Have a Heart, Renew Chuck Campaign

A group have fans have come up with another idea to both support Chuck and benefit the American Heart Association. The Have a Heart, Renew Chuck campaign asks fans to donate to the AHA on behalf of Chuck Bartowski. More information is available here.

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  1. If we could get one (or several) of the actors to do this publically I bet there would be a *huge* following.

  2. Ha! I love it. Another brilliant idea. Who can slam the door in the face of charity….(hear me NBC???)


  3. I’ve Donated! Very good idea. I think this will send a very strong message.

  4. Be sure and carefully preview the acknowledgment card- if one includes a special character it will generate a bunch of gobbldygook. I just sent my twenty-five bucks. I spend four times that much every Saturday night when I go out to be rejected by women. Sacrifice a few shots of tequila in the name of Chuck Bartowski!

  5. Just sent my $25. This is a great campaign idea!

  6. I think NBC execs are going to be surprised at this one 🙂 Mr. Silverman will come to work one day and have a pile of these on his desk. Keep it coming!

  7. This is such a clever idea! My donation has been made.

  8. made my donation. what an awesome idea there’s no way nbc can ignore this
    donate to AHA everybody!!

  9. Hi, I’m Khoa from Vietnam ! I watched every episode of Chuck through iTunes but Season 2 still have Season Pass (for Ongoing Season) !? What do you think about this ?

  10. Anyone knows if one can donate from outside the US? My economy teacher could go forever on the consequences of removing money from the Portuguese economy to inject it in the American one for no reason. But hey, there’s a reason! Chuck!

  11. Great idea, just wish it had come along a little sooner. In the case of most large charity organizations it takes several weeks (at least) for everything to be processed and for acknowledgements to be sent out. By then the decision regarding ‘CHUCK’ will have already been made. It would also be good if someone from AHA was actually tracking a dollar amount tally for the donations on behalf of saving the show. Still, AHA is a worthy organization. And it goes without saying that ‘CHUCK’ is worthy of renewal.

  12. Rosie:

    Don’t they have an email acknowledgement? I would think that would go out sooner than several weeks? I wonder if anybody can find out?

    The thing is we need to try to get the media to catch wind of the campaign!

    Somebody talked about going down to the NBC today show on Friday with Chuck banners, I hope people organize that effort. I can’t do that because I am not in New York (or wherever they tape that show).

  13. Just donated my $25 bucks. The website said the acknowledgement would be sent out in 24 to 48 hours.


  14. Correct – the site said that after 24 hours a notice would be sent out. I’m guessing the e-mail is immediate (I got an e-mail notification instantly).

    Many thanks to all who donate (from one Chuck fan to another). Please spread the word!

  15. I made a donation. I missed out on buying a Sub on the day of the Finale, and I sent a letter. NBC HEAR US!!

  16. Just made my donation….what a great idea..and it goes to a very good cause 🙂

  17. Great Idea. I just made one donation that will go to Ben Silverman’s attention and I’m about to make a second dontation to go to Angela Bromstad’s attention. Heart disease is the major killer in the U.S. – more than cancer – so it is a tremendous idea to do this campaing. Thanks again, everyone for everything that your doing to save CHUCK – a show “with a BIG HEART!” Peace and God bless you all! Fr. Rick Holy

  18. the intel is not official but…NBC signed a new contract for season 3 for 13 episodes…it will be announced till 19th may

  19. This is a great idea and a very positive way to support the show.

  20. hi, i only have one question, this donation is only for usa or is international???

  21. I would assume if you have a Visa or Mastercard you could donate from anywhere but I’ve never been outside the USA so I don’t know for sure.

  22. Cool idea, glad to do my part.

  23. Thanks Paul, I’ll get to do it now 🙂

  24. I donated yesterday. Please continue to spread the word through any means available. And for those who asked, the blog site will be updated with donation totals every couple of days. Keep the faith, spread the word, and help a worthy cause!

  25. @Amy, Just out of curiosity, how will you all be able to keep track of the donation totals?

  26. Oh, and has anyone contacted Robert and Bill over at TVByTheNumbers? I read somewhere they were going to be doing daily Chuck posts until May 19th, and I’m sure they would be happy to post the information about this campaign.

  27. I have to say that I am beginning to think that Chuck fans are the smartest people on the face of the planet! I thought that the Subway campaign was a great idea, but donating to the American Heart Association is really a fantastic idea. To donate to such a worthy cause..Totally Awesome! Hopefully NBC will hear us and stop playing games with renewing Chuck. It also sends a message that we Chuck fans could care less about the pathetic Nielsen Rating System and the Nielsen Members that are hooked onto Low Quality Trash TV. Let NBC hear us in one voice say that Us Chuck Fans Demand High Quality Television Programs..Us Chuck Fans Demand That NBC renew Chuck Without Further Delay. I made two donations this afternoon. I made a $100 donation with Ben Silverman getting the acknowledgement and a 2nd $100 donation with Angela Bromstad getting the acknowledgement. I just wanted to say “Thank You” to all the other Chuck fans for all of their efforts. May The Force Be With Us!

  28. Amazing, crazy, fans! Awesome, wonderful people! Thanks Mel for posting this! I hope the AHA is able to track all the donations and give us accurate totals. They said I could just call and get that info from them. I’ll be posting an updated total donation amount on the blog (http://weheartchuck.blogspot.com/) every day or so.

  29. Just made a donation to both execs- thanks for another great idea! Awesome!

  30. As of 11:55am on 5/7/09, 140 people have donated $3,432.03 to the Have A Heart – Renew Chuck American Heart Association Campaign. Awesome!


  31. Grace,

    Tv by numbers indeed has a daily post…

    And yes they are up to date on the various campaigns!


  32. Keep spreading the word~! Let all your friends know who are Chuck fans.

  33. just donated $15 .
    hopefully it helps
    still amazes me nbc is considering to cancel it ?????

  34. how do we spread the word
    do nbc aha subway cnn msnbc, do they know about this great campaign

  35. $5,000+ !!!!! Wow.

  36. in less than a week Chuck fans have raised about $10,000. what an awesome group we are!