SPOILERS: Episode 3.16 Casting Call & Title

The casting call for Chuck episode 3.16, “Chuck vs. the Tooth”, has been posted just in time for some weekend speculating.

[DR. LEO DREYFUS] 45-60.. Caucasian, brutally deadpan, inscrutable and dour, he’s a top CIA psychiatrist who provides therapy for spies and ex-spies…GUEST STAR (6)

[DR. MARTIN KOWAMBE] 40-45.. African American, Africa’s most respected scientist, he accompanies President Kuti to the symphony. He’s hiding a sinister secret or ten…GUEST STAR (21)

[MERLIN] 30ish.. submit all ethnicities, with a twitch, this ex-spy is a mental patient who expresses curiosity about the facility’s newest patient…GUEST STAR (29)

[PRESIDENT JAKAYA KUTI] 50-60.. the President of Zamibia, this esteemed African man with an entourage is traveling to Los Angeles for diplomatic meetings and a trip to the symphony…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR (16)

Psychiatrist to the spies? A new patient at the spy mental hospital? African dignitaries going to the symphony? One of these does not look like the other. Two of these smell like Papa Bartowski returning. Thoughts?

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  1. Dr. Leo Dreyfus? Is that in homage to “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” Richard Dreyfuss?

    • His first name was Leo in What about Bob and he was a psychiatrist in that movie…so it must be a homage of some kind.

  2. Major Potential Spoiler Alert—Skip over if you don’t want to read.

    Yesterday, they were filming episode 3.14 (aka Chuck vs. The Honeymooner). If you remember the casting slide, Chuck and Sarah are riding a train together and spend a lot of time in their car together.

    Zac did some live streaming for Ustream.tv. He was showing some behind the scenese action on the set. He filmed Yvonne as she was getting lunch with the crew. Yvonne lifted her dog up for the camera. Yvonne was in costume for the scenese they were filming. On her left hand, you could clearly see a wedding ring. I looked for the scenes when Zac was on camera, but I couldn’t make out if he had one on.

    Look for yourself if you want. http://www.ustream.tv/zacharylevi/videos

    • OMG I hope so. I’m getting drunk off this hope.

    • Yeah, but the thing is, they’re SPIES… Maybe Chuck and Sarah have to pose as a married couple (on their honeymoon, perhaps). They’ve worn rings before in Chuck vs the Suburbs…

      • Exactly. I agree with DeanJohnson. It’s gotta be a cover up. Like the Suburbs. There’s no possible way that Chuck and Sarah can get married this season. I mean, it just won’t happen. Think about it from Fedak and Shwartz view. What else could they write about for many more seasons yet to come if all the sudden Charah gets married within 10 episodes? I mean, don’t you think a half a season is a little fast to have Charah date again, get engaged, have the wedding, and move on to the Honeymoon? IDK maybe it’s just me. But Awesome/Ellie’s wedding took place at the end of season 2 and how long did we know that Awesome had the ring? I mean, it was more than just a few episodes. Now, as much as I’d LOVE to see Charah get married, I don’t get my hopes up. But I do hope that these “honeymooners” do do what honeymooners usually do on their getaway – shack up 😀 Only hopefully the bearded one doesn’t steal the protection out of Chuck’s wallet this time 😛 Lol. I love Chuck!

      • They COULD elope. It’s been known to happen….

      • Chuck&Sarah2gether

        I think that they were having their own fun on the train and when they found out the bad guys were on the train; they just decided to be “married” again. Although I do hope that they eventually get married; but right now the idea of them being together is enough. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for since forever hahaha

  3. Mel,

    What are the numbers in parenthesis after (Guest Star)?

  4. One name for the doc:

    Ben Stein

  5. Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future and Taxi fame has been cast as the shrink.

    Apparently, Chuck is the new patient.