Could Bryce aka SuperMan Return in Season 3?

Recent comments by Matthew Bomer in a E!Online interview about a possible return of Bryce to Chuck raised many eyebrows.

Kaitlyn in Seattle: Since Bryce Larkin is dead on Chuck, at least Chuck doesn’t have him getting in the way between him and Sarah anymore, right?

Au contraire, there’s a chance that Bryce Larkin isn’t really dead and that he could return to shake things up a little. Matthew Bomer tells us, “I’d love to go back, but it’s really going to depend on scheduling [with White Collar]. There is a possibility that I will be back on Chuck.”

Always a controversial figure, Bryce is the character that really stirs the Chuck drink. Some of the best episodes such as Nemesis and The BreakUp work so well because Bryce brings out the best and worst in Chuck and Sarah.

At one point in the SuperMan movie franchise rebirth director Brett Ratner had been tagged for the project. It was rumored that his number one choice for playing the Man of Steel was Matthew Bomer.

How would Matthew look as SuperMan you wonder? Wonder no more:

Matthew Bomer As SuperMan 1

Matthew Bomer As SuperMan 2

In these two clips you can see Matthew as both SuperMan and Clark Kent.

So if Matthew is a Man of Steel then perhaps Bryce coming back from a seemingly fatal wound is not as far fetched as it seems!

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  1. Everyone assumes that he will be brought back in present time but he also could be brought back as part of Sarah’s backstory, which would make more sense.

    I don’t care as long as Sarah is over him.

  2. If you think about it, Bryce’s eyes were left OPEN when he died (I mean, don’t people usually close a recently deceased person’s eyes out of respect?), which means that there’s a possibility Bryce might also have the Intersect 2.0 in his head. I always thought it was suspicious the way Bryce was dragged out of the room before CIA/NSA could get their hands on him. Remember who dragged him out? The mysterious spy agency! Me thinks Bryce is going to be on a whole different side as another Intersect agent come Spring. Definitely an interesting twist in my book!

    • You, Kim, are absolutely right. He “died” with his eyes wide open. His heart may have stopped, but the brain doesn’t “die” until it’s been deprived of oxygen – and that usually takes at least a few minutes. That’s how they can revive people who’ve drowned and not have them have brain damage.

      So, yes, he’ll be back. They’ll “revive” him just like they revived him after Casey “killed” him in Season 1. And he’ll be back fully loaded with Intersect 2.0. My guess is his appearance will be a one-episoder. It will come down to some ultimate face-off between he and Chuck – and Sarah will make the ultimate and final decision – choosing Chuck, and blowing Bryce to kingdom come once and for all!

      • Its my understanding that when someone dies, in most cases (there are some excepions) thier eyes ARE open as a result of your mussels relaxing. I dont see how any of the “bad” agents would even have respect and care enugh about something like closing a dead persons eyes, especialy when they still have work to do.

        This is an interesting idea though as I dont mind Brice, It would be much more creative than adding a love interst to the mix, although both are old done to death tricks but if that did happen it better be for the last time (unless they’re fashes or flash backs). I even like the fash back idea and see this scenario much more likely to happen as J. Schwartz said “He is dead” but who realy knows… All I know is if they add even one more love intrest between chara, it will be time for ME to move on!

    • Pretty much exactly what I was thinking, he was definitely left in that room with Chuck for a reason when v 2.0 was being copied and then right after was dragged out. Absolute power corrupts absolutely so there is no doubt Chuck will have quit an inflated ego about himself. The only person that has any chance of stopping him/opposing him is Bryce. And of course if they can’t get him back for the show we can just keep assuming he is dead but I would like to think that he will certainly have a crucial role to play in the final outcome of the show. The episodes that feature Bryce do always seem the best so I hope that they do bring him back.

  3. oh my god
    we finally frigin get rid of him and he is comming back from the dead!?
    he cant keep comming back!!!
    although i can see him comming back in like chuck’s flashes or chuck having nightmares about him.
    i dont care if the actor comes back but BRYCE IS DEAD DAMNIT!! WE ALL SAW IT HAPPEN!!!

  4. “Bryce” is starring in another show next season so I doubt he will have time to be in CHUCK.

    • I know we all love to hate Bryce, because after all it was hurtful to watch him smooching Sarah every two minutes in Season one, but in Season Two, the whole point of bringing Bryce back was to show that he was not a threat to Charah anymore because Sarah had clearly moved on. And when Bryce got killed in the Ring episode, the writers made sure that Bryce looked like a tragic hero. He put himself in danger to help Chuck and he lost Sarah to Chuck, so it was a ‘bad day to be me’ (Bryce).

      I am guessing that whatever they bring Bryce back for would be temporary because he has his own show, and also I doubt that he would become romantically involved with Sarah again because she clearly moved on from Bryce. She wanted nothing to do with Bryce in the Ring episode.

  5. I’m guessing it all depends on how his new show goes. I haven’t heard any release date for “White Collar” and some shows get cancelled if the pilot doesn’t grab enough attention. I think Matthew is just being smart and making sure he still has a backup plan.

  6. In an interview with TV Guides Matt Mitovich on 4-28-09, Josh Schwartz said the following: Is Bryce truly and sincerely dead this time?
    Schwartz: He is dead.

  7. Kim is absolutely correct. Bryce WILL be back. Sure he “died,” but with his eyes wide open. I’m no M.D., but I understand that the brain “lives” for a short time even after the heart stops. It can go for a while and only dies after it has been deprived of oxygen for a long enough period of time.

    Bryce will be “revived” again, just like in Season 1 – this time fully downloaded with Intersect 2.0. There will be an ultimate faceoff between he and Chuck and it will wind up with Sarah having to make the climactic decision between Bryce and Chuck. She’ll blow Bryce’s head off! My bet is that this will be a one-episoder. I can’t imagine stretching it out into a three episode arc – not when (at least at this point) there are only 13 episodes on order.

    But, you, Kim are absolutely correct. If the seasons ends without Bryce reappearing, then your next Subway is on me!

  8. He may appear in a flashback, but he’s dead as a doornail.

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