Season 3 Scoop: Carina Returns!

What a timely bit of news to hit this week. We just watched “Chuck vs. the Wookie” on Chuck Me Monday, and now Chuck writer/producer Ali Adler announces that, “Carina the super sexy superagent will be making an appearance in Season 3!”

The Chuck writers have been at work on season 3 for a couple of weeks now, but this is the first confirmed piece of news to escape into the Interwebz. So what do you think? Are you looking forward to the return of Carina (Mini Anden) as Sarah’s sometime partner (and keeper of a certain secret involving Casey and Prague)?

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  1. great news that carina is back! i don’t think she & sarah are sisters.
    carina = fun! i’m sure she’ll stir things up between our fave couple, get a rise out of sarah, and cuff casey onto a bedpost again. but this time, the clovers are out, smiley’s are in. haha!
    i don’t think she’s part of any triangle or a triangle (again!) with chuck-sarah. she could be the voice of reason (in her own intrigue-filled comments way) that pushes sarah into speaking up & chuck shutting up enough to move Charah forward.

  2. hi, ymous. yup, Mini Anden is Swedish. she & YS spoke in their native tongue during their exchange in Wookie.

  3. I think Mini Anden is a model.