SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 3.04 Casting Call, Title

The casting call for Chuck episode 3.04, titled “Chuck vs. Operation Awesome”, has been released:

[SYDNEY] 35 years old. Female. Super sexy, composed. Has the icy demeanor of a professional spy. Ruthless and powerful…MAJOR PROMOTABLE GUEST STAR (please submit accordingly) Please submit all ethnicities

[JULIUS] 40s. A huge, imposing, menacing Security Guard, but has the heart of a softie. A big teddy bear…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR. Please submit all ethnicities

[OLD KOREAN WOMAN] Must be able to speak Korean and English…CO-STAR


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  1. They want a promotable guest star, huh? Here’s my suggestions for Sydney:
    1. Peta Wilson (“La Femme Nikita fans” would love it)
    2. Demi Moore (she could pass for 35)
    3. Katie Sackhoff (busy filming “24”)
    4. Mia Kirschner (“The L Word”)
    5. Angelina Jolie (Because she would rock that show.)

    And, yes, because the character is named Sydney, the first name I really thought of was Jennifer Garner, but that would be redundant to put her on a show as a spy named Sydney.

    • Kreuk’s relationship with Clark Kent generated so much angst that I quit watching Smallville—Harmon was one of my favorites on Law & Order. They both can be very good, it depends on the scripts. I hope the regulars are being compensated fairly-Does not seem like there is a shortage of money.-seems that S& F are trying to buy a new season with guest stars instead of quality writing. The regulars are strong enough to carry the show–guest villains are ok–especially if the villains include the kid in the blue underwear. The storylines should revolve around the regulars—S&F need to quiet the angst gang by solidifying Sarah and Chuck’s relationship in episode 1 or 2 and then concentrating on the comedy and adventure. I am becoming very skeptical about the new season!! I hope I am wrong!!

      • This complaint reminds me of what was being said at the beginning of season 2 when all these guest star announcements were being made. In the end, every single one of them provided exactly what a guest star is supposed to provide: someone for the “regulars” to either fight or rally around. “Adventure” means “an exciting or very unusual experience.” It’s kind of difficult to have an “adventure” if we only see the same 6 or 7 people every week.

      • Each guest star last year added something to the show. Who better to play Ted Roark than Chevy Chase? Gary Cole was great as Sarah’s dad. Who couldn’t imagine a hit-man that looked like Michael Clarke Duncan? Jenny McCarthy as a Fulcrum seductress, Tricia Helford as a tough-as-nails by the book spy, Nicole Richie as the stuck-up former high school cheerleader, and John Larroquette as the aging James Bond-type were all great performances. Tony Hale was perfect as Emmitt.

        And then, there was Scott Bakula as Stephen Bartowkski–Chuck’s father and Orion, inventor of the Intersect.

        I expect each of this season’s guest stars to add something as well.

      • I have to agree the visitors were good last year–many as bad guy’s. I think 4 episodes of Routh would be a little more than I would like to see-unless he is a spy and Casey or the Morgan get him in the end (even then I hope there are no more than two episodes)-what is the estimate on how many shows he will be in? Michael Clark Duncan was great–Sarah’s fighting was awesome–like to see a taped short of what goes on to make up one of her fight scenes. Like to see some KRAV MAGA come in to play–it can be quick and deadly. Ever notice how our heroes leave their guns lying around after a good fight–I wonder how much the school kids get for them.

        Just for fun I rated my top 10 Chucks of season 2–it even surprised me. Perhaps someone can list theirs, I will follow up.
        Mine project the soft and mushy anti angst guy that I am. However I did not consider it a big deal when Sarah shot the Fulcrum agent in the Santa Claus episode. Had to give up hunting when I decided more people deserved to be shot than animals.

  2. LOL, Jennifer Garner… Chuck/Alias cross over anyone? Two of my faverite spy shows aside from Burn Notice.

  3. Julius: Bring back “The Bus” Jerome Bettis

    Sydney: I like Jennifer Gardner also

    Does Anna’s mom on Chuck vs the Crown Vic know Korean?

  4. Yes Yes big Yes to Jennifer Garner! How cool would that be, big ratings plus!

  5. Rhona Mitra would be perfect for the role.

  6. also Angie Harmon

    • sb nailed it. According to Michael Ausiello on EW.com, Angie Harmon has been cast as Sydney. Way to go, sb, on guessing right.


      • Well, given an initial good guess, I’ll try for two …

        How about Emily Kuroda (Mrs. Kim from Gilmore Girls) for the old Korean woman …

  7. Well Jennifer Gardner has to be Sydney!!! It says all ethnicities, so what about Halle Berry?? Or Evangeline Lily??? (oh god pls!!), or even better…Kate Beckinsale!!!! man i’m all over the place now lol.

  8. Gardner




    This is a no brainer. Alias fans will watch the show!!!!!!

    • Ha, I copied the spelling from the post above and then thought to myself ‘How is that name spelled?’ Unfortunately I already hit the comment button. LOL.

  9. one word. GARDNER.

  10. Jennifer Garner by far is my fav. Hey I wonder if the title of this ep implies that Awesome will be involved in a mission. About time if you ask me. 😉

  11. It’s GOT to be Jennifer GARNER! How can it NOT?? Chuck is kind of a comedy-laced version of ALIAS in some ways. Remember Sydney Bristow had to work against SD6? Well Chuck had Fulcrum and now The Ring.

    Plus, how can you NOT cast Jennifer in the role of someone who’s character is to be called SYDNEY? And the description matches her PERFECTLY. Same age, etc., etc.

    Perhaps she might come at two high a cost, but maybe not. Heck, I’d be willing to eat THREE Subway footlongs each night she’s on just to help pay her wage!

    Bring on Jennifer Garner!!!! She would be PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!!!!!

  12. Hey Gang! Here’s another reason it HAS to be Jennifer Garner. We’ve had a “guest star” from ALIAS in each of CHUCK’s first two seasons.

    I hope I’m remembering these names correctly

    S1: Kevin Weisman (who played Marshall the inventor/gadget guy on ALIAS). He was the “bad” guy with the truth serum in “Chuck vs. The Truth.”

    S2: Carl Lumbly (who played Syd’s handler Dixon on ALIAS). He was Casey’s mentor in “Chuck vs. The Sensi.”

    We’ve been moving up the ALIAS “food chain” each season – so it would only make (perfect) sense to go to the top of the chain for Season 3 and add THE STAR of ALIAS, Jennifer Garner!

    It’s a no-brainer! BRING ON Jennifer Garner!!! It would be a casting coup!

  13. Sydney is probably going to be the villain in this episode.

  14. It’s going to be Angie Harmon. According to EW.com, Sydney will be a spy for The Ring that will be after Capt. Awesome.

  15. Julius as Julius! That’s right!

    Everybody Hates Chris’ Terry Crews should play the part!

    and for the old Korean woman:

    Takayo Fischer

    She played as Mistress Ching in Pirates 3

  16. oh my god
    i heard that they might be cancelling chuck?
    you can’t do that.
    my tuesday nights just wouldn’t be the same.
    i really really love chuck and would hate it if you cancelled it. please please don’t.

  17. i watched Everybody Hates Chris and sometimes i find the lead actor a bit distracting.”~`

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