sarah’ (written by Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc, and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar), and ‘Chuck vs. the Goodbye’ (written by Chris Fedak and directed by Robert Duncan McNeill), was a true love ...

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