SPOILERS: Episode 3.08: Chuck Vs The Nose – Casting Call

As previously reported, Chuck episode 3.08 is entitled “Chuck vs. the Nose”. Lots of speculation about the storyline has ensued since Ali Adler gave us that information, including a really terrific Cyrano spec. But now we have the casting call for a couple of guest stars, so let’s see what we can speculate from this:

From SpoilerTV:

[FRANKIE GREGORINI] EARLY 30s, MALE. A sharpshooter, chameleon and the worst kind of assassin. A hit man. Needs to be tall, dark-haired, and have a medium build. CHUCK (Zach Levi) needs to be able to impersonate him and pass AS HIM with people who know Frankie. So we need someone who resembles CHUCK very closely…GUEST STAR

[MATTY AND SCOTTY] 40-55, MALE. Two thugs who look like they stepped right out of Goodfellas. They are suspicious when they see CHUCK dressed as FRANKIE but ultimately, they are fooled. Must be menacing AND be good with humor…GUEST STARS

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  1. Chuck goes undercover as a hit man? Oh, this is going to be GOOD.

  2. Indeed. Next to a seduction mission, being a hitman is Chuck’s nightmare mission scenario.

  3. an anti-Chuck? another referance to superman and Seinfeld; a bizzaro world Chuck? This will be very interesting to watch.

  4. Oh, sounds cool!

  5. sound really good!!!!!!!!! cant w8

  6. Chuck undercover as a double for a hitman….. love the concept.
    But…. Isn’t that realllly similar to that Monk episode, “Mr. Monk is Someone Else”?
    I’m sure it’ll be different but just from this it resembles it pretty closely.

  7. I reckon a good guy to play the sharpshooter could be Josh Duhamel who plays Danny in Las Vegas.

  8. If Frankie looks so much like Zach/Chuck, then why not have Zach play the part as well?

  9. For the cast for FRANKIE GREGORINI, the cast of the office JOHN KRASINKI is a posible actor for that episode.

  10. This is gonna be amazing…. I jus wish we didn’t have to wait so long =/ still another 2 weeks till the new episode. I now hate the olymics. 😛