PHOTOS: Episode 3.04

The photos for Chuck episode 3.04, “Chuck vs. Operation Awesome”, are here! This is the recipes best canadian pharmacy episode where Brandon Routh first appears. Larger versions are available in the Gallery.

The new Three Musketeers?
The new Three Musketeers?
Awesome tries to be a spy.
Awesome tries to be a spy.
Shaw explains himself to Chuck.
Shaw explains himself to Chuck.

Brandon Routh guest stars on the new season of Chuck.
Brandon Routh guest stars on the new season of only today canada pharmacy cialis Chuck.
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  1. I’m so excited that Brandon is going to be on Chuck! He’s a favorite of mine!

  2. Such handsome men.

  3. So excited! Brandon looks like a great choice for the role, I’ll have to wait and follow link purchase advair diskus online watch, but one can hope he’ll do well and it could be reprised role.

  4. He so cute.. too bad he’s the one one the promo kissing sharah… =/

  5. Interesting they only showed Angie Harmon in the promo after 3X03 unless I missed him. Then again they haven’t introduced Shaw yet so nevermind

  6. Great another bryce larkin…….. Man sometimes this spoils the show for me and leaves me depressed. Just forget the we choice generic viagra levitra cialis love traingles chucks has a lot more to offer than ticking off people who watch it. After all the fans who fought so hard to keep the show this is how they repay them???? I usually have to watch an episode twice so i can actually catch on the jokes since i’m usually so annoyed at the writers. Either put them together or break them up for good.

    • Mike, Shaw is coming in as a mentor for Chuck. He’s a major part of the spy/Ring storyline. There’s way, way more to his character than being part of a “love triangle”.

  7. I just watched this episode (I’m in canada and i can watch it on sundays!! amazing right?) and it was really good. I think Shaw is going to be a very interesting character.

  8. Such yummy looking men. Especially Zach and Ryan. 😉

  9. I hope this guy doesn’t become the new Bryce Larkin. He looks too much like a young “Superman.” I’m an optimist; I await the day that Chuck and Sarah (finally) figure it out. Hated to see Angie Harmon killed off so soon, though. She’s a looker too.

  10. I’m just going to go off on a limb and guess that how this episode ended means he won’t be part of a love triangle.