Chuck Director Gives Us a Sneak Peek

Director Jeremiah Chechik is helming Chuck episode 3.03, “Chuck vs. the Angel of Death,” and shared some behind the scenes photos and insight with us via his Twitter account. What’s it like to direct an episode of Chuck?

“ready for first day on #chuck. directing this cast with this crew is like running a marathon at sprint speed downhill. hold on!” 11:48 AM Aug 27th from web

And now for some photos:

"What the actors see" - the camera
"What actors see" - the camera
"What the actors see pt 2" - Jeremiah Chechik
"What actors see pt 2" - Jeremiah Chechik
"Tete a tete" - Jeremiah with Yvonne Strahovski
"Tete a tete" - Jeremiah with Yvonne Strahovski
"Its late friday on the #chuck set with one more scene to go. Its the end of the week as we know it." - Jeremiah with Zachary Levi
"Its late friday on the #chuck set with one more scene to go. Its the end of the week as we know it." - Jeremiah with Zachary Levi
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  1. Salut!
    I have just a few seconds before I loose connection-question-when I am back, I may be in the wrong spot, but want to make sure, when I am back east coast, I watch at NINE pm? Because it was on at EIGHT. I have just been letting it play thru the hours just to show them. Don’t yank the good stuff.
    Also. I have cookies on for this, although do not like. Is this important. I think, you must have cookies on for this.
    Merci, gracias, slainte-

  2. Does Yvonne ever NOT look absolutely stunning??

    And THANK YOU dear Lord. This is the SECOND piece of evidence I’ve seen that would lead me to believe that our man Chuck will have normal guy (non-nerdy) hair this season! No more Chullets or helmet-head ‘dos! If that DOES in fact turn out to be the case, I take back EVERYTHING (well, almost everything) 😉 I’ve said about the fans not being paid-attention to by the powers-that-be. I humbly seek their forgiveness. 😉

    Truthfully, I think it will help in the overal “appeal” of the main character in attracting viewers. Make the “Everyman Hero” look more like an “everyman,” not a 28 year old with a 13 year old nerd ‘do!

    Just PLEASE don’t tell me that EVEN THE DIRECTOR is a “rival for Sarah’s affections!” No more affection-rivals. Please. PLEASE!!! 😉 😉 😉

    • I have to add an amen to Rick Holy’s comments! No more helmet hair! I like that they let him keep some of the natural curl. Makes me want to run my fingers through it. I guess we’ll leave that for Yvonne/Sarah.

      • Actually, although I like it, I have no desire to run my fingers through it 😉 NONE!!

      • Oh wow. I can’t believe anyone likes that hairdo up there. I can’t believe I’ve made more than one comment on Chuck’s hair. Hahaha! He now looks like he’s wearing a hairpiece and that’s an awful look for anyone. Also looks like a guest star on the original Battlestar Galactica from 1978 or whatever. I am all for the helmet. That is the Chuck I know and love (platonically) and it suits ZL much much MUCH better.

        It’s nice to know that even older directors want to look down Yvonne’s shirt. The casting couch is alive and well I’d wager. High five Mr. Chechik!

      • My friend, you’re mistaken. That’s an old Eastern European custom of “Rubbing Foreheads.” With names like Chechik and Strahovski, we’re talking about two folks of Eastern European heritage. It’s just COINCIDENCE that his head is tilted downward! 🙂

        And it’s not that anyone is completely overwhelmed or super-enamored of the “new ‘do.” It’s just that the old Chuck ‘dos were often so bad that ANYTHING would be better!!

  3. Is it just me or does Zac look totally different? I hardly recognized him in that photo. At first I was wondering who that guest star was.

  4. Chuck is looking nice… Especially with the improved haircut.
    Watch out Sarah Walker, you might not be able to control yourself for too much longer!

  5. Wow, Zach looks really different in the last photo. I was like ‘wow, who is that?” then when i went to take a closer look i noticed it was zach. ha!
    Thanks for sharing the photos. I can’t wait for season 3…. counting down the days~

  6. Wow, Zach does look a lot different. I guess it’s just the hair. Yvonne looks her usual. Immensely beautiful.

  7. You are all right Zach looks totally different he looks like he shaved more than usually because he doesn’t even have a shadow and Yvonne looks beautiful. I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!

  8. Zach/Chuck looks HOT!!! 😉 like the hair cut.

  9. Levi’s hair seems to be cut shorter and he has lost the sideburns. And he looks a lot different.

  10. I think what’s throwing everybody off is that Zach looks like a little boy in that photo.
    But I still think he looks hot 🙂

  11. Ugh, I don’t like the hair. Maybe it is just the angle… but I think I would prefer the “Yeti” to the “Frankie” (Avalon). Can’t he just get a normal ‘do?

    • One can hope. But for now, me thinks this one, even with it’s faults, beats the you know what out of the Chullet and the Helmet!

      • Is there a reply limit? I can’t reply to the above discussion for some reason. Boo!

        Please. 😉 Never mind the heads. It’s all in the eyes. He is scoping BIG TIME and I love it! Hahaha!

        I like Chuck’s old do but “do” each his own, I suppose. I think he looks cool in the first two seasons. The thing up there is not cool at all. He looks like a middle aged office drone or car salesman. Hopefully it’s needed on some sort of sting operation and he’ll be back to normal.

      • I agree with you completely–the hair makes him look like a middle-aged weirdy. It looks like his hair is thinning, his hairline receding…guck. I just don’t like it. But…whatever I guess. Maybe it’s just a one-time thing, a get-up for a mission or something. We can hope?

  12. The hair did need to change, but this photo is not that flattering. I hope hairstyle choice is actually better than it appears here.

  13. I know that putting together a show requires long hours and hard work, it is good to see the cast having some light hearted moments. I want to see the cast and their characters with smiles on their faces. I have a tendency to get too upset over the “angst factor” Rick Holy, it may be because I have had too many friends meeting with your boss lately.
    For what it is worth I heard a song on “America’s Got Talent” that might be the perfect song to be played when Chuck and Sarah get together on a permanent basis and fully realize the real treasure they have in their relationship. The song was sung by a young man named Drew Stevyns and was titled “I’ll Stand By You”. You can even understand the words-it is actually very touching when you combine it with the problems Chuck and Sarah have gone through to get to this stage of their lives. The blessing of knowing you have found your soul mate and without question you will always be loved– that is a blessing.

  14. is it just me or does sarah have a very large vein stickng out from her neck to her chest?

  15. Oh no! I do noooot like the hair! I LOVE Chuck’s old hair! My other friends and I saw this and freaked out–bring back the please keep the Original Chuck Bartowski ‘do!! PLEASE!!

    Everyone I know who watches Chuck loves his hair! It’s like, what we all talk about when we bring up the Chuck subject. =P

  16. wuau I’m too nervous waiting for a 3 temporada … nerves go, it’s not fair to make us wait so man … I also want to chuck the old hair but what I love most is that his relationship with the agent man advance walker they are very cute together !!!!!! is that I do not understand why she is so insistent if this love with the des 3 episode or before ….


    PS: I and written in Spanish (for Spain’s soi XD bueno no soy de catalunya) i passed it and the translator so we feel the eror

    Viva chuck the best series and seen for a long walk … kisses to all ik now beginning chuck !!!!!!!!!

    bueno espero que chuck empieze ya ajjajaja estoy nerviosa XD

  17. I like the curls and sideburns, it made him cute and adorable. It made him obviously different that every other guy out there in TV land. I don’t like the middle-age hairdo. *sniff sniff* bring back the youthful looking Chuck!

  18. When the cast members said there was going to be a love trapezoid this season, not just a triangle I about through up. I may be the number one angst hater (as in not a good thing) as well as number one for having comments edited(I usually deserve it). I want comedy and adventure and I know the show can deliver. F&S dictate the storylines and we, well I guess will take it or leave it–if nothing else it will be interesting. I feel my fingers grasping for the remote.

  19. Man this torture! l can’t wait 4 Chuck 2 get on the tube everybody looking great.

  20. I still like Zach even with hair like that, it’s not that bad but I miss his cute sideburns! He needs to change his hair back to how it was in Season 1 like in Chuck vs the Truth. His hair was more natural and messy, like he just woke up and his hair covered his forhead more, which made him look cuter! I still love him though! SEASON 3!!! 🙂

  21. I love Zack Levi, but I am not a fan of the new hair. It looks exactly like 90s Jerry Seinfeld hair! I miss the old hair!

  22. Good show, it’s my first time seeing it. I missed the last season. The only negative comment was the word “Commie” used so much. Does that make the rest of us “Cappies” for capitalist. Let’s not teach the young viewership to be indiscriminate with labels. Other than that, I’ll watch it next week unless I pick up on too much labeling.

    • Hi Quinn, welcome to Chuck! A note about the use of “Commie” – it’s a bit of an inside joke, referring to Casey’s extreme conservatism. If you go back and watch the first two seasons, you’ll discover that the guy has a picture of Reagan in his apartment, among other things.

      BTW, I’ve seen the next two episodes and we’re pretty much done with the labeling. 🙂