Julia Ling Returns to Chuck!

Looks like Morgan is going to have his hands full! Julia Ling has confirmed via Twitter that she’s headed to the Chuck set next week to film Anna Wu’s triumphant return! Or will it be a sheepish return? We think Anna’s got a lot of explaining to do!

Julia also guest stars in The Deep End airing tomorrow night at 8/7c on ABC.

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  1. Yaaaay! Excellent news!

  2. WOOHOO!!! Anna is back. Yeah! 🙂

  3. Anna has explaining to do? What about Morgan and his infatuation with Hannah?
    And why, oh why can’t Morgan stay away from those girls whose names are Palindromes???

    It’s a mystery.

  4. Hurrah! My theory is the government finally snatched her up for training (anyone remember the scene where she beat the living daylights out of that football jock?). The whole break-up thing was just a ruse so she could slip away for a couple of months/weeks…

    At least, that’s what I’m hoping. I love Anna too much to be upset with her!

  5. As long as she keeps wearing inappropriately short skirts I’m all for more of the wonderful Ms. Wu- hopefully with some shimapan included occasionally for good measure.

    Look it up.

  6. This is so exciting I love Anna, she is one of my favourite Nerd Herders’
    It would be great if she came in as a CIA agent…

  7. Awkward!Gotta go back and now ur ex is ur boss. Hmmmmm, this is going to be very interesting.

  8. That is FANTASTIC news!

  9. Anna Wu, where are you?

    Why did you leave Morgan for the head trainer of Benihana?

    Maybe she is an agent. Casey did call and ask for a background check on her for possible field work.

  10. As Captain Awesome would say……….uh.. AWESOME!

  11. Cool, I really like her.

  12. Great news, just when you think the news about s3.5 couldn’t get any better, they go and prove you wrong.

  13. Agent Wu…welcome back.

    Well Hannah will be gone after ep09 (I think she was signed for 4 episodes) – so Morgan will probably be without a girl, again.

    Thinking out loud here
    Something tells me Anna is an agent, assumes Morgan knows about Chuck being a spy and let’s it slip to Morgan (end season clifhanger…..). Final scene is the look on Morgan’s face when he finds out about Chuck…

  14. Excellent move–she will add a lot– complimenting Morgan’s character.

  15. andrew-Hannah came in episode 5 and she was signed for 4 episodes–the 8th episode is her last–5-6-7-8. Some really interesting things should happen when she departs–maybe she feels like there is not any way she can get Chuck’s love–wonder if she drops by to tell Sarah she gives up because of Chuck’s love for Sarah—I am really looking forward to the scene where Chuck decks Shaw—wonder which episode that is–sooner the better. Wonder if Sarah has really fallen for Shaw or if she just wants a way to exit Chuck.

    • This has nothing to do with Julia Ling’s return. Please discuss in any of the other threads dedicated to episodes in which Hannah appears.

  16. YAYE!!! Please keep Julia Ling on the show!! I’m getting some serious Anna-sickness.

  17. Tell me what episodes so I can watch something else. She is the MOST ANNOYING part of the show. There was a reason she was dumped from the cast for season 3 -she is not a very good actress.

  18. Thank the maker! I thought she really added something to the mix. I was quite annoyed when the first episode aired and her name was missing from the opening credits.