Wonka Teams Up With Zac & Josh To Send Nerds to NBC

How’s this for a last minute push? WONKA®, maker of NERDS® candies, will soon be making a very special delivery to executives at NBC: more than 1,000 packs of NERDS (the candy, not the people) in support of Chuck!

The idea to send NERDS came from co-creator and producer Josh Schwartz in an interview with The New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff published April 20. In it, Schwartz suggests fans of the show send NERDS to NBC, similar to the peanuts sent by CBS’ “Jericho” fans when that show was in danger.

“We agreed with Josh that a bunch of NERDS could make a big difference for ‘Chuck,’ and that nothing could be more appropriate,” said Tricia Bowles, spokesperson, Nestlé Confections & Snacks. “We’re showing our support for the show’s cast, crew, viewers and Nerd Herds everywhere, and we hope fans continue to do the same.”

Cute, right? Here are a couple of photos of Zac and Josh joining in the fun. NBC will announce the fate of Chuck on Monday, May 4th. If you haven’t already subscribed to our RSS feed and/or followed us on Twitter, this would be a good time to do so to get the news right away.

Joshua Gomez and Zachary Levi with Nerds
Joshua Gomez and Zachary Levi with Nerds
Zachary Levi with Nerds
Zachary Levi with Nerds
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  1. aww!
    haha. such cute kidz.

  2. That’s Awesome.

  3. Yesssssssssss way to go, this is cool and big.

  4. Katharine Lhota

    These photos are wonderful! Gosh, I hope this candy delivers the message to Burkbank, and New York. Hey, NBC! Enjoy indulging in your sweet tooth, but let us have Season 3 and 22 episodes of “Chuck!” With love and gratitude…

  5. I’m not a candy guy, I barely eat any. But seeing Wonka backing up Chuck made me actually go out and grab some Nerds to give it a try. They’re actually preety good! Ok, I’m still not a candy guy, but I might get some more Nerds to eat during the Season Premiere (positive thinking!!)

    Wonder if we’ll see Chuck snacking on Nerds in the 3rd Season XD (positive thinking!!)

  6. Chuck rox my sox!!

  7. NERDS should make special edition Nerd Herd candy :). White & Red nerds with the Buy More Nerd Herd on the box. Sure will get people’s attention 😉

  8. This is what I like to see. I totaly agree with reen462, they need “collectable” Nerds with special Chuck/Nerd Herd packaging. Either way, I’m picking up some Nerds when I go to the store as my way of saying “thank you” for their support.

  9. Now that’s AWESOME! come NBC please renew Chuck.

  10. thats awesome!! Its great that Wonka is supporting chuck. reen426, that is an awesome idea!

  11. Another huge company in support of Chuck. NBC has a goldmine here. I hope they realize this.

  12. Yeah!!!! I will definitely be buying tons of more nerds now because of their support for Chuck and I’ll definitely be spreading this around to other chuck supporters! See NBC look at all the big names helping Chuck! Renew, Renew, RENEW!!!!

  13. Perhaps we could encourage Nestle to be a sponsor of Chuck next season. Nestle makes many more products besides Nerds. I think their food products are as good a fit as the one between the Chuck crowd and Subway. We need to show our value to the sponsors which in turn will show our value to NBC. Money talks. My family has pledged to make Chuck night a Subway night. I’d certainly be willing to throw something toward Nestle for helping to keep our favorite show around. Save Chuck.

  14. i have sent my nerds to nbc and i live in Turkey! I asked friends of mine who studyig in the USA to send these nerds! and they did! all chuck fans who dont live in the USA, if you too have a frind in the USA you can just ask them to buy nerds and mail them to nbc. I think we all should do our best to keep this show alive.

  15. even i sent my nerds to nbc and i live in turkey. chuck fans outside the USA, you too can send your nerds all you need to do is if you have friends who live or study or work in the usa ask them to buy nerds and send them to nbc. we all need to do our part!

  16. How do we contact Wonka candies to thamk them and ask for a nerd herd special box of candy. (Limited edition of course?) I looked at their website and couldn’t find a contact link.

  17. Man, that’s great! I don’t think I’ve eaten Nerds since high school, but this is a really good reason to Buy More. (Heh. See what I did there? Yeah, okay, so it’s not that funny. I tried.)

    Seriously, though, is there a page somewhere that lets us donate to the cause so that the candy can be delivered collectively rather than one box at a time? I’m remembering the impressiveness of the Writers’ Strike pencil drive as an example.

  18. Just mailed mine off.

  19. I agree with previous posters, a collectible packaging with green apple and yellow pineapple would be a surefire hit.

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  21. I pray getting out of Ocracoke island wasn’t necessarily needed and Hurricane Earl justkeeps out at in the ocean. Let us hope for that.

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