SPOILERS: Episode 3.12 Title and Writer/Director Info

While not overtly spoilery, the title for Chuck episode 3.12 (what originally would have been the penultimate episode before the season finale) does prompt some speculation. According to Jeremiah Chechik, who will again direct, the episode is titled “Chuck vs. the American Hero”. Story by Max Denby and teleplay by “the Magical Mat Miller and the WunderKind Phil Klemmer”.

Just who is the American Hero? Last season’s penultimate episode pitted Chuck (and Sarah) against Casey in “Chuck vs. the Colonel”; will they be at odds again? Or could the American Hero be Brandon Routh’s character, Shaw? Could it be someone we’ve never met, but who has been referenced and who many fans think was a spy? It’s probably someone else entirely, but gosh it’s fun to speculate!

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  1. Awesome. But, does anyone know the title to Ep. 3.11? I have every title from 3.1 – 3.10, and I want to keep up with them.

  2. I’m thinking… Bryce Larkin!

    • It can’t be Bryce, Josh Schwartz said in an interview that he was definitely dead and that he won’t be back.

  3. i think it might be shaw, because it’s the last episode he is in. Maybe he dies trying to save the others?

  4. Isn’t episode 3:12 the one the Robert Patrick will be in? Or is that episode 3:11. If it is 3:12, my bet is the Terminator will be the American Hero.

  5. Obviously it’s Scott Bakula’s character of Steve Bartowski/Orion since Scott starred in the show “Greatest American Hero”.

  6. It was william Katt in the Greatest American Hero with I think Robert Culp

  7. It was William Katt and Robert Culp in the Greatest American Hero I believe