Zachary Levi Talks Early Return Rumors, ‘Thor’, Romance, and Guest Stars

USA Weekend has a quick’n’dirty exclusive with Zachary Levi in which he reveals a few interesting tidbits:

  • The early return rumors are “pretty solid”, he says. The concern over being preempted by the Olympics could be alleviated by doubling up on episodes a couple of times, like for the premiere. Two hours of Chuck? Sold!
  • Zac turned down a role in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming feature, Thor, after NBC ordered the extra episodes of Chuck because of scheduling conflicts.
  • Chuck/Sarah fans, here’s a bit of good news: Zac says that Chuck will see a lot of growth and change this season, “continuing his tenuous (and maybe not so tenuous, he teases) romantic relationship with super-spy Sarah”. Is that the ray of sunshine you were looking for?
  • Zac confirms that Brandon Routh guests in 8 episodes, Kristin Kreuk guests in 3 episodes, and Diedrich Bader and Reno 911‘s Cedric Yarbrough are both in episode 3.09, which Zac directed.

Read the full article here.

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  1. oh no brandon routh is there for 8 episodes,no!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • they should rename the series “SHAW”…

    • I could not agree more, sadly I really am not surprised by this news when they said they had gotten six more episodes I guessed Shaw would hang around. I was never impressed with Brandon and it seems this season he is carrying the show, that’s bad news he killed Superman with his portrayal. So they have changed the story. I did wonder if the order of 6 more episodes so early in production was bad news as it could change the arc.

      The show runners never tell the truth as they said it would not change the main 13 episodes and they would treat the extra six as a mini season. This may mean the relationship is out most of the season. So much for being grateful to the fans for saving the show.

      I think the tenuous comment about change in their relationship may well signify that they just become friends and that’s IT, unless they are double dating. Of cause we do not know if Chuck and Sarah are on the outs all of this arc – all we can go on in the mixed messages we are getting. I think less and less that they will ever get together and the show has turned into the Shaw show he’s with one of the main characters pushing the main relationship to the side. I would not be surprised if Sarah gets pregnant to Shaw and they move in together, or Chuck is left holding Shaw’s kid. Maybe that’s the shock to fans that JS has mentioned in the past. As Shaw is meant to be such a “great” guy chuck would do something like that, it would change the game and probably kill charah.

      If Shaw starts at episode 4 and is there for about 8 episodes he’s there until 3.11. If he is chasing Sarah all that time and she is with him most of that time you can guarantee this show is finished the fans will leave en masse. Well at least those who want chuck and Sarah together. Before anyone says that’s not the main element of the show look to recent posts, a vote about what couples should get together where Chuck and Sarah came 2nd, the reaction from the fans at comic con and the NBC boards all point to the fact the charah is a big reason people tune in.

      Me it just means I am right to do the same thing I did season 2 which is to not just watch the episodes as soon as they come out. Its better to wait for episode guides to come out and watch the episodes I will enjoy either on ITunes, repeat or DVD. I really do not see how this gets more viewers or a season 4 as I am ambivalent about a season 4 and really not excited about season 3.

      I have plenty of computer games coming up to keep me amused by the way CODMW2 is great.

      • “when they said they had gotten six more episodes I guessed Shaw would hang around” versus “If Shaw starts at episode 4 and is there for about 8 episodes he’s there until 3.11” Your math is wrong. The original plan was to end at 3.13 so Shaw will not be there for the extra 6. And the extra six will be more like a miniseries than an extension of season 3.
        There’s a lot of ifs,maybes and guesses in your post so I don’t get the total pessimism. You must be the glass half empty type.
        BTW the notion that Sarah would be careless enough to get pregnant when her character so far has always been the most cautious on the show is ridiculous. We already know from the Colonel that the writers know about birth control options!

      • Hi

        I know it was 13 episodes, I was meaning I under stood that Shaw was there for 6 episodes starting episode 4. This would have meant the angst arc would hopefully be over by episode 9. We still have some of the series left for chuck and Sarah to actually have some form of a relationship that many fans would like to see. Now we find out his stint has been extended to 8 which means he will be there until 3.11.

        That leaves 2 episodes of the orginal series arc to at least leave Chuck and Sarah in a happy place. I suspect that the oiginal intention was they would leave them in a sorta semi happy status which does not read well looking to the end of the show. I think we need to consider that they are dropping the Charah element of the show for good and this season as we know changes the game. But hay its “gonna be cool” – hmmm really?

        Also it counters what Ali said that those that did not watch it would be left with a hollow feeling. Maybe we should not be so trusting.

        I will be willing to bet in a few weeks or months we will hear oh shaw’s so great he’s staying even longer.

        As for the pregnancy I read an interview with Yvonne and she was asked what more could really keep them apart and she said Sarah could get pregnant.

        From where I sit and from what I heard we are either being played by the show runners which I hope so, but is not smart as some fans will either not watch or like me will wait to see the product then watch what they want. This season is from all we have heard going to ruin the relationship between Sarah and Chuck.

      • Ali said those that did not watch would be left with a hollow feeling because they are the pessimistic ones who see all the spoilers and choose to predict the worst. Meaning those who watch will see that Sarah and Chuck will learn to support each other and move closer together as they always have after every obstacle.
        Nobody “needs” to consider anything. If you choose to believe the worst, I feel bad for you because you will be missing out. But hey, that’s your choice.
        I have a feeling (and like yours, its just a feeling, nothing more) that Shaw will turn out to be a double agent and Sarah will join Chuck and Casey in fighting him. But who knows? Not you, and not me.
        I still think the notion of Sarah being careless enough to get pregnant is preposterous. I’d like to see a link to that interview. If it was said, I suspect Yvonne was kidding around because of the nature of the question.

      • hi

        yeah i will try to find the link for you it was back in summer sometime.

        We can only go on what we know and by all the spoilers Shaw is meant to be a good guy with skeletons in his closet. I am not believing the worst I am listening to the spoilers and cast interviews and from their own words Shaw and Sarah are together, I have said I do not know if they are together for most of shaws episodes who know my point is if they are there is no time for chuck and sarah to be together this season.

      • None of them have said that Shaw and Sarah are together. There have been hints (after about three episodes, Shaw and Sarah “start to explore a relationship outside of work” – which I reminded you about when I replied to a comment of yours in this thread) and vague references to “potential love interests”, but not a single person associated with the show has said that Shaw and Sarah are together.

      • I will not miss out on anything as I said I always review the episode reviews and commentaries if I like it I will watch. I will miss out on the things I do not like.

      • Mel

        cannot respond to you directly so i will do it here

        If it smells like a fish and looks like one then it is a fish. It is clear that if they are exploring a relationship outside work then its more than just wistful looks and at least until 3.7 chuck and sarah are out. If he is there until 3.11 then its potentially (just like the potential love interest) that he is with sarah most of that time which leaves no time for us relationship fans to enjoy the warm and fuzzies over chuck and sarah being together.

      • Actually dear Eowyn, pregnant or not is hardly the case…
        If Shaw and Sarah had sex(protected, of course), then that’s it…show over(also might be Shaw over…lol),the same with Chuck and Hannah(Jill not withstanding) and that’s the real problem.
        But honestly, even I can see it happening…I think the ‘creative team’ knows that IT will ruin the show.

      • Dear, dear Alex,
        I was responding to Tim’s misguided predictions of doom and gloom in my posts. I do not think that Shaw and Sarah will have sex, protected or not, for reasons that have been stated previously. However, if I am wrong (god forbid), the show may be over for you and Tim but not for me. My reasons for watching the show are different from yours. Although you may think hero stories are a dime a dozen, I think they are timeless and timely. Read some Joseph Campbell or Carl Jung.
        I’m not a romance killer by any means but I’m old enough to know that there’s more than one person out there that can make you happy. And as the old song goes…”a kiss is just a kiss.”

      • My dear Eowyn , I know you were responding to Tim.
        but you misunderstood me, I wasn’t saying that the show will end for me, I was saying that the show will commit suicide since only you,OD,Mel and some other masochist(I guess about 5000 people give or take) will be left to watch the show, which means it will be over for CHUCK(and quite rightfully so)…
        And thanks for the reading advice,I already read Jung and Campbell when I was a student(10 years ago or so),so I don’t really need your literary adherence in the Hero’s Journey – I know enough about that.
        And regarding having more than one person for Sarah or Chuck, well I think it’s more of an excuse than anything else
        and a Kiss may be only a Kiss, but Sex is something different all together. But anyway as I just said, that atrocity won’t happen.


      • Eowyn has been a steady voice of reason in all these posts. Like we’ve established in other pieces, Chuck is the one more likely to stray from the relationship when presented with a third party because he’s more demonstratively and outwardly emotional. He’s easily frustrated and certainly less patient. I think he’s gotten more savvy, and I’m not as worried about him with KK. When he told his father that he loved Sarah, I think he was sincere. He’ll eventually do the right thing or he may just play her to complete a mission.
        I agree. Sarah getting pregnant with Shaw is farcical. I believe Sarah is emotional and feels strongly about some things every bit as much as Chuck. She is obviously more guarded and savvy for two reasons. Partly because she was hurt in her past and because of her CIA training. But as we saw, she turned down Cole and Bryce for Chuck.
        I understand folks’ fear and trepidation, but I just don’t believe that Chuck and Sarah are done.

    • Why so serious?? 😉

  2. SO happy Brandon will star in 8 eps my favorite tv show!! 😀 I’m sure his character will have a purpose that enhances the show. I trust in the showrunners.

  3. ” Two hours of Chuck? Sold!”


  4. What does “appears in approximately eight episodes” mean, lol?

  5. I am so looking forward to this show coming back on the air. It is a fun show to watch and Brandon Routh will be perfect as the “Ring” expert.

  6. I guess with Routh guesting for 8 episodes, they will really play up the attraction between Shaw & Sarah!

    Coler me Sick To My Stomach!

    Oh well, at least Hannah will only be there for 3!

    I hope Zac is not just teasing me & that his relationship with Sarah becomes less tenuous & that Chuck wins out & my couple is together for good by the end of this season!?

    Attention JS & CF I’m Not Happy!

    • BMB, Routh’s main purpose for being on the show is to portray Chuck’s mentor and serve as Team Bartowski’s expert on The Ring, not as a love interest for Chuck. If he’s around for 8 episodes, that must mean that The Ring is a major part of season 3.

      • I meant love interest for SARAH. *facepalm* But if it helps ease your mind, I’m pretty sure we can cross him off for a love interest for Chuck. 😀

      • That is very funny, but hay you never know it could be part of these silly geometric shapes they seem to feel is so cool!

      • As Seinfeld would say – “not that there is anything wrong with that”

      • Yeah, I know Mel thanks.
        However, Yvonne has already stated in interviews that Shaw will be somewhat of a love interest for Sarah. Now, how involed that becomes & how much the writers play it up as a source of division between Chuck & Sarah I don’t know?
        That is the aspect of the storyline, that I am not looking forward to at all though.

        Nor, am I looking forward to it from the opposite side with Chuck & Hannah.

        Not At All!

  7. Routh for 8 episodes is ridiculous–if he is going to chase Sarah it will be hard to take. They must be using him as a crutch because they do not know how to expand on the great storylines available to them–maybe they are being lazy or just do not possess the creativity. They could get some great ideas just checking the web. If the angst is cranked up it will be interesting to see the fan fallout. I do not trust the showrunners.

    • Or we could wait until we know what his storyline actually is before writing off the entire season.

    • Larry, do you actually know what’s going to happen? So you’re accusing the showrunners for not being creative without seeing once episode? How about see the episodes first then make up your mind? Or have you already without seeing an episode?

  8. If Shaw is going to stay that long, I guess they have something else in mind with him than just being a mentor and Sarahs love interest. I just can’t figure out what. Turn him bad?

    While it is nice to know they will continue Chuck/Sarah, it’s not really a ray of sinshine because it also depends on how they will continue. I’m just afraid they will turn Chuck into a teenie drama, I always loved the light moments between Chuck/Sarah most.

    Glad to hear that Hannah will only be in 3

    • The problem is that teen Drama is exactly what Schwartz does(OC, Gossip Girl), and the only way of romance he knows how to portray.
      but besides that, I just don’t like the idea of wasting precious screen time on a guest star,whomever it is…there are way more interesting plot-lines to explore with the existing cast.
      we’ll see.


      • Alex, you (and others) have brought up the “Schwartz only knows teen drama” argument several times and I keep forgetting to comment on that. Schwartz is only one of a group of people shaping the show, and he’s splitting his time between several projects. In fact, I would argue that Chris Fedak, Robbie McNeill, Ali Adler, and the departing-for-V Scott Rosenbaum have more to do with the overall path of Chuck than Schwartz does. He certainly provides input, but Chuck has never been solely his project. This is one of the show’s main strengths, IMO, allowing it to be so much more than “another teen drama”. Not only is not about teenagers, it’s not limited to the family/relationship dramas of The O.C., Gossip Girl, or (for a more mature spin) Brothers & Sisters.

      • Actually Mel, if you really wanna get into this…then I’ll comply…
        Schwartz is the big ‘ticket’, the decision maker and the final word goes by him…he’s also the name the network and the studios go by.
        Arguing that Fedak, who is a proverbial ‘nobody’ with no credible big-time(or even small time) experience,or the writers and directors have more effect on the show than him is ridiculous, and although it’s true that Schwartz divides his time between his different project, his signature teen-drama handling is visible in all things relationship(except Ellie and Devon, that is), and that’s the biggest problem…the show isn’t about teenagers, but the relationships are made to emulate that(and please don’t use that idiom saying that Chuck and Sarah are emotional teenagers, that’s just insulting…), instead of describing an adult way of THAT. and it’s true that the show is not limited to family/relationships/drama , but when the relationship is depicted in such an annoying,immature matter…it’s hard to concentrate on the other good aspects of the show like the humor or the action or the geek-world references.
        So with all due respect, Fedak’s input is mostly action-laden, and the relationship doesn’t really interests him…and while Ali,Scott and the rest of the creative surely influence the thought process,
        but in the end they answer to Josh(and somewhat Chris) and therefore even if they have other intentions, they all get lost in what Schwartz and Fedak choose to come up with.


      • Yikes, I hope Fedak isn’t reading this! Schwartz may be the “name”, but having spoken with both of them, I can tell you that they’re both the top dogs on this show. Yes, they sign off on everything, but as far as the nitty gritty of developing the series, Schwartz isn’t nearly as hands on as Fedak. To wit:

        Schwartz: co-creator, executive producer, co-wrote 3 episodes with Fedak

        Fedak: co-creator, executive producer, co-wrote 3 episodes with Schwartz, 1 with Adler, and 5 on his own (9 total, including at least 1 in season 3)

        As far as focusing on the other fabulous parts of the show, I suppose if you choose to see only the negative, it would be hard. It’s old news, but I don’t see the Chuck/Sarah relationship as a negative, so can’t really help you there.

      • 1.I hope he does…
        2.The fact that Schwartz doesn’t write a lot of the episodes is not relevant, his “creative” imprint exists on almost all the episodes(apart, maybe, from those Fedak wrote), and his teen-vision is manifested in all the relationship stuff…
        as I said earlier, Fedak is responsible to all the spy-action stuff.
        3.I know that because Schwartz is also engaged with his other projects, Fedak is the hands-on guy on the set, but the more defining gestalt of the show(to quote Éowyn) is Josh’s.
        4.I see their lack of relationship as negative…
        and thanks, I’ll manage without your help…I guess


  9. Again, until we know the storyline, prejudging the number of episodes a guest star appears in is premature.

    We shall see, indeed.

  10. So, early return still means January, yes?
    Apart from that, an 8 episode arc featuring Shaw doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll actively take the part of a love interest for that whole time. He may initially be involved with Sarah and still be on the show after she decides against him and goes for Chuck or the other way around. I’ll put my faith in the directors, as they didn’t disappoint us yet. (Well, apart from him still not having slept with Sarah, which after all that time is kind of a downer)

    • Flow, I have to very kindly disagree with you a little bit.
      From my point of view, the show has disappointed me in the past in certain respects.

      The spy action & comedy elements are great on this show, however, as many nice & caring moments that Chuck & Sarah have, the writers it seems to me anyway try in as many ways as they possibly can to create division between the 2 & not advance Chuck & Sarah’s relationship but At the same time the writers have acknowledged that Chuck & Sarah’s relationship is a central element to the show & very important.
      I just don’t understand it.

      The show almost went off of the air last yr & not only were they not together officially, the writers did not have C & S admit there feeling to each other, face to face.

      I have stated all of this before. Now season 3. W e fight for the shows return, thinking we may get finally, the “Real” Relationship we want at the start but no, Sarah it looks like will be angry with Chuck, for much of the season & new love interest, however serious for both characters will be introduced!
      Pushing back the coupling even longer.
      I know, C & Smay not be issue # 1 for this show but I think it’s 1a to many fans.

      Creating problems yet again for Chuck & Sarah & delaying the advancemnt of the couple, has me very frustrated & somewhat disappointed.

      I balance these feelings with the understanding, that I have not scene a single S3 episode yet & my hope, that Chuck & Sarah will be a couple at some point in S3?

      So, I will withhold my judgement, unlike poor Tim LOL!

      However, I am disappointed with what seems to me from spoilers to be continued steps back & more writing roadblocks for Chuck & Sarah.
      Roadblocks that seem to me to be forced & contrived.

      Delaying the relationship, to anger many fans, just because Schwarts & Fedak, seem to following some out dated (In My Mind.) TV Romance formula.

      • Hi

        DO not feel sorry for me I will review the episode guides and write ups. I will then watch the episodes I want to watch, If there is no chuck or sarah season 3 or they are finally finished then i will just not watch. I did the same last season I missed about 3 episodes that I have never watched. But it seems that there will be less for me this season.

        Feel sorry – cause I do – for those that keep chanting in Ali we trust … her comment about if you do not watch you will be left with a hollow feeling well I think your being played, they are desperate for you lot to watch.

        Feel sorry for those who love this show so much that anything will do, as they will be the last man standing as it all comes to nothing, just like OC, Firefly Jericho.

      • “Feel sorry for those who love this show so much that anything will do,”

        Wow, you’re so wrong about us. A lot of us Chuck fans are pretty confident that season 3 will be great BASED on how good (and it was!) seasons 1&2 were. Our faith is not blind. And I’m SOO TIRED of hearing the same old comments about the ANGST in next season.. it looks like some people have crystals balls were they can see the future. Sorry but I’ve had enough of that. Me? I’ll give the writters/producers the benefit of the doubt BECAUSE they’ve earned it, IMO. To each their own.

      • I did not mean to offend you either stargazer!
        LOL! You are right to love this show, as I do too.

        I am just frustrated with the continued roadblocks for me in the aspect of the story that I enjoy the most Chuck & Sarah’s relationship.

        Now, how big these roadblocks will be, either real or imagined on my part, we will have to wait & see.

        The early spoilers have me very nervous however.

        As I said, I am sticking with my show & will ride this out.

        I hope you will agree with me though, that If those of us who love C & S relationship & want to see it become “Real” don’t get what we want at some point, that we have a right to be disappointed.


      • “I did not mean to offend you either stargazer!”

        yes you did.

        “LOL! You are right to love this show, as I do too.”

        then why the lack of faith? Oh I know, this is not what YOU WANT to see.

        “I am just frustrated with the continued roadblocks for me in the aspect of the story that I enjoy the most Chuck & Sarah’s relationship.”

        I also like their relationship BUT I do enjoy the obstacles. It makes the story more interesting.. to me. Once they hook up, the show is done. it’s called the Moonlighting Effect for a reason. Plus there is more than the relationship in this show for me. And Shaw’s purpose in the story is supposed to be much more than just a love interest for Sarah, according to spoilers. Please try to remember that.

        “The early spoilers have me very nervous however.”

        Maybe you take way too seriously? It’s just a tv show. A great one but still..

        “As I said, I am sticking with my show & will ride this out.”

        Just keep an open mind. But if you just don’t enjoy the ride, well get off.

        “I hope you will agree with me though, that If those of us who love C & S relationship & want to see it become “Real” don’t get what we want at some point, that we have a right to be disappointed. Thanks,BMB”

        Are you a guy? I’m a girl and enjoy romance and all that BUT there is a lot more to this show than just the C/S ship. I think the C/S relationship is a great one so far, but I’m ok if they delay they getting together a little longer. It doesn’t bother me if done right. But you’re not. Maybe it would help if you don’t focus on the relationship so much and try to enjoy the other aspects of the show as well?

      • stargazer, yes I’m a guy. Just a romantic at heart I guess.

        I started watching Chuck & have enjoyed it to this point because of the Chuck & Sarah relationship. That is what drew me in from episode 1.

        You are certainly entitled to enjoy Chuck for any reason that you like, as is any fan.

        Yes, I take the show seriously, I think we all do otherwise we would not have joined a message board & submitted posts.

        No, I have never meant to offend anyone with any of my posts, you included.

        I focus on the relationship because, that is what I enjoy the most.

        I do get frustrated because, it seems that they as you say, will have them “close” but will keep them apart until the end of the program. This is based in my opinion on a tired notion, at least in my mind that they can’t be together until the end or the show dies.

        Well, the entire complaint that I had with season 2 as I have pointed out was that they came very close to going off of the air in the spring & did not give relationship fans a true admittance of feelings beween the 2 of them. Face to Face.

        I am leary now, that even if the show lasts 1 more season or 5 more, if I can trust them to make the relationship into what I hope it will be & end it as the relationship fans would like.

        Just my opinion, no one else’s.
        Your perfectly right to like anything & everything you like about Chuck.
        Chuck & Sarah’s relationship for me is key to my enjoyment f the show & no, new possible love interests for either of them, does not excite me.

        It was never my intention to anger or annoy you or anyone with my posts.

        Just my opinions.

        I’m not sure what yours was with the are you a guy? Or the way you tore apart my post.

        It appears again, I made a mistake coming back to these forums.

      • Oh Tim, I did not mean anything by my remark believe me.

        I am as big a Chuck & Sarah Romance supporter as anyone on this site.

        I also, am as frustrated as anyone, with the continued what seem to me to be contrived roadblocks in C & S becoming a “Real” couple.

        I just am hoping that if I ride it out, I’ll get what I am hoping for, which is Chuck & Sarah together for good!

        I still love this show & all its elements but believe me I am as frustrated as you & many others, that they are not together yet & it appears, that their will be more problems between the two of them.

        No offense intended or taken I hope?

      • Hi

        No not at all BMB in either case.

        I hope I am wrong. I hope next year in May I have to come on the board and say sorry everyone. I do not want to be right here, sadly I really think all the evidence we have points that I am.

        As for being fed up with people who are moaning about the angst. Well the majority of posts on this thread have all said they do not welcome this. The majority of threads on NBC all say they are not happy with where the show is going. The fan base is badly divided. All the results of feedback are all for chuck and sarah being together.

        No doudt as ever Chuck will be filled with fun, thrills and explositions. But there will be something missing that (and you cannot deny this the evidence is all over here and elsewhere) is core to the fans enjoyment that is the relationship between chuck and sarah and I do not mean just as friends which is what i suspect will happen.

      • “As for being fed up with people who are moaning about the angst. Well the majority of posts on this thread have all said they do not welcome this. The majority of threads on NBC all say they are not happy with where the show is going”

        majority of posts made by the SAME 8 or so posters… that’s hardly most of the Chuck fanbase.

        This show is watched by millions, so we’ll have to actually wait and see how the ratings go once the show starts.

      • ‘Feel sorry for those who love this show so much that anything will do’

        Most kind of you.

        But be of good heart for we feel doubly sorry for those who are unable to find happiness in their leisure pursuits. Unless of course pulling wagons of negativity is what one considers a joyful activity.

        Then, by all means, ‘Pull away. Pull away!

      • Hi OD

        I am not pulling wagons of negativity we are responding to what we are told and hear. It is our right as fans to say if we do not like them. As you have clearly seen on the NBC forum and on others. There are many of fans that do not like where the show is appearing to go. Thanks for your advice on what I wish to watch but I do not need it.

        Believing its all going to be great will not save the show nor will dismissing or driving fans away. Why should fans be glad to find out a character that is a guest star that is blocking the main relationship is staying around for longer? It was not long ago OD that you said March was the best for survival of the series now you are Full Square behind January date.

        As it is clear from NBC forum, the threads here the fans are not happy with Season 3. Everything we have heard does not sound good for those (and there are many of us comic con, these threads, NBC the recent TV poll of the couples that should be together) who like Chuck and Sarah together. That with the fact allot of fans worked to get the show back feel that it would have been better not to have got a third season.

        From what we know about it right now. Yes we have the right to switch off and if the Sarah and Shaw become a real item for most of the season that is more than likely what will happen.

        I do find pleasure in the many things that fill my spare time. Party the other night, the other night the gang was round for an Xbox and beers night. I will not waste my time watching episodes that I will not enjoy, so I am selective to what I want to watch.

        I actually love the spoilers; I always do for the shows I choose to watch I am not about to sit in if the season sounds like something I will not like. That does not make me a bad fan; it makes me sensible with my time. I do not spend waking days worrying about next season as I will not see the angst.

      • Believing ill or good ahead of time is the point. Believing, based on what we heard against what we have seen previously is the best course to take.

        You decide to be concerned. I decide to be excited. The reasons as to why we come to different conclusions are myriad.

        You will forgive if I place more credence in my conclusions than yours. You will also allow for the possibility that I am not being overtly optimistic but reasonably grounded.

        You are entitled to your view of course. It is just not one I find either logical nor enjoyable. In the end, that is what this is all about – enjoyment of a TV show.

      • Yeah but to you OD anything in Chuck is Great. I have seen you laugh and tease those people who like the relationship part of the show. You are not being logical you unlike us have no apparent interest in the relationship. There is no logic behind your thinking as what is apparently happening does not impact on your enjoyment of the show.

        As for it being only 8 people post for the relationship, well keep telling yourself that. The fans at comic con were not 8, nor the NBC forum, the fans that voted chuck and sarah 2nd to be together, the big question in interviews are about chuck and sarah. We the relationship fans are legion. If Sarah and Shaw are together most of the season then alot of people will turn away at least for those episodes.

        I salute your faith OD, I hope that the season is great. But I see from you that if shaw and sarah are together you could not care less. At least chuck is on TV. I do not salute your behaviour to us relationship fans you may find that this is the last season as alot of fan do not want to see sarah go off with shaw. Also fans do not want to see chuck with hannah. They seem to be resetting the progress to chuck and sarah and making beefcake except it sounds worse.

        That is the problem it sounds, I will agree with you OD we do not know but everything they have released sounds to us relationship fans very bad for chuck and sarahs relationship. I think they are at least season 3 just friends- not interested in that, its not the show i wanted.

      • Not true. I have issues with the way certain things have been handled on the show. I just choose not to dwell on them.

        I have no problem with people that like the relationship show. Hey, I am one of them. I do have problem with people that focus solely on the relationship to the exclusion of everything else the show has to offer, and who make empty threats about not watching the show – which everyone knows is a bogus one – or takes every spoiler and wails about the end of Chuck and Sarah.

        Have these people being watching the last two seasons or not? Do they not know anything about the characters?

        My views on the show are quite logical. You throw the word logic around but it is doubtful that you know the meaning of the word.

        I have no idea where you are getting this number 8 either, because I have never quoted any such figure. You are also putting words in my mouth if you truly believe that I would have no issues with Sarah and Shaw or Chuck and Hannah getting together in serious relationships.

        Of course I want Chuck and Sarah together! I just do not need right now and as far as the show has handled them so far, I am quite satisfied.

        You have made many false assumptions about my feelings on the show.

      • Tim, I’m one of the last persons to serve as OD’s defense counsel, but it was Stargazer who said that, not OD.
        And I don’t think you can claim to know his feelings in an absolute way.
        He doesn’t grade Charah as high as we do, and it’s his choice.
        However OD, you tend to confuse between people who are only interested in the relationship and nothing else to people(like yours truly)who classify Charah as the highest issue in the hierarchy of the show, and enjoy it the most, unequivocally.
        and bind them together as ‘enemies of the show’ and treat
        them as such.

      • “However OD, you tend to confuse between people who are only interested in the relationship and nothing else to people(like yours truly)who classify Charah as the highest issue in the hierarchy of the show, and enjoy it the most, unequivocally.
        and bind them together as ‘enemies of the show’ and treat
        them as such.”

        I disagree with assertion but could be seen in that manner because those 2 groups, from the posts that I read, are collectively the most negatively biased group of the show.

        They constantly:

        – bash the creators & writers of the show,
        – are unable to process any spoilers without running to the darkside with unsubstantiated conclusions – showing their total lack of faith and understanding of the characters and the spirit of the show
        – constantly trumpet they will not watch the show if certain conditions are not met or others continue
        – they name call
        – especially for those of differing opinions
        – make rude comments about the guest stars and those whom are pleased or impressed with where the show has come from and where it is going to.

        Behaviours I do not see for those whom have a more balanced outlook on the show.

        So while those two groups you refer to may differ in their attitude about the show, it is their behaviour that is indistinguishable.

        That is why I find them to be in your parlance -‘enemies’ – of the show.

        Difference in opinions should not be carte blanche to bad manners. Would any of these fans talk to the people they are belittling in face to face conversation? I doubt it.

        Treat others like you would like to be treated may be a cliche but somethings become cliche for a reason. Because they are the truth.

      • it’s outdated, not just in your mind…it’s outdated period !!!
        And I think that deep inside, you know that they(C&S) will end up together, not because The Bobs care for our wishes or something, but because this is American TV standard formula, and the same way that they don’t innovate in the relationship realm(so to speak), they won’t stray out of the formulaic ‘Happy Ending’…luckily for us, they’re afraid of the consequences of doing such thing.
        the problem is we are expected to suffer the ‘ride\'(which some people enjoy) till the end of the shenanigans to get what ‘we’ want, and the means to that end seems legit to S&F…to some of us it looks contrived and artificial, the thing is how much ONE can stand those tactics of delay…and here I say, some will, some won’t.
        I’m reserving judgment to the actual broadcast.


      • ‘get what ‘we’ want,’
        There rests the heart of the matter.

        ‘The problem is we are expected to suffer the ‘ride’’
        No one expects anyone to do anything, except change the channel.

        ‘I’m reserving judgment to the actual broadcast.’ Really? ‘Cause from your post it is clear that you have already made up your mind. The ‘Bobs’ remarks tag you as a hostile witness.

        It is intriguing that one would voluntarily continue to watch a show for which they hold the writers and creators and for we all know, the caterers, in such low regard.

        There is a disconnect here somewhere. No?

      • No. since I already stated, that I’ll see and then decide.
        My opinion of the Creators(and somewhat the writers) has nothing to do with that, I have reached my conclusions after “The Ring”, but I
        still think everything is possible and I might actually like what I see.
        My rule of thumb regarding such situations is that if you come with low expectations, and ready for the worst you can only be positively surprised.
        OTOH, if you come with high hopes and overarching naivete then the result is “The Bigger they come, The harder they fall”.

      • you are probably right about that approach to any TV show never mind angst ridden Chuck.

        That is why i am selective in my viewing I am been burned enough in TV shows to watch things I will not enjoy.

        There will be some good episodes, we will see.

      • So you have the ability to compartmentalize your conflicting beliefs and maintain an objective perspective?

        Tony Robbins move over.

      • yes, it’s an ability I developed during my ‘tenuous’ (lol) years as TV watcher…

      • You have indeed refined the depth of your… beliefs.

      • Also,not true about the caterers,I heard they are quite good…

      • Good to know there is something positive you have found out about the show.

  11. Im a little dissapointed to hear Krisitn Kreuk is only on for 3 episodes. As much as people have been complaining about potential love interests closing in on Chuck and Sarah, I personally liked the dynamic of both of them finding other people to turn their attention to for awhile rather than the “will they, wont they” of their romantic aspect.
    That said, I hoped Krisitn’s role isnt that of another thankless love interests. I love this show and I was really hoping it would give her a breif oppotunity to show that she is much more talented than what was percieved of her on Smallville, instead it’ll probably be another thankless role, which is somewhat crushing as a fan of both her and this show.

    Oh well 🙁

    • Yeah.KK gets more attention from fans and online news sites over her guest spot than Routh and other guests,yet they only gave her 3?
      Hopefully ratings will not go down after she left,like what happening to smallville.

      • “Hopefully ratings will not go down after she left,like what happening to smallville.”

        sorry but.. Hahahaha!! Are you serious? I assume you love KK but this is too much.

      • Well, the ratings did go down, and they havent been up since. I dont know whether or not that was because of Krisitn but I know despite the online hate her character got, she did have a fanbase too that was dissapointed after she left.

        That said, obviously that wont happen with Chuck, this show’s got a seperate battle for ratings to deal with.

      • Yeah, I was talking about the posibility of her departure affecting Chuck’s ratings, which I don’t think it would. I know she has her fans, but I don’t think they are that many. Know what I mean? Chuck is just on another league compared with Smallville. That show is done. Noone cares about it save a few fans.

  12. Kristin Kreuk only gets 3 episodes and Brandon Routh gets 8? Now that’s a disappointment. I guess after everything said and done, Hannah just another Lou, with that said, what’s the point of even bringing in her character if she’s gone in 3 episodes?

    • It’s a disappointment that they’re both there…but it makes sense that she is
      there for less episodes than Routh,as Sarah was always the bigger ‘flight’ risk in the Charah equation(Jill not withstanding) , because let’s face it, she’s way out of his league.
      And therefore the writers(and producers)feels that this is the more prominent LI to focus on.

      • Really? Because one could just as easily say that Chuck is way out of Sarah’s league.

      • in what universe ?

      • How many do you exist in?

      • well, according to the many-world interpretation of the quantum mechanics, there are billions of me in all those alternate universes…In none of those,including our own BTW, Sarah is out of Chuck’s league…
        Have you seen the two people ?

      • Sadly it appears that in all those coexisting universes the criteria for determination of the ‘fitness’ extends no further than superficial levels.

        Astonishing. Especially after 35 episodes of Chuck that you ignore empirical evidence to the contrary and remain ensnared in the rigid dictates of your universes.

        I have seen the two people. Have you seen the two people? Really ‘seen’ them?

        Then again those nasty laws of nature can be so restrictive.

      • well, I have seen them.I’m not sure you have though…
        and if you ask 9 out of 10 normal people, they’ll tell you that Chuck is out of Sarah’s league(I agree, by measured external values), of course that doesn’t mean that they can’t or shouldn’t be together(hell, I’m one of the main avid proponents of that, and I consider it the main issue of the show), and of course Sarah’s emotional problems and inhibitions and her troubled childhood made her somewhat damaged…but she’s still gorgeous,smart,cool and brave and Chuck knows that.
        Chuck has his own great values of course, but still…he always felt inadequate when confronted with man like Bryce and Cole and their bigger compatibility with her level.
        and now they bring Shaw…
        That’s why I hope Sarah won’t go that road at all this time.

      • “and if you ask 9 out of 10 normal people, they’ll tell you that Chuck is out of Sarah’s league(I agree, by measured external values)”

        I meant the opposite of course…he is considered below her league…

      • Chuck is meant to be playing the handsome guy who doesnt know he is handsome. If you ask the majority of girls they will tell you based on looks chuck is in sarah’s league. Of course girls are really into his “lovable” personality aswell.

      • You say on one hand they are not in the same league and then on the other they belong together. Do you see the disconnect here?

        I see you have fallen victim to the need to back up your viewpoint with a subjective opinion hidden behind a Trojan Horse of seeming objective data. An automatic invalidation of your hypothesis. To play along, there are probably an equal 9 out of 10 extremely normal people who would disagree with your view.

        The Chuck that we will see in Season 3 will further invalidate your viewpoint.

        Thank you Charah Fan#1 for your unsolicited feedback.

      • Chuck obviously may be considered out of or below Sarah’s league because she’s gorgeous and Chuck is not built like Awesome or Cole. But that’s it.

        Remember Sarah was an outcast in high school, an ugly duckling so to speak. She was reluctant to go to her reunion because it resurfaced so many insecure feelings.

        Chuck may be a bit of a slacker, but he’s very intelligent, went to Stanford, and is the son of Orion. He’s not a typical geek. Sarah herself has noted that Chuck “is a reasonably charming guy,” even after he dumped her. She defended him to Roan and was confident that he could charm Sasha Banacek and Jill on missions.

        He’s got to be doing something right when he can attract the likes of Sarah, Jill and Lou.

        They both have strengths and weaknesses in which each recognizes and generally have come to accept. They are good for each other. They should be a couple. We’ll keep hoping.

      • Really? would you rather see him jealous again over sarah and another bryce than give chuck`s love interest more episode than just the damn three?

      • I would rather not see him humiliated like “BeefCake” and “Lethal Weapon”, that’s right…
        I actually would rather not have LI’s at all…
        I merely pointed out that it was expected that Sarah was the bigger problem, Adam.

      • B/C shaws character is there for 8 episodes i would lyk to see hannas character there for more,simply b/c i h8 seeing chuck jealous and emasculated, and hving hanna around, i believe will prevent this.

      • Or Shaw is around for more episodes because he has more story to tell. Story tied to spy/Ring arc and the skeletons in his closet.

      • Exaaaactly!

        Come on people, KK is in 3 eps, which is not bad at ALL!

      • and why can`t Hannah have more stories to tell?booooooo!

  13. Well Tim, I will disagree with you on one point.
    I do believe Chuck & Sarah are going to be together on this show as a couple.
    I just am upset, because I don’t buy the argument that everything has to be at the end of this series in a tiny bow.
    Also, why we have to continually invole other relationships every yr as tests of the couple.

    Bryce & even Jill made sense to me, because they were old loves from the past Lou, Cole, Shaw Hannah & anyone else Schwartz & Fedak may dream up for hopefully future seasons most certainly don’t!

    These two have come to far IMO with Chuck having telling his father he loves Sarah & telling Roan thaat she was worth dying for & with Sarah with her many more subtle declarations to Chuck & her rejections of Bryce & Cole for the relationship to be slowed now & have that work for me.

    This is happening I believe, because Schwartz & Fedak seem not to want to give the relatonship fans what they want til the very end.

    It frustrates me but I am willing to wait it out for my happy times that I hope are coming.

    I just wish Chuck & Sarah could be steadily working their way through the dificulties of this unique relationship, toward the love we know they feel for each other, rather than new potential love interests being introduced every year.
    This, is not fun for me but I will hang in there. LOL!

    • Hi Buy More Bagger

      I hope your faith in the show is paid off. I honestly think your wrong I really do and I am really on the same page as you regarding the chuck and Sarah relationship.

      Yes Jill did make sense as did Bryce ..cole did not.

      As for other seasons if the shaw and sarah thing is really a serious love interest and not some potential hiccup that lasts longer than say 3 episodes you will see no 4th season.

      You will be left as the OC did a poor ending season finale years later. Maybe Chuck is with Sarah then but you will never see them as a loving couple fighting the bad guys and working things out – boy them living together could be comedy gold.

      From what we have heard all the distance they have come is being reset this season, it means nothing to this seasons arc.

      The good thing is if you read this thread and others there is alot of us out there that think the Chuck and Sarah love story is important. Shame the Showrunners do not.

      But I will watch the episodes that I will enjoy then leave the rest as I did season 2.

  14. For a quick’n’dirty exclusive that was had a lot of info. I’m extremely pumped that Chuck picked up 6 additional episodes but am I the only one bummed to find out that Zac initially had a role in the upcoming Thor movie but had to drop out? I would have loved to see Zac on the big screen and a comic movie no less!

    Can’t wait for the season to start! 🙂

  15. I really do think it sucks that the writers hv to result in more love interest keeping chuck and sarah apart. I don’t mind if they keep them apart lyk they did in the first couple episodes of season 2, but honestly how long can that last. I also see a gr8 deal of comedy oportuninty if chuck and sarah were together, the jeaolousy that would be involved when either chuck or sarah hv to seduce a mark and the oppurtunities are endless and they would be original unlike another pair of love interests.
    I will watch every episode

    • Like some have intimated, that is possibly what is going on with Hannah and Shaw.

      I don’t believe Chuck and Sarah are done.

  16. I really do think it sucks that the writers hv to result in more love interest keeping chuck and sarah apart. I don’t mind if they keep them apart lyk they did in the first couple episodes of season 2, but honestly how long can that last. I also see a gr8 deal of comedy oportuninty if chuck and sarah were together, the jeaolousy that would be involved when either chuck or sarah hv to seduce a mark and the oppurtunities are endless and they would be original unlike another pair of love interests.
    I will honestly try to watch every episode but if i feel that the show is repeating itself or if it gets to superficial(for example if sarah gets serious with shaw,i can’t see chuck getting serious with hanna as she is only there for three episodes) i am afraid i will no longer be chuck fan#1,but rather not a fan at all.
    But on a brighter note i fink the action and drama between chuck,casey and awesome will be gr8

  17. ok so im usually not one of the optamistic glass half-full type of people but im a CHARAH shipper so with them i try. Think of it this way Hannah is ONLY in 3 episodes and Shaw though i wished was still in 6 isn’t goning to be in the extra episodes that Chuck required. ALSO Zach says Chuck will be “continuing his tenuous (and maybe not so tenuous, he teases) romantic relationship with super-spy Sarah”. Just focus on the word CONTINUTING that means moving forward!!!!

  18. Im also a little dissapointed that everyone has to react to Shaw and Hannah’s arrival on the show with such hostility. Like I wish people would just not talk about when they get off the show and everything goes back to Chuck/Sarah and just appreciate whatever they bring to the show.
    Sure as a Kristin Kreuk fan, Im dissapointed that she might be there as just an antagonist and a love interest, but Im hoping the character is written with some flair and interest so some fans will like. She took such a beating on Smallville and I never felt like the writers gave her a chance other than a love interest and…idk it would have been nice if Chuck had given her something to work *shrug*

    Oh well 🙁 I guess thats the nature of tv fandom now. Hate first, watch closely later…

    • I’m on record as being excited about both Routh and Kreuk guest starring this season. I think their respective arcs are going to be fab!

      • I would have to agree with you Mel. Also, I believe Brendan and Kristen will pull in some new viewers.
        I think those who are worried about the angst, have very little to worry about.

        Let’s think about some of the positive things we know:
        Karina coming back
        Armande Assante – an excellent actor playing a dictator
        A big episode for Casey
        Angie Harmon – guest starring as an assassin after Capt Awesome
        Chuck – going to Paris
        Chuck Vs the Sopranos – ok not the title, but the guest stars.
        Superman as Chuck’s mentor – forget the angst this will be awesome
        and for the shippers we heard from Yvonne herself that Chuck and Sarah will be moving from like to Love

        These are just a few of the great things that we know about- I can’t even imagine all the great things we haven’t heard about yet.

    • “Im also a little dissapointed that everyone has to react to Shaw and Hannah’s arrival on the show with such hostility.”

      OK, I’m one of those fans who was disappointed with KK being cast in the show. Clana did that for me. But you’re right, it wasn’t really her fault but the awful Smallville writers. Tell you what, I’m going to have an open mind an give her a chance as Hanna. After all, the writing in Chuck is mostly great, so here is hoping they gave her something good to work with. 🙂

  19. I am really looking forward to S3, and the idea of a 2 hour premiere night is awesome. Actually why not make it 3. Start with the last episode of S2.
    Chuck from 8 to 11 – just like one of our Chuck me Monday chuckathons.
    Would that not be the most awesome start to the season?

  20. Positively or negatively, all this talk about “our little show that could” is, pardon the expression – awesome. NBC is, to put it mildly, struggling. They need to get this show on the air in January as much as we need it.

    I was born on the cusp of Capricorn (Jan. 19). What a wonderful present it would be should season three premiere pre Olympics as rumored.

  21. When is Season 3 rumored to begin? Anybody know?

  22. Finally some Chara goodness. And two days of Chuck doing a total of three eps. OMG! Lovin it! 🙂 Thats even better than hearing the Chara news.

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