SPOILERS: Mini Synopsis for Chuck Episode 3.08

MSN already has their mini-synopsis up for episode 3.08, “Chuck vs. the Fake Name”, which airs March 1. These are usually super-condensed versions of the synopsis NBC releases later, which is why we don’t normally post them, but since we’re all jonesing for information on the next episode, let’s break with tradition:

Chuck must assume the identity of a dangerous assassin; Sarah tries to maintain a strictly professional relationship with Shaw.

Vague enough for you? We should get more details when NBC releases their synopsis in a couple of days.

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  1. But does it make any sense? Based on what we saw at the end of 3.07?

    Maybe it should read – tries to have a personal relationship with Shaw? 😀

    • Maybe she does another 180 in the span of the first ten minutes of the episode….

    • I agree with “tries to have a personal relationship” more than what the synopsis states. I think she tries and near the end of the episode, it fails. She might tell Chuck about it before the end of 3.08, but Shaw probably won’t hear the official word from her until 3.09.

    • I guess we weren’t watching the same episode, then, because from what *I* saw Sarah wasn’t exactly jumping into Shaw’s arms during that neck rub at the end. She was VERY unusually non-committal and disinterested for a person who’s supposed to be beginning a personal relationship with someone.

  2. Sarah tries to maintain strictly professional relationship with Shaw?! Haha oh pls let it be true!

  3. “Chuck must assume the identity of a dangerous assassin; Sarah tries and fails to maintain a strictly professional relationship with Shaw.”

    There, fixed that for ’em.

  4. That would seem to fit VERY well with Sarah’s ACTUAL behavior at the end of 3×07. She seemed very unenthusiastic about things.

  5. Agreed (about Sarah being unenthusiastic), I just re-watched the 3.07 episode and every time she looks/talks to Chuck, she’s all smile/caring, but whenever Shawn tries to connect, I don’t feel any connection. I actually feels the opposite. When he gets up to put his hands on her shoulders, you can almost feel her thinking <stick with it… try not to gag… ohh chuck, if it was only you )… last part is wishful thinking.

    I’m starting to wonder if there’s not a plan within a plan here. Sarah having to get close to Shawn to find out who he really is. Which brings me to Hannah… Let’s not forget that the mission where he met her was forced by Shawn… is she connected to him somehow? It sure does not feel that way (she’s goood) but when looking at just this fact and the following events (her coming to the Buy More just to be with him, being very fast in her courtship with him etc), I’m really starting to wonder what’s behind those pretty eyes of hers.

    Note that I’m a shipper. I almost *need* for Chuck and Sarah to wind up together (and I know my TV will explode when that happens… 😉 )

    • WOW Rej I totally agreed, because the relationship between Hannah is to quick and her being on the plane…
      Finally someone think one i’m thinking

  6. i really think that shaw is a rogue CIA agent. and Hannah somehow is related to the spy world too.. it’s to coincidence she met chuck at the flight to Paris then end up working at the buy more!!

    • Didn’t you get the feeling that it was more than a playful little game of hey Chuck, let’s guess who the passengers are.

      LOL. “They really are a fencing team.”

  7. Remember that she only expressed an interest with Shaw. It might not be Shaw himself, but what Shaw represents. A good looking, experienced superspy. She was attracted to Bryce and Cole, and now that someone (Chuck) has opened her heart to true emotional availability she’s only “acting out” what she believes she would be interested in.

    I believe, however, that Chuck had offered so much, with the normal life scenario presented in season 2 that she will probably figure out that she is just settling. It isn’t Shaw the person she’s attracted to, but what he is, or seems to be.

    As evident by the smile and the longing looks in episode 7, there’s only one person that could truly fulfill. Those Sarah smiles have been extremely rare in season 3 so far, and it was always due to one thing.

    • Yeah. When Shaw fled for the van and Chuck called her “partner” her face lit up.

      And then, when Chuck praised Shaw as a hero for carrying her out of castle, Sarah mentioned that she’s attracted to A type, but she stared longly at Chuck because he IS a hero and she’s still attracted to him.

      It reminds me of what she said to Roan in the van during the Seduction. “Some women like men who don’t mind taking a back seat.”

      Well, Chuck’s done for the most part. I can’t wait for Shaw to get his. I no longer care why anymore. I just want it to unfold.

      • I’m with you, kg. All these PLIs are just delaying the inevitable. I almost already don’t care “how” Chuck and Sarah get together, as long as they get together.

        They can work out the “OC” issues later…

  8. After re-watching the last episode, I’ve somewhat revised my opinion of the Shaw/Walker dynamic. I still believe that Sarah is deeply in love with Chuck, but she worries about him becoming a real spy, and worries that her affection for him might one day get him killed. I think her attempt at something romantic with Shaw is merely to encourage Chuck to move on with his life. I also think she is very lonely. For Chuck’s part, I think Sarah will always be his number 1 girl. He thought of Sarah (and Shaw) before Hannah, when he gave Casey the antitoxin. He ran to Sarah first, before Hannah, even though Sarah was with Shaw and Hannah alone.

    I still think Shaw is going to betray them all, in the end.

    • Hmm I agree somewhat with what you are saying.

      If they don’t kill him off though the will have to get a new Castle.

  9. BTW–I think there IS a plan here-and that Sarah very likely isn’t into Shaw for real. But the writers should have let the audience in on that. Also, it doesn’t explain the quick turnaround in Chuck’s feelings for Sarah, that they had him so easily just put those aside.

    • I think that what you guys are saying is true and don’t forget Shaw is going to get knocked out by chuck it was in a spoiler i saw online when he told chuck you had your chance and Sarah was just looking on.

  10. I think Hannah works for Shaw. Don’t buy her suddenly at Buy More. Also think our gal Sarah does Not trust Shaw & is trying to protect Chuck by finding out what is Shaw up to.

  11. I’m like 99.9% positive shaw is not who he pretends to be. In his first episode he, sarah, and chuck were talking and he said emotions make a spy vunerable, but then all of a sudden he has an epiphany and starts having feelings for sarah?! He pulls a complete 180º in a matter of days. Maybe sarah’s catching on to that, like how he seems to know everything about them, like how he knew she went off grid with Bryce’s ashes WAY before their mission started. It’s like she knows he’s always watching now, hence how he knew how she likes her coffee and the swizel stick chewing thing. She’s a trained seductress, so maybe she’s trying to break him down to find out just who he really is. Also, for the past 2 years they’ve been dealing with fulcrum, and then the Ring shows up. Now, even the general never heard of them, but shaw’s an expert on them for years and he’s just telling the general now?

    So anyway, I think that’s sarah’s plan for now. She has to push Chuck away to make it look like she’s starting to get interested in Shaw, knowing he’s watching her all the time, just so she can expose him for who he truely is as a means of protecting chuck.
    Sarah’s exact words-” Trust me, I’ll never let anyone hurt you.”

    And the old saying- ” Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

    This is all just my theory. =)

  12. What are they trying to do, Kill the show?
    Sarah for Hannah?
    Chuck are you absolutely stupid?

    • Have to agree with those who find the whole Sarah/Chuck/Shaw/Hannah/Morgan -triangle utterly lame and not interesting.

      Sarah and Chuck has been jumping on and off with their relationship for 2 seasons now, to continue with this even in season 3, especially after they got SO close in the end of season 2, is stupid. (sorry, but that’s what it is – STUPID). This is how the O.C got ruined…

      Gonna hope Shaw/Hannah are bad guys or something, and that Sarah/Chuck just pretends to like Shaw/Hannah and that they will still end up being together at the end.

      If not, my Chuck-watching time is over.

  13. I noticed the same thing as you,kg. When Chuck said to Sarah,”if I had to see you with someone else, at least it was a hero” (or words to that effect). And Sarah said “what can I say…I have a type”. I am sure she was thinking more of Chuck than Shaw at that point. It was pretty evident to me when she was looking at Chuck as he was leaving. How many times has she told Chuck that he IS a hero.
    I too think that Sarah is just pretending to be interested in Shaw to find out more about him. She is too smart and very guarded with her feelings to be so “into” him so quickly. AND I think Shaw is not who he seems to be, same goes with Hannah.
    I am looking forward to see what comes up next for the ‘gang’. I have high hopes that we will see more of Team Bartowski….I miss them.

    • Me too. Can’t wait to see Shaw gone and Team B back in the field 🙂 So long, drama!

      Anyway, this theory (that Chuck/Hannah and Sarah/Shaw is only a plan) has become realy popular. Who came up with that, btw?

      I’m hoping for it so badly that if it happens to be false, my heart is going to break…

  14. So who is this dangerous assassin? There are spoilers from other sites that the true identity of Sarah will be revealed in this episode, so is she the the dangerous assassin? Why do I have a feeling that it’s Shaw. Because it gets me to think that there must be a reason why Chuck punches Shaw in this episode when he has approved him for Sarah from the previous episode. oh well still have to wait til March, hope the upcoming episode is worth the wait!

  15. I have a theory that Shaw tripped that booby trap in the mask on purpose. I think he knew it was there and had taken the counter-agent before hand. I know he has a lot more body mass than Sarah, but c’mon… once you shoot out a window, throw a 125 lb blonde across your shoulder, and race across town… all bets are off. That should have been more than enough to counter-act the difference in body mass.

    My bet is Sarah knows something is up and that’s why she changed her tune so quickly once she’d been gassed. She’s decided to play the player.

    • I think you are right. When Chuck mentioned to Sarah about Shaw carrying her on his back while they were in danger, Sarah had this look on her face. A look that read, “that’s bulls–t.” LOL She was smiling until he said that and momentarily stopped.

      When the gas was released and Chuck told Casey that they were on their way back to the museum, he looked at Sarah to reassure her that everything will be fine. Sarah had a look on her face to me that read, “don’t leave me with this crazy guy.” LOL

      And we all know, gas doesn’t make Sarah truthful, but she was truthful to Shaw. Either she was OOC or she is being a great spy.

      I think right now Sarah is taking one for the team…hopefully. haha

      I hope your theory is right. 3.07 would be better for me.

  16. I just liked the dynamics of the Cast prior to Shaw and Hannah coming onboard. I miss the Chuck and Sarah that we knew in season’s 1 and 2.

  17. I am thinking that Hanah is a spy possilby from the Ring to get close to Chuck to see if he is some one they need to worry about. Either that or someone Shaw sent in to take care of him so Shaw could go after Sarah.

    Also, Sarah is seeing Chuck try to be the BIG spy when she does not want him to loose what makes him Chuck.

    I am somewhat dissapointed how the story arc is moving at this point. I had expected more of the same as the past seasons. I do not know if the writers have changed or what but things seem far off what I loved about the show. Hopefully working to save the show will be rewarded to the fans.

  18. Part of me is hoping that Sarah and Shaw do remain professional but at the same time I think Shaw is just what Sarah and Chuck need to WTF… wake the… up!!! They both feel for each other and, thus far, their relationship has had a natural progression that has allowed both character development and intrigue.

    I also think that Shaw is actually a member of the Ring who has gone rogue and isn’t as nice as he appears and that Sarah will find out, chuck will be forced to kill keeeeeeeeeeeeel Shaw and rescue Sarah at the nick of time… but don’t quote me on that!

  19. I see a pattern in the seasons. First few episodes, they break up. As in season 2 and now in season 3. Then come the PLI’s to spice things up. In season 2, I believe it was also the sixth and seventh episode that Jill was introduced. The only diference now is that the PLI’s for both Chuck and Sarah are happeneing at the same time. Coincidence? I think not.

    There are theories out there about Hannah and Shaw not being who they seem. I think that they are who they seem, and Hannah is interested in Chuck. I think Chuck, like in other seasons, is so heartbroken over Sarah that he feels he should step away from the romance and let the relationship heal and repair without doing any more damage.

    I think Sarah is now also heartbroken not only at the fact that Chuck has rejected her in Progue, but now with Hannah. She won’t say anything because she is afraid of rejection once again. She doesn’t want to apear weak and vulnerable by begging for Chuck, again. So, she is desperate to move on and she sees the opportunity with Shaw.

    Chuck and Sarah are the jealous type, an that shows. Sarah is jealous of Chuck, and now she is using Shaw to make Chuck jealous. They are both looking for closure, even though they don’t really want it. Which, to me, shows not only that th writers are sticking to the characters they had originally created, but also explains why Sarah is planning to reject Shaw in the upcoming episode.

  20. I personally think that Shaw or General Beckman work for the ring. Maybe Shaw was a rogue ring agent, or maybe he is still ring, getting close to sarah to kill her. In the end I think that Chuck will become jealous of shaw and Sarah, and take sarah back, and Morgan will get hannah, since he likes her. Sahw will probably end up dead or shipped off to a new assignment somewhere else. Thats what I think

  21. Shaw leaves in episode 9. IMDB has him in for 5 episodes and the last one being episode 9.

  22. Hi guys, forget about chuck and sarah. They are history. Chuck! be a man. Don’t be phatetic. You r a spy, have intereset 2.0, you can be/do whoever/whaterver u want. Many fishes in the Ocean. Sarah has rejected u. You have tried ur best to win her in season 1 and season 2. U have given lots of reasons to sarah why u can’t follow her: to be a spy and can’t leave your sister, family and friends. Sarah still chose a Man who she knows nothing about and in a short time. Again chuck: Many fishes in the OCEAN.