John Casey To Face Old Foe Played By Emmy Winning Guest Star (UPDATED)

Those crafty casting showrunners from Chuck are at again.

From the Ausiello Files:

Question: I’m dying for some Chuck scoop! Give us a little tidbit, anything to tide me over until March!

Ausiello: Casting scoop! Emmy winner Armand Assante has been tapped to play a Castro-esque dictator who Casey has unsuccessfully tried to assassinate multiple times.

It is not clear at this time which episode Assante is guest starring on.

Updated 09.24.09: Assante is confirmed as playing Premier Allejandro Goya, the dictator of the fictitious country of Parador in Chuck episode 3.03, “Chuck vs. the Angel of Death”. Now that we know he’s an old foe of Casey’s, we speculate that he’ll be the catalyst for us to find out more about Casey’s pre-Team Bartowski espionage activities as previously teased. (Mel)

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  1. Would it be safe to say he’s the diplomat they have to protect? I think that’s in 303 but I could be mistaken.

  2. Quite likely Jordan. Awaiting official confirmation.

  3. Versus the Angel of Death
    “Features a character named Premier Allejandro Goya, the dictator of a fictitious South American nation called Parador. Goya has come to the U.S. to announce that his country will be holding open, Democratic elections for the first time. Will Team Bartowski be tasked with protecting the Premier? Or is his true motive for visiting the U.S. something more sinister?” _Ausiello

    This is so sounding like Paraguay right now. Stroessner’s son-in-law took over in 1991 and claimed he would hold democratic elections, but nobody believed him because he was the dictator’s son-in-law (from the duh files)
    There was an assasination there too a few years after I left.

    This is going to be a huge episode for Casey. It will be interesting to see how he takes being charged with protecting someone he tried to assainate.

    Que venga Marzo pronto!

  4. Armand Assante is incredibly underrated as a comic actor. He and Baldwin are going to be wonderful together if they do this right.

    BTW, I also like how this show isn’t ageist.

  5. Armand has great acting range. He almost made “Judge Dread” acceptible. 🙂

  6. Finally an ep hopefully more on Casey’s past. Sounds AWESOME!!! 🙂

  7. Ma, I’m getting so excited about next season!!!

  8. This sounds amazing. S3 keeps getting better and better. I wonder if Morgan’s Delorean is still around, I would like to try and build a time machine so I can jump forward to March 2010.

  9. Assante will need some guidance getting around LA-As Ulysses it took him what? Twenty years just to find his way home. This could be one of the top one or two guest stars coming in. Casey and Assante will do a first class job in the episode and I anticipate he will not generate the dreaded “angst”.
    This looks like a lot of fun-just a different level of actor than Roush.

  10. Another AWESOME casting coup. He’s one of those actors that if asked to say what I’ve seen him in, I couldn’t give you a specific title/name, but I’ve seen him in ALOT!

  11. To be honest, I’m more excited for Armond Assante that anyone announced so far. Don’t know if anyone remembers the movie “Private Benjamin” from along time ago. He was in that Goldie Hawn movie from ages ago in a very funny “out there” part & was terrific!

  12. Anytime they have a Casey-centric story, I’m there. I love the character, and I hope they give him a love interest who’ll drive him crazy. That would be fun to watch over the course of the season.

    • Maybe the producers should write this down like at the Comic Con. 😉
      This is the first time i hear about a love interest for Casey and sounds awesome!

  13. katm123–I agree as far as I am concerned Assante can be a really powerful character-I wish he were the long term guest instead of the ex-superman. This guy could be the ultimate evil doer. Casey you gotta kill this guy–just for fun if for no other reason. Buy a bigger gun.

  14. ^^Personally, I’m absolutely thrilled about Mr. Brandon Routh guest starring in Chuck. It’s like a dream come true. Can’t wait to see Zac and Brandon interacting on the screen!

  15. stargazer do not get me wrong I hope Routh does a great job. I just do not like any guest stars being on for 6 episodes when some of the regulars need
    more exposure. If you have seen Ellie in other roles on television she has not scratched the surface of her potential, Morgan could be more involved as the best friend and of course Awesome. I do not like Routh as well as Harmon,or our girl from Smallville and certainly not a powerful actor like Assante. It would not surprise me if the Assante/Casey episode ends up as my favorite of the season (unless Chuck and Sarah take the big trip down the aisle). I would also like either Chuck or Sarah’s mother to get in on the action. Six episodes out of what? 12 or 13 limits the ground they can cover. If F&S got the angst behind us and solidified Sarah and Chuck and concentrated on the action and comedy that would help give more time to upgrade the stories.
    F&S said they already know about the final episode–concerns me because I was so disappointed in the Ring–maybe The Colonel, which was one of my three favorite episodes probably made the Ring come up a little short. Realizing the final episode of season 3 may be the final episode of the series I hope it ties up the loose ends and does not leave so much hanging like the Ring. I think we are all anxious for the season to start and hope the quality of the show and the network politics allow for a season four.

  16. Where the heck is the comedy?
    Maybe Vinnie Jones can do a little comedy but the other actors are in for the action. 🙁
    We will have more action and less comedy and love. 🙁

  17. Seconded on Casey getting a love/lust interest who drives him crazy :-). Like Beatrice/Benedick from ‘Much ado about nothing’. Maybe it’ll be Mama Bartowski! Or a female [undercover] spy.

  18. So, you’re all aware that “Parador” is a nod to the 1988 Richard Dreyfuss/Raul Julia movie, “Moon Over Parador,” yes?