PHOTOS: From the Set of Chuck

Production on Chuck season 3 is underway, and thanks to the magic of Twitter, we’re getting a few glimpses from the set. Writer/Executive Producer Ali Adler, Editor Matt Barber, and star Zachary Levi have posted several photos from the first two episodes to their respective Twitter accounts. Samples below, full set in the Gallery.

Episode 3.01

Ryan McPartlin at the first table read for Chuck 3.01
Ryan McPartlin at the first table read for Chuck 3.01
Zachary Levi and Ali Adler on set the first day of season 3 proCHUCKtion
Zachary Levi and Ali Adler on set the first day of season 3 proCHUCKtion

Episode 3.02

Mini Anden and Yvonne Strahovski on the set of Chuck
Mini Anden and Yvonne Strahovski on the set of Chuck
Zachary Levi between takes on Chuck
Zachary Levi between takes on Chuck
Chuck filming location in Malibu
Chuck filming location in Malibu
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  1. OMG! Zach looks so freakin hot! 😉 Hey, is it just me or does Chuck’s hair look…NORMAL?

  2. Thank you dear God! It looks like Zach/Chuck will actually have normal, non-nerdy hair for Season 3 – at least if the photo above is any indication. I’ve been harping on this for months and months. Give the guy a break! He’s not a 13 year old dweeb. He’s a 28 year old “spy” who is computer savy but NOT a nerd! “Nerds” don’t attract women like: Sarah, Lou, Carina, Jill, and the other beautiful gals that found there way into Chuck’s life.

    Normal hair, alleluia!!!! Hopefully there will be no more reappearances of the “Chullet” or the “helmet” look for our boy Chuck in Season 3. Personally, I dug the beard. Hopefully it will at least make a brief appearance in the Season 3 premiere!! 😉

  3. thank god… his beard is for sure gone.
    and the new hair cut is kind of hot!
    but ill miss his little bowl cut!

  4. I love the “chuck” hair, but it was so stiff. lol. This look is definitely better

  5. Yvonne looks beautiful as always, and so does Mini, but she looks like she’s on the prowl. lol

    • Yvonne and Mini–So tough in so many different ways. The makings of a really good episode–good luck to all on the new season–(What happened to my previous post???)

      • If Yvonne does not want Chuck maybe Mini does!!!Maybe Mini found out that Chuck was the big hero in “The Seduction” and not Roan Montgomery—Roan was going to abandon Sarah and Casey –Chuck would not let it happen—Maybe Chuck will wear a white coat and get a single rose for Mini–Maybe Superman will have more luck with Sarah than Chuck—-naw–no way—Chuck and Sarah will however find ways to humiliate each other more times than I care to watch!!!

  6. Love the palace location for 3.02. Is that a private home, embassy, what?

  7. @aliadler is the best when talking about posting pix on twitter. There’s a new one posted tuesday called “chucksandwitch” that has Zac, Josh Gomez, & a crew member. When posting on twitter, Zac is like a little brother…he’s a big tease!(I know…have 3 younger brothers)Ali is the best…with a great sense of humor! Check her messages as often as I can!

  8. OMG! How fast are they filming these episodes? Seems like it’s going by pretty fast if they just started at the beginning of the month.

    BTW Zach’s hair does make him look HOT!

  9. yeay zac shaved!

  10. Wow, Chuck’s hair gets all the comments. Me, I am looking at the redhead and the blonde. That is a dangerous duo. Look out world. LOL.

  11. Just curious . . . what is that thing behind Yvonne’s head?

  12. Thank God they shaved his beard.



  13. ZL looks like Garry Shandling in that picture. Which is not a good thing. Haha. Bring back the other hair! Makes him look about 20 years older too, and why would anyone want that unless they were 5?

    YS and MA look like typical (though hot!) Facebook goth girls taking pictures at home. What is that big thing behind YS’s head on the right?

  14. I hope Sarah is made aware of Chuck’s confrontation with Roan Montgomery when Chuck said he would give up his life for Sarah, Roan’s white jacket advice, Bryce Larkin’s 2 conversations with Chuck in “The Break Up” and Chuck’s statement at the wedding reception when he says “Dad I Love Her”—Her character needs confirmation of Chuck’s feelings for her. I hope they have more scenes where Sarah prises over Chuck. Moves a hair lock that is in disarray, picks lint of his shirt, straightens his tie, and I like those casual kisses of “hello”. I wish Chuck had moved in with Sarah–I realize he would be clawing at her door every night, perhaps she could put on her purple nightie from the first season and let him in once and a while. I think they both could use a little confirmation of their real feelings. I look forward to a great season that the characters, writers, creators and the fans enjoy enough to get a 4th full season—March is still quite a wait.

  15. Check out that piercing stare from Mini Anden! I don’t envy her significant other.:)

  16. Yvonne looks nice 😀

  17. If you recall even with a hood over her head in season one when she came after the diamond you knew who the hooded thief was–no way to hide those piercing blue eyes–really glad to see her back in action. Mini adds to the fun of the season–I hope she puts a smile back on Sarah’s lips, handcuffs Casey again and helps the Chuck cause.

  18. I’m going to miss the chullet for sure!!! I personally loved it!!



  20. The photo of ZL looks like my uncle in his “DISCO” days….lol
    Bring the curls and sideburns back….pretty please.

  21. OK, Season 3’s pretty good so far, but man, Chuck’s hair is KILLING me. It’s AWFUL, looks like he went to Jerry Seinfeld’s hairdresser. Go back to the messy look bro, much better!!!!

  22. hi Im from spain and I wanna ask you. If i go to L.A can i will have the possibility of meet the cast of Chuck on the set?thank you so much and sorry for my english :)I only wish that i could have the chance too met them

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