SPOILERS: Chuck 3.05 Episode Title!

Through the magic of Twitter, the title for Episode 3.05 has been given to us by Chuck writer – Alison Adler.

And it is:

Chuck Vs First Class

Here are the tweets that led to the reveal:

Written by inimitable chris fedak. Dir by fred toye. RT @grayershadow Any chance we can get writer/dir info in 305? #Chuck


Chuck vs. First Class @OldDarth Going for broke- episode title by any chance. @grayershadow writer/dir info in 305? #Chuck

Big thanks to Ali for the information.

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  1. This must be the episode where Kristin Kreuk’s Hannah debuts! So not only does Chuck go to Paris, he gets to fly first class. Nice.

    BTW, go for broke any time, Lou. 😀

  2. Will do Chief! 😉

  3. A George Reeves SuperMan reference for those you not old enough to know.

  4. I still wonder who will be on that plane. Chuck Bartowski or Special Agent Charles Carmichael.
    We will know if he asks for a Martini because Chuck doesn’t drink them but Carmichael loves them.

    Who cares about the angst, Chuck in Paris, travelling First Class, my bet with his cover girlfriend Sarah, sounds awesome.

  5. will HANNAH be an undercover agent too?
    will she hook up with shaw?

  6. If our girl from Smallville is on the flight and she just lost a glamorous job and is going to eventually work at the BuyMore–hmmmm Why? Chuck had best beware!! This could be good–no triangles please!!

  7. yea this is most likely going to be the one where we meet hannah. I have a feeling that chuck will meet her on the plane and they will talk thinking they will never see each other again…then she shows up for work at the buy more! he may have to do some clever covering up for whatever they talked about and if he “has feelings for her” then it could get sticky for him and Sarah.

    Something also tells me that Hannah will become part of a Morgan/Jeffster/Chuck geometric love game. Going back to the spoiler about lester “changing”, I think he will want to change to impress Hannah. But we all know he’ll return to his old ways after she’s gone!

  8. You will most likely delete this I just don’t why they are continuing the love triangle storylines this will most likely be Chuck’s last season Seems like they would want to build on Chuck and Sara relationship with only 13 episodes very little time to deal with it

  9. Don’t forget “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!

  10. Actually there are 19 epiodes in season 3 now, thank god! I may be the only one, but I’m looking forward to Hannah and Chuck’s little fling…..I enjoy the ups and downs of Chuck and Sarah’s difficult relationship! Where is the fun in the show if they just got together? There wouldn’t be as much drama, romance, and comedy. There difficult relationship is what makes the show what it is…..can’t wait for season 3! 🙂