Friday Five: Annoyingly Vague Post-Olympics Spoilers

And now for something slightly different. Instead of answering questions this week, I’m going to give you a glimpse at what to expect when Chuck returns post-Olympics. It’s the Friday Five Annoyingly Vague Spoilers edition!

  1. Someone seeks a career change; someone else gets one.
  2. The show goes international. Again.
  3. A feint and a double-cross keep our heroes on their toes.
  4. A pair of related deaths will have major repercussions.
  5. The pasts of two characters come back to haunt them. Subway is a place of comfort for one.

Think you know what the spoilers mean? Speculate away!

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  1. what?? i cant think what is the spoilers meaning….

  2. 1) I’m willing to bet that at least one involves Casey (we’ve already heard that in a future episode Casey comes to see the Buy More may be his future)

    2) Sweet. I REALLY want to see the spy side of the show get out of California every now and then. It’s been a real stretch that EVERYTHING in the spy world seems to happen in the Los Angeles area….

    3) I’m almost certain that Shaw is part of the double-cross. His behavior at the end of Mask just seemed so ominous.

    4) Without knowing WHO is dying it’s almost impossible to speculate.

    5) We already know we’re getting a major figure from Casey’s past in the next 3-4 episodes, so I’m sure he’s one of them. For the second my money is on either Sarah or Shaw. As for Subway, that sounds like a typically off-the-wall Casey response.

  3. I think number 5 is for Sarah because Yvonne said that in 3×08 will find out her real name.

  4. Thanks Mel!

    When it comes to there are we talking about the original 13 episode arc or after?

  5. You post these with 17 more days still til the next episode.
    Are you tryin’ to kill me?
    Seriously just shoot me in the head why don’t cha,
    Put me out of my misery!!!

    Oh and number 5 has to involve Big Mike right?

    • LOL I know how you feel. Mel. You only give me more reason to go mad. URG! I’ve been stuck rewatching seasons 1 & 2 and whatever eps from season 3 are still available over and over again. I have practically memorized every Chuck line there ever was. I am going crazy.
      As to the fifth spoiler my bet is that it Casey and Shaw who haver their pasts haunting them. 🙂 Please let Shaw die soon. TEEHEE Hey, is there a spoiler anywhere where we no Zach is shirtless or wet or even better both on one of the eps of Chuck? I mean we get to see Shaw shirtless so why not Chuck. 😉

  6. speculate? I know nothing! :/ just know that in 5. one is Sarah because Yvone mentioned it somewhere..

  7. 1. Sarah Lancaster said Ellie will have a job opportunity
    5. the “haut them” part exclude Sarah IMO, i knew about Casey, the other character can be Shaw (now the ring knows he’s alive)

  8. For the record, a feint is a maneuver designed to distract or mislead, done by giving the impression that a certain maneuver will take place, while in fact another, or even none, will.

  9. 1. Chuck could seek a career change. He doesn’t want to work at the Buy More anyway.

    3. A double-cross could mean either Shaw or Hannah turns on Team Bartowski.

    4. Shaw has several appearances left to make in the show, so my guess is, one of these deaths is Hannah.

    5. Casey or Sarah and Big Mike. The part about Subway makes me think Big Mike is involved somehow.

    • Hannah doesn’t die. It’s already been said in a past interview that they were impressed with her and would like to have her back on the show.

  10. 1. For desiring career change, I cannot see Jeff and Lester at the Buy More forever…they have Jeffster. As for getting the career change, I thought I heard Ellie will be getting a job closer to the spy world soon?
    2. Where is the show going? Will Chuck be able to leave the plane?
    3. This is tough. I cannot decide if Shaw would double-cross his team to get the Ring or not. Perhaps Hannah betraying Chuck in 3.08 either because she has a deal with the assassin he’s impersonating, or she is the real assassin. As for feinting, well, I thought Shaw did that already in 3.05 by telling Chuck he had a mission in Paris when in fact it was on the flight itself, so I think it will be Shaw doing the feint. Who the victim is this time I cannot guess, but Sarah seems a likely candidate as she and Shaw are closer now.
    4. Are the deaths about to happen, or they have happened already?
    5. Since I saw spoilers regarding more exploration of Sarah and Casey’s past, it could very well be these two who have their past actions haunt them. And Casey would go with Morgan to the Subway to drown his sorrows while Morgan cries about Hannah and Anna.

  11. They missed out on the ever-popular “spy hijinks ensue”. 😉

  12. Wow they sound amazing!
    And can anyone answer my question…. If Sarah and Shaw can be together when they are both spies, why cant Chuck and Sarah because Chuck is more a spy than an asset now…… :S

    • Chuck is still learning to control his emotions. If he and Sarah got together now, there relationship would put there lives and the lives of those around them at risk. The new intersect is to dangerous when it is not controlled proberly. That is the reason they are not together yet JeffSter. I hope that answers your question. 🙂

  13. For 3., I think that of course Shaw is the obvious one for the double-cross suspicion, but it might not be. I suspect that Chuck will have to break Hannah’s heart, most likely accidentally, maybe has has to be Sarah’s girlfriend on a mission and Hannah see’s them kissing, so she does something to get at Chuck, unintentionally putting Team Bartowski’s mission and lives on the line.

  14. oops… major typo

  15. 1) Chuck Seeks a career change after Hannah dumps him and takes an elete job and Ellie gets one Amnesty International.

    2) During an International trip Ellie is in danger and Chuck is sent to rescue her, finding out that he is a spy as he safely gets her out of there.

    3) Shaw has to be the one setting up the pretend attack so that he can double cross team bartowski to set up his devious plot, unfortunately he is using Sarah as a PLI and the daughter of a com man aganst Chuck. Chuck then uncovers this and punches him.

    4) Casey will suffer from the deaths of two marines that he looked up to when he found out that they turned rogue and he had to execute them.

    5) Sarah’s past being the daughter of a con man will come back to haunt them being used by shaw to decieve team bartowski to double cross them. Information learned from missions was given in the past to two Marines that casey looked up to when he saw himself heading down the same path he became depressed and comforted himself with subway.

    • Bree is this speculation or all true? if it is true how the H-E-double hocky sticks did you find this out??????

    • Bree, the way you wrote this makes it sound more like an additional spoiler than speculation. Are those things actual spoilers and if they are how in the world did you find them out?

    • Forgot to mention this in the first reply. I would have to agree that Sarah’s past could be involved because considering what Shaw is like, I can see him trying to use that. For the Casey part, I’m not sure. The double-cross could also involve Hannah because 3×08 is her last episode and considering that things couldn’t have been better between her and Chuck in the last 10 minutes of the Mask, something big has to happen quickly that causes them to break up. Maybe she’s the one that gets the career change and therefore has to leave the Buy More, and Chuck, behind.

  16. My guesses:

    For career change, I think Morgan realizes he’s not cut out to be the Ass-Man at the Buy More forever.

    For international: There’s a story involving General Schwartzkopf (First Gulf War) coming up. Our heroes could be heading back to the Middle East.

    Shaw has to be the feint/double cross.

    I don’t believe the deaths involve a major character. I think it involves future guest stars (Robert Patrick and Tony Sorico).

    The past involves Casey and Big Mike. Big Mike goes to Subway for comfort.

  17. The pasts probably refers to Casey and Morgan. Isn’t Ann coming back? That would be his past coming back to haunt him.

  18. Whoa, I meant Anna. Typing slower than I think.

  19. 1. Morgan all the way. The Ass-man is out!
    2. Could be anything. No matter what it will be a fun change.
    3. Sarah pretending to like Shaw (she knows he’s trouble folks – probably a Ring operative) and the double-cross will be against Chuck because Hannah is Shaw’s pawn and Sarah will have to make him think she’s into Shaw to protect him. This will all play out in vs. The American Hero when Chuck kills Shaw getting over his fear of guns once and for all.
    4. The guy the Ring killed in vs. The Mask and Shaw will be the related deaths which will leave Team Bartowski with little to no insider knowledge of the Ring anymore. Tough to battle a group with nobody on the inside.
    5. Anna Woo returns to haunt Grimes and Casey has another vs. The Sensai type episode.

  20. 1.Someone seeks a career change; someone else gets one.
    Sarah wants to be normal, and Casey is dismissed for what he does in 3.10.

    2.The show goes international. Again.
    That’s easy – the Chuck/Sarah train trip in Europe – I’m betting it starts as a couple’s vacation until Chuck flashes on a bad guy.

    3.A feint and a double-cross keep our heroes on their toes.
    The double cross will be Shaw. Not that he is bad, but he has his own agenda and it conflicts with a Team Bartowski mission. Not sure about the feint.

    4.A pair of related deaths will have major repercussions.
    I think it will be the deaths of Sydney and the bad guy in Mask. The repurcusions are for Shaw and Devon. The ring figures out that Sydney was killed by Shaw or that superspy Capt Awesome. Also the ring wouldn’t know Shaw is alive if it weren’t for the bad guy in Mask (cant think of his name off hand).

    5.The pasts of two characters come back to haunt them. Subway is a place of comfort for one.
    I heard Anna is coming back, so I think she will have an affect on Morgan who will take comfort in subway. The other I think is Casey in episode 3.10.The casting calls/spoilers talked about characters from his past.

  21. 1. Someone seeks a career change; someone else gets one.
    Morgan seeks, Hannah gets!

    2. The show goes international. Again.
    European vacation on a train! It would be nice to see Chevy Chase again.

    3. A feint and a double-cross keep our heroes on their toes.
    Chuck leads with his left but punches Shaw with his right. That’s the feint. The double-cross is Casey crossing up Shaw.

    4. A pair of related deaths will have major repercussions.
    Bryce’s death and Eve Shaw’s death have major repercussions. They either unite or separate Sarah & Shaw.

    5. The pasts of two characters come back to haunt them. Subway is a place of comfort for one.
    Toughest one of all! Casey’s past comes to haunt, definitely. But the other? Could be either Sarah or Shaw, but it’s —- Hannah! And she gets to work at the Subway.

  22. 1.Someone seeks a career change; someone else gets one.
    I hope Morgan stays put. Unless Big Mike leaves for some reason and Morgan takes over the Buy More? Someone mentioned that Ellie might have a new job. Any excuse to give Sarah Lancaster more airtime is cool. Maybe Ellie will become pregnant with a baby awesome and have to scale back her work load?

    2.The show goes international. Again.
    Harry Tang?!!!?

    3.A feint and a double-cross keep our heroes on their toes.
    I’d expect to see Shaw in both of these. If he splinters Team Bartowski then the Ring can go after Chuck. Or are they after someone else?

    4.A pair of related deaths will have major repercussions.
    Maybe Emmitt’s death will be questioned? Does Emmitt have a family that misses him? Could Casey be investigated for the cover up? Sydney and Emmitt were both killed in back of the Buy More. Could forensics discover trace evidence of both?

    5.The pasts of two characters come back to haunt them. Subway is a place of comfort for one.

    One must be Sarah. The other…Anna returning for Morgan? Big Mike’s ex wife returning? Awesome’s brief run as a spy haunting him? It would be funny to see Sarah take comfort in Subway. (No black olives though!)

    • Speaking of Ellie, did anyone notice that at the end of Chuck vs The Angel of Death When Ellie spoke to Awesome right before he was kidnapped she told him to hurry home because she had a surorise for him? We haven’t found out what that surprise was. Could it be that she is already pregnant?

    • “Sydney and Emmitt were both killed in back of the Buy More.” Emmitt yes, but if you are refering to Sydney the female Fulcrum agent from the vs. The Beefcake episode that was not the back of the Buy More. It was a warehouse of some sort.

  23. Well if all of these things happen by the end of Episode 13, then Anna has nothing to do with it at all, because I think it was said before that she wasn’t going to come back until the last 6. What I’m not sure of is if Sarah is playing Shaw. I think she really does kind of like him. I haven’t seen any reason for her to believe that he is a Ring operative.

  24. After looking at the cast list for Chuck vs. the Tic Tac, I now wonder if Casey will discover that he’s a father. His girlfriend from 20+ years ago ends up paying him a visit, and I think she’ll reveal that he sired her daughter, Alex. Maybe Col. Keller threatens to harm the women if the NSA agent doesn’t help him carry out some nefarious plan. When Casey refuses, a fight ensues that results in the death of Keller.

    I know I’m probably wrong, but I thought I’d venture a guess.

  25. I think that Sarah is just doing this to see what motives Shaw has, like when Shaw tested her when Chuck was on his solo mission.

  26. I’m answering the above spoilers to what my personal opinions are. I just want it to be known that I didn’t read any before comments before writing my opinions.

    1. I’m thinking that Awesome wants a career change and that Morgan is the one who gets it.
    2. Well, the show is international all the time, so it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.
    3. and 4. I don’t really have an opinion thus far on these vague spoilers
    5. I’m thinking Lou bought her own Subway shop and is returning. The other person who I think is returning is Anna since the only reason she was written out of the first 13 eps was due to a schedule conflict.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for March 1 for a new episode! In fact I’ve been having mini Chuck marathons for the past 2 days. (Half way through season 2)

    • I’ve read the comments now, and I think now it’ll be Awesome or Ellie who want a career change. My reasons for Awesome is that he’s had enough adrenaline to last him a lifetime and doesn’t want to be an ER surgeon anymore. My reasons for Ellie is because she may be pregnant and of comment from earlier who said that Sarah Lancaster has said that Ellie will have a job oppurtnity. I still think it’s Morgan who gets the career change as he will become a spy with Chuck as his handler.

      I read a few weeks ago about Sarah and Chuck spying on someone in a train in Europe, but I forgot that when I wrote my last comment.

      The feint I think will have to do with Chuck which I think will be something like making a plan with Sarah and Casey to do something, then make a second plan with Shaw. This idea could lead to Shaw being the double crosser.

      The related deaths are still a complete mystery to me, even though I’ve read a bunch of spoilers and casting calls. But if I had to venture a guess, I’d say that someone will be killed in upcoming episodes to with poison or something and the poison used was stolen by a rogue spy from the CIA who switched over to The Ring.

      The past of 2 characters come back to haunt them. Well, if Big Mike is involved, then it would be either his ex-wife or ‘The Lady Tang’ to mess up his relationship with Morgan’s mom. I still believe that Lou is involved with the Subway thing though, who would be from Chuck’s past. I was thinking about this earlier this morning that Morgan’s dad and Chuck’s mom haven’t had much said about them, so either of them could come into the show.

  27. For the related deaths, Bryce might be one of them. I don’t know if the deaths have already happened or if they’re going to happen. Bryce would make sense because of how Sarah told Shaw near the end of the Mask “we both know how dangerous this is”. That could also tie in to Sarah’s past because of how Bryce betrayed her and went rogue.

  28. 1) Chuck looks for a new job, Ellie gets a new job
    2) Could be anywhere
    3) Casey’s old time commander is the double cross, not sure about the feint
    4) related deaths hmm could be tough, but I think its Shaw and Bryce. They relate because Sarah liked both of them and they both die. This causes her to not want to date other spies anymore
    5) Casey is obviously one of them. As for the other I would say it is Shaw just so we can get more insight on his character. If not then it is going to be Sarah

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