SPOILERS: Episode 3.17 Title Revealed

Ali Adler answered some fan questions on Twitter today and revealed that Chuck episode 3.17 was written by newcomers Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc and is titled “Chuck vs. the Living Dead.” Creepy!

Ali also noted that she co-wrote episodes 3.02, 3.14 and 3.18, and wrote our next episode, 3.08 “Chuck vs. the Fake Name.”

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  1. By the use of the term “living death” which means a period of constant pain and suffering, I assume something bad or sad occurs in this episode. I bet it is something really emotionally difficult for Chuck to handle….. like a death of a loved one perhaps.

  2. Is anyone else thinking Bryce? It’s kind of unlikely, but who knows *shrugs shoulders*

    • That was actually my first thought. I always thought The Ring had some sort of way to bring people back because of that one guy that kept showing up in episodes after he would get totally messed up in the episode before and be left for dead, and The Ring has Bryce since they took him away before Chuck stopped the others in the intersect room last season. So it’s possible…

    • That was actually my first thought. I always thought The Ring had some sort of way to bring people back because of that one guy that kept showing up in episodes after he would get totally messed up in the episode before and be left for dead, and The Ring has Bryce since they took him away before Chuck stopped the others in the intersect room last season. So it’s possible…

      Also when Bryce was originally thought to be dead, he showed back up in that weird capsule thing they thought was a bomb and that was from Fulcrum.

  3. Shaw perhaps??Cause I remember of some pictures of Chuck VS The American Hero with Chuck carrying Shaw, maybe he was dead, maybe he wasn’t.
    By the way, I’m from Brazil and I’m aa big fan of Chuck.

  4. Maybe its shaw’s wife, EVe?? Maybe The Ring ressurected her and used her against team bartowski and shaw??

    • Interesting idea. My first thought was Bryce but this seems more likely especially considering the extension of Routh’s contract.

      • Routh’s extension was for episodes up until 3×13, it’s been confirmed that will be his last episode. Also, both Josh Schwartz and Ali Adler has confirmed that Bryce is dead for good this time, so it will most likely not have anything to do with either of them.

      • Maybe I missed a confirmation on episode count but Ausiello posted last week that in an interview with Schwartz & Fedak that Routh’s contract was extended again for an unspecified number of episode. The episode 3×13 info was from before this came out suggesting he’ll be there past 3×13.

  5. A quick google search reveals that Ali’s written some of my favorite episodes: Chuck vs the Wookie, Chuck vs the Truth(Loved Ellie’s humor in this one), Chuck Versus the Cougars, Chuck Versus the Best Friend (Great Morgan stuff and first Jeffster!), Chuck vs the Broken Heart, and she co-wrote the Ring finale.

    Any episode Ali writes is gold IMO.

    As for the Living Dead…Shaw’s wife is a good bet. I’m not sure if Bomer is available while shooting White Collar for USA. Or maybe it’s some kind of video game reference? Who knows. The title will probably have a few different meanings for different characters.

  6. I think it’s Shaw. By the way, Ali just Tweeted that 3.18 will be titled Chuck vs. The Subway. Finally gonna promote the $5 footlongs.

    • Will Team B have a mission in New York? Maybe they would come across Jack Bauer. Casey v. Bauer would be interesting.

  7. It could also be Chuck and Ellie’s mother. At some point this season, they may find out that she’s dead, and then in this episodes, they could be surprised to find out she’s still alive and being held by the Ring. Remember that Scott Bakula will be back on the show at this time. So, as part of the story, our heroes could rescue her and reunite Chuck’s parents.

  8. I think Eve Shaw is a really good bet. But episodes usually have double meanings (like Chuck vs. The Ring) or mean something unexpected (like Chuck vs. the First Kill), so there’s a chance we won’t even be able to guess what it means.

    Bryce is definitely dead for good, b/c the writers said so and Sarah talked about bringing his ashes to Lisbon.

    The lack of continuity with the fate of Chuck and Ellie’s mom really irritates me. In Season 1 they said she died (hence the whole Mother’s Day thing), but in Season 2 they said she left them when they were 10. So…when their dad left, he just left two teenage kids alone at home? Anyway, yeah, I guess it could be her.

    • In season one they never said that Chuck and Ellies mom were dead, they just said that mothers day was the anniversary of the day their mom left them, they never actually say she died. I also dont think this will have anything to do with eve shaw as brandon routh’s last episode as shaw is 3.13 i find it weird that they would do an episode about his wife 4 episodes after hes done with the show.

  9. Maybe Papa Bartowski gets killed. That would be so sad. I think the Shaws wife theory is a no. What’s the point of bringing her in this if Shaw is gone by Episode 13. I doubt that writers will bring in Mama Bartowski but that’s just my feeling.

    • As far as I know, it hasn’t been confirmed that Shaw if finished by Ep13. In the interview by Ausiello with Schwartz, they mentioned that Routh’s stay was extended.

      That says to me that Shaw character has been extended into the extra 6 episodes. That sucks, but what can a person do. At this point, I’m not sure why Routh wasn’t given opening show credit. He will have been in more episodes than all but Adam, Yvonne, and Levi.

  10. i think if shaw is still around till this episode it will be in reference to his wife, if not then it could mean absolutley anything

  11. I think it will be Agent Vincent. After all, just when you think you’ve got that guy, he shows up again.
    He was shot, poisoned, blown up in a helicopter, run over by a car, then blown up in an air strike.

  12. what is so interesting, in a not good way, is the fact that they thought it was a good idea to have a Sarah love interest (Shaw) around for basically the entier episode. Because the season was extended to 19 eps people aren’t going as crazy as they really should–what if this season ended with ep 13? And for the ENTIRE 3rd season, Chuck and Sarah weren’t in any way together or happy. Oh wait..that was Season 1 and 2 as well. I think it was a bad call to extend his eps and the direction they went in this season overall is disappointing. Don’t tell TPTB though..they are convinced they are absolutely giving us what we NEED.

  13. Oops that was supposed to say “around for the entire SEASON”

  14. My first guess is Vincent . After all we didn’t see him die for sure and since Roark certainly survived the drive in bombing there’s a greater than average chance Vincent did. Plus the room he was in during Predator was the exact same one used by the Ring just without the giant circle lit up so it’s a good chance that he was a Ring agent primarily just assigned to be a member of Fulcrum.

    2cd guess would be Mama B. Maybe found stuck in a chamber like Bryce was but she was kidnapped and accidentally warehoused and misfiled (like Mel Gibson’s character in Forever Young) and found by Team Chuck. That would make it where she really didn’t leave them , the bad guys just took her and made it look like she left so the cops wouldn’t be called and Orion’s bosses wouldn’t be suspicious. However before they could execute thier plan her tube was lost due to a paperwork error and she was shipped to one of thier long term storage warehouses as something else.

    Mama Bartowski would be understandably confused because her children have grown up without her and her husband is much older than her.

  15. Anyone else thinking Emmett? Schwartz and Fedak alluded to wanting to bring him back somehow in their interview with Sepinwall a few weeks back…

    • ooh, that’s something I didn’t think of.. I like it!

      • But how?

        S3-Ep01 clearly showed him getting killed with a bullet thru the eye. We know Fulcrum, and I presume the Ring, is good at bringing people back from the edge of the grave, witness Bryce. However, I think it is even beyond their powers to bring someone back from a gunshot through the eye and into the brain.

      • Only Casey knows that Emmett was killed and he never told anyone, so maybe that comes up and everyone finds out.

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