Chuck Me Mondays: “Chuck vs. the Pilot”

Welcome to our first Chuck Me Monday! We’re starting at the beginning, which means we’re watching episode 1.01, “Chuck vs. the Pilot.” Remember the first time you met Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Ellie, et al? Relive the fun with a friend by watching along with us today! Here’s the official synopsis for this episode:

Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) is a computer geek that gets catapulted into a new career as the government’s most vital secret agent. When Chuck opens an e-mail subliminally encoded with government secrets, he unwittingly downloads an entire server of sensitive data into his brain. With the government’s most precious secrets in Chuck’s head, Major John Casey of the National Security Agency (Adam Baldwin) assumes the responsibility of protecting him. His partner is the CIA’s top agent (and Chuck’s first date in years), Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski). Also starring are Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes, Chuck’s best buddy, Sarah Lancaster as Chuck’s ever-supportive sister, Ellie, and Ryan McPartlin as Ellie’s awesome boyfriend, Captain Awesome.

We have promotional photos for this episode in our Gallery if you’d like a visual refresher. You can also download the songs using this episode on our Music page. Remember the night club scene? And Chuck hugging Ellie and Morgan after a long night of defeating bad guys? I feel a rousing rendition of “Memories” coming on…

How To Watch

  • We recommend watching this episode at for the biggest impact.
  • If you don’t have access to watch online or would prefer to watch using a different method, then pull out your season 1 DVDs or download the episode from Chuck - Chuck, Season 1 - Pilot or Amazon.

When To Watch

  • Americans watch at 9PM ET (convert to your time zone here)
  • Europeans watch at 8PM GMT (convert to your time zone here)

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  1. Still think this is my favorite episode.

  2. “Don’t freak out.”

    Awesome Pilot, awesome show, bring on March 2010!!!!

  3. That episode never ceases to be awesome. Is it any wonder that Chuck has such loyal fans as we are? Viva La Chuck!

  4. wow when looking back on the episodes again i realized that they used the same married couple in season one and in two trying to go on their anniversary. for example the black couple who are telling each other happy anniversary is when chuck is dangling off the building or elevator in chuck vs the tango and chuck vs the third dimension!! has anyone noticed that?? it’s funny!!

  5. O.K. I’m officially NOT liking Twitter. I “signed up,” it took my username as rickholy and I gave it a passsword. Now when I try to sign in it says it doesn’t recognize the username password combination – and I KNOW what username and password I gave it. So I thought I would try signing up “again.” When I entered the same username, it said that it was already in use. So it KNOWS my username, but for some reason is having problems accepting the password that I gave it when I signed up.

    Does it take a while to “process” you after you first sign up before you can log in??

    Anybody have any suggestions? Otherwise, I’m going to “chuck” Twitter and stick with commenting on this web site.

    Thanks all!! And it was FUN watching the Pilot episode again. One thing I noticed is that over time Yvonne’s “American accent” is changing slightly, getting “more” American with time. She “sounded” a little bit different in this first episode than she sounds now in the end of season 2 episodes.

  6. Well that was FUN! I spent most of the time keeping up with Twitter, but was reading y’alls comments as well. I love watching as a group like this. 😀 We managed to get to #5 on Twitter’s trending list (very good for just an hour’s effort) and I think will notice an uptick when they check stats tomorrow. Well done, Chucksters!

  7. A success!!! We made the trending topics list, reaching as high as 5! Way to go!!!

  8. Rick
    Your earlier comment about the Ninja – I agree – doesn’t look like a girl, but if she wanted to hide her identity wouldn’t she wear padding to disguise her form.
    In interviews Yvonne has said that she does all her own fight scenes so she is certainly capable.

    She has also said in interviews that she was a dancer for a while – perhaps the line about “real ballerinas are tall” was a subtle reference by the writers to Yvonne. Regardless that ballerina scene in the Buy More was definitely a pivotal moment that really makes Chuck a likeable character both to Sarah and the audience.

    Irene Demova – so beautiful yet so deadly – so is Sarah.

    This is taking a long time to type – my favourite scene – the dance floor – a perfect mix of comedy and action. The facial expression on Chuck – it says this girl is so hot – I can’t believe I’m here and she is with me. While all the time Sarah is taking out Casey’s agents – Classic.
    She really can dance.

    I believe it is Chuck’s facial expressions that make the humour work so well.

    The bomb difusing – Casey’s best line “Don’t puke on the C4”

    Noooooooo!! it’a over already. They really should have made a 2 hour pilot. It’s so hard to stop the DVD here.

    Tune in next week for Magic tricks, a soufle and a helicopter.

    I still need to wathc more Chuck tonight – maybe the Season 2 finale again.

  9. Rick i wouldnt know because i do not have a twitter account!! i’m doing so much as it is but from the way you explained it i think i dont want a twitter account at all!! well that’s good to hear about the #5 twitter list and i hope we had alot of people watch on!! VIVA LA CHUCK!!!

  10. Definately good watching it again, for the 100th time. I’m glad we did this–we got to watch Chuck and have it mean something. See ya next week. And if anyone hears about traffic news regarding our efforts please post it.

  11. speer, “Discuss on Skype – send a message to DarthRazorback on Skype to be admitted to the chatroom.”

  12. Great time tonight everyone! We trended on Twitter in record time! Hope to trend faster next week! Love the Pilot tweet you all next week or sooner!

  13. Some screencaps of #Chuckmemondays trending..great job, guys!
    Let’s go higher next time!

  14. That was great. Thanks all. See you next week.

  15. Great way to spend a Monday night. Watching Chuck and eating my $5 Footlong.

    I love to see what the hits were to the WB site.

  16. What I like about the pilot you can tell from the beginning that Sarah really likes Chuck. The way she looked at him when he was filming the ballerina and she was genuinely having a good time on their date until the NSA showed up. Season 3 has to develope their relationship IMO.

  17. I just had a thought. If we continue to watch Chuck on Monday nights into the Fall season, then who will be watching television. NBC might just realize that we are either going to watch Chuck from DVD or on-line instead of watching whatever show they put on the network at 9.

    They might think that they might as well put Chuck back on Monday nights early, get advertising revenue for it, and order those extra 9 episodes.

    I never did pay much attention to the ratings but wasn’t it something like an average of 6 million viewers – if we all watch Chuck on line instead of reality or second rate crap on TV monday nights – thats a lot of missing advertising revenue.

  18. Awesome Episode. I love the pilot, it never gets old you can watch it over and over again.

  19. I thought Chuck was really great on his “date” with Sarah. He previously seemed as if he would be uncomfortable with beautiful girls and socially awkward, but he was funny (in a good way)

  20. I loved when Chuck was filming the ballerina. That was just so sweet.

  21. even if you don’t have a twitter acount you can go to the website search and search for #chuckmemondays and see a batch of most recent postings.

  22. The general rule of “commenting customer” is 250:1, at *least*.

    Now, even if we had 1000 people watching theWB; that’s a quarter million viewers, or … lemme see [ pulls out slipstick stolen from Chuck’s top left drawer ]

    1/24th what they had as an average this season.

    Still and all, that’s damn decent numbers for a show *they’re not even running right now*.

  23. Just thinking, what if there were more dance scenes. Chuck could actually do more than the tango now. Sara could be more jealous if some of Chucks missions were at parties. Chuck could realize that though he to his father he loves Sara, Sara could confide in someone , say Anna that she really loves Chuck but is afraid to say somethiing yet. Can’t tell Ellie as she would run to Chuck. Auwesom needs to get more involved with talking to Chuck on the side as he knows the truth. Could lead to some good bro bonding.

  24. hey Gord – loved your descriptions of facial expressions and all. Sepinwall did a lot of that, which made me love the show even more than just being a show about a geek (which, I would, of course, watch in any case)

    I’m not into spy shows – never saw Alias; only Mr & Mrs Smith (M&MS) (the Bakula series, not the movie) and every time Chuck gets better, I do mourn that short-lived series. I haven’t even seen a Bond movie. (did see Spies Like Us, but that was a lifetime ago) so my whole frame of reference is M&MS. The more Chuck I see, the more it frustrates me that M&MS just couldn’t pull it off.

  25. Looks like I need a twitter account. Most were apparently on that tonight, cause I know more than 60 some odd people watched tonight.

  26. Great idea by Chuck twitter for trending higher next week: watch vs. the Helicopter early, pre-write your posts, post them night of chuckmemondays and then post some more that night. Double the pleasure, double the fun!

  27. Sorry had to watch it late, but. it was great i could brobaly do the eposode by my self. Viva Buymoria.
    PS. where is the new podcast, i cant wait!

  28. “Still and all, that’s damn decent numbers for a show *they’re not even running right now*.”

    is just an awesome quote

  29. Sorry I’m in SoCal so you’re all hours ahead of me, but this episode is not just a great “Chuck” episode, it’s a great NBC pilot as well. 2 years ago I saw promos for it. Billboards plastered with some Australian newcomer and the funner guy from “Less Than Perfect” showed up around town reading “He’s the Secret, She’s the Agent.” Like any other freako in the entertainment indus, I looked up the cast, admired them, and then decided to be a fan from the very very begininning, without even seeing it first. I thought it would take me awhile to become really interested without “forcing” myself to watch it but I was wrong! I was obsessed from the very start. This show, this cast and crew, this website, this podcast, these fans–are absolutely amazing. Kudos and thank you to you all!!

  30. Chuck is a amazing show. Just wonder did anyone every notice that the pliot General Beckman is different from the series General Beckman. I like the series general beckman better. On a different note Sarah does look like she was actually starting to like Chuck from the pliot not realizing it. I like how she asked him out and Morgan keep answering for Chuck. I never can get enough of the Chuck and Sarah moments good or even the heart breaking ones. Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski have so much chemistry together even in interviews. I don’t see that much in other shows.

  31. I didn’t see the pilot when it first aired, but when I did see it, it absolutely hooked me on the show. And the scene that did it was the ballerina scene, and not just due to the “cute” factor. That scene showed us everything about who Chuck was, why Sarah would immediately like him and see him as something much more than someone to protect.

    First, in choosing to help the panicked father over trying to woo Sarah, Chuck did what he always does — he chooses to do the right thing, and Sarah is impressed by both his kindness and ingenuity. Second, as we would see, Chuck solves problems best by using his wits and ability to improvise — his solutions are always unique and designed in a way to help the most people. Third, that scene establishes how the Buy More crowd is a family, and the way they mobilized showed how much they loved and respected Chuck.

    Fourth, I just love the way he cheers that little girl up, diffuses her insecurity and makes her feel like she’s something special. If I’m in Sarah’s shoes, I’m wondering how much my kids are going to look like him. Zach Levi just carries it all off beautifully.

    Seeyuz next Monday night, people!

  32. I just finished watching the pilot again for Chuck Me Mondays, sorry this is later than most people but I was working and I live on the West Coast, Pacific Time Zone.
    This is a great idea for keeping the interest going for “Chuck” throughout the summer and into the start of season 3. I don’t know if I would have watched my season 1 DVD that much if this promotion hadn’t been thought of. Kudos to the person or persons that came up with the idea.
    I enjoyed reading each and every comment about this episode. I don’t have anyone (friends or family members) that watches the show as religiously as I do and wants to talk about each and every episode.
    So “Thanks” everyone for sharing your thoughts about ‘tonight’s’ episode. I never get tired of watching the Pilot. My favorite scene is when Sarah walks into the Buymore and Chuck drops the phone and notepad or clipboard at the sight of her. Zach’s timing on that one is perfect.
    Another scene I really like, and had forgot about, was when Chuck was walking into Big Mike’s office to turn in his application for assistant manager and the music playing in the background was actually Morgan playing it on the store’s system. Chuck, or I should say Zac, looked like he was holding back from laughing as Morgan was turning the sound down. Hahaha
    Okay can’t wait for next Monday. Wow, just like during the actual season.

  33. Hey everyone, if you don’t know. Nick C of The NIck C blog is setting up an interview with Schwartz & Co. They are asking for audience input of questions and will pose the top 20 to them. So head on over and pose your burning question about the upcoming season 3.

    Remember to add your city, state.

  34. Did my part last night. We bought 2 footlongs at Subway, and then watched Chuck.

    And instead of just putting in the DVD, which would have been simpler, I took the laptop downstairs and hooked it up to the wide screen. That way, I could stream the show via Hulu, and Chuck get some credit.

    I still love the scene where Chuck first meets Sarah. Vicki Vale,anyone?

    What we can tell from the pilot is Sarah can already tell Chuck is different from most if not all the men she knows or has known. Witness how he handled fixing the mistake the little ballerina’s dad made, and how he put the young girl at ease. She already cared about him as a person. After he defused the bomb, notice how she congratulated him and placed her hand on his shoulder. This is not the same as how she cared about him late in Season 2. By that time, she had fallen in love.

    In the pilot, she was still grieving at losing Bryce, and that Bryce, apparently at the time, had betrayed his country and her. You can tell that when she tells Chuck, while they are on top of the building, that Bryce had died sending him the Intersect. Yvonne can definitely show a lot emotion through her facial expressions.

    And notice the difference between Casey in the pilot and Casey in Colonel. There is no way the Casey in the pilot would have ultimately done what Casey did in The Colonel. Casey from The Pilot would have probably just shot both Chuck and Sarah, especially Sarah, when he caught up with them in The Colonel. Over the two seasons, the original hard edges have been rounded a bit.

    Also notice the difference between the Chuck who is cowering in the corner of his bed room, not wanting to go to his birthday party hosted by Ellie, and the much more self assured Chuck at the end of Season 2. Self assured except when around Sarah, that is.

  35. About Sarah ending up with Chuck, I dont think she was “guide” by either Bryce or Chuck’s dad like some said, imo she was simply there to try to fix Bryce screwup since she was going out with him. She wants “to fix it”, has she said herself

  36. I now much prefer the rooftop scene where Casey and Sarah point guns at each other than I used to, because I remember the scenes in Chuck versus the Colonel where Chuck keeps reminding them ‘guys we are a team’.

    I guess I can appreciate the rooftop stand off between Srah and Casey as just their first team quarrel and for me it lends a lot of humor to the scene.

    Basically I want to laugh when I see the Team together nowadays.

    The first several times I saw the pilot the rooftop scene was rather tense, but now I just get in a funny mood when I see the Team having a spat.

  37. @Atlee – Great point about Yvonne’s facial expressions. You can always tell exactly what she is feeling emotionally. Great acting by Yvonne and kudos to the director and camera people.

  38. Is there anyway to find out how many hits and got last night? This way, we can get an idea of how many people watched last night?

    I had to help my wife with a project, so I couldn’t Twitter while I had the show on.

  39. Only 36 more Chuck Me Mondays until the new season…

  40. Vicki Vale Vic-a-Vicki Vale!!!

  41. Love this episode. Looking forward to more ChuckMeMondays

    Ironically I influence a crowd that has rarely heard of Chuck. My challenge, to convince more than a few of them to watch on Mon. Nights. Seems easy after the pilot. Still the best show of the series. But the next couple fo shows are also pretty “awesome” to borrow a quote from Devin.

    I’m sooooooo looking forward the Rachael Bilson episodes.

  42. I wasn’t home at 9 for the first ChuckMeMonday, and I wont be for at least a month, so until I can play along in real time I figure I’ll come on here and post after it’s all done. Being the Chuckaholic I am I actually wrote down some thoughts last time I watched each S1 ep….and here are some of them:
    – Love Morgan in the window looking like he’s hanging on for dear life before we know he’s in a first floor window.
    – Love “Bryce Larkin (not an accountant)”
    -? So, did Chuck and Jill meet when he picked her book up in the quad and they bumped heads when they went to pick it up, or did Bryce introduce them the day he and CB met? (like they show in Almamater)
    -Love the look on Casey’s face when he says “…feelin’ kinda pastey”
    -? Is Gen. Beckman being played by a different person in the pilot than in all the other episodes? (I’m glad someone above me metioned this. I thought maybe it was just my imagination.)
    – Love Chuck looking to see if Sarah’s watching in the scene w/the little ballet dancer (and the smile on Sarah’s face while she watches him in action).
    – Love the name Harry Tang
    -? How are they not dead (when SUV plows into Nerd Hearder)….other than the fact that the show would be over right then.
    -Love the scene on the roof. Especially the fact that Casey has his gun aimed at CB’s heart when he says “we’re the good guys”.
    -LoL, Casey knows just what CB’s looking for when he types in the name Irene Demova.
    –“U shoot him, I shoot u, I leave both your bodies here and go out for a late snack. I’m thinkin’ pancakes”…….who among the powers that be over at Chuck has a thing for pancakes?? At least 4 (I haven’t seen all of S2 yet) refrences to pancakes throught S1 and 2. Just one of the weird things I notice.

  43. Another moment I thought was great … when Sarah says she has a lot of baggage, Chuck replies “I can be your very own baggage handler” then a perfect awkward pause as they both realize what a cheesy line it is, decide to ignore it, and move on with the conversation.

  44. I have been watching both season 1 and 2 because there is nothiing else on TV. Am I missing something or are there a couple of Chuck episodes missing from the WB and NBC?

  45. If there are missing episodes, what do we do to find them?

  46. Hey, grcommander. Everything from the first episode of Season 2 up to the 3D episode are ‘missing’. I managed to watch a couple of those missing episodes on a site but now that site doesn’t work for me anymore (so I wont recommend it). I understand you can buy them on Itunes.
    Anyone know when Season 2 comes out on DVD??

  47. Maybe soomeone could tells how to contact the WB and NBC to get these episodes reinstated. Can anyone help?

  48. thanks kaybee 2517 for your suggestion too