Episode 1.08

“Chuck vs. the Truth”
Airdate: November 12, 2007
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NBC Synopsis – added 10.22.07
NO MORE LIES–RACHEL BILSON GUEST STARS—Chuck (Zachary Levi) battles with his cover love life and real love life when he meets a very pretty girl named Lou (Rachel Bilson), who seems interested in the real Chuck. On the other hand, his relationship with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) heats up as they go on a double date with Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) and try to explain their sex life. Meanwhile, a poison specialist is trying to obtain codes to nuclear facilities and is using a “truth” poison to help get his answers. After all are exposed to the truth, Chuck soon discovers a lot about his partners. Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez also star.


Added 10.13.07
A man named Mason Whitney is held hostage and given a truth poison, which will make him tell the truth and then die unless given the antidote, which is held by his captor, Robinson Payne. Payne releases Whitney, planting him with a bug and telling him to get the information he wants. Whitney dies and Ellie tries to help him in the ambulance. Payne disguises himself as a policeman and visits her to ask if Whitney gave her anything. She tells him no and he secretly bugs her in the same way he did Whitney. Before Payne leaves, he sprays poison under Ellie’s nose without her knowledge. Casey, Sarah and Chuck find Payne and extract the information about the antidote and the other information he has by dosing him with the poison as well. Alias’ Kevin Weisman guest stars

Added 10.11.07
Ausiello reports that Kevin Weisman (formerly of Alias, now recurring on Moonlight) “has landed a flashy guest stint on NBC’s Chuck. He’ll play a poisonous (literally) bad guy” in this episode.

Rachel Bilson continues her recurring guest role.

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