VIDEOS: Previews for Chuck 3.10

North America unites to bring us a pair of Chuck previews for episode 3.10, “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”:

USA! USA! – NBC’s Preview:

Oh Canada! – CTV’s Preview:

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  1. A couple of things to know about this episode.

    1. Obviously, it’s Casey-centered.
    2. Shaw is not in it.
    3. It’s reportedly got some of the best fight scenes of the season.
    4. We’ll learn some big-time secrets about Casey’s background.
    5. Did I mention Shaw is not in it?

  2. Hope Sarah kicks some butt because her fighting has gone downhill in S3. She needs Chuck. We need more Casey. I think Chuck risks his career to save Casey. The Old Chuck is back. Sarah gets this & loves it

    • Just to underline, we need more Casey.

    • That i’ll agree! The old chuck is back and it is going to bring hin and Sarah together professionaly as partners/equals now and hopefully lovers later.

  3. Sarah tells Chuck that he’s risking his spy career by saving Casey. But she did the same to save Chuck when they went AWOL in season 2. Chuck is showing that he learnt his lesson: there are more important things than being a spy. Losing Sarah because he wanted to be a spy was what drove that home. Now he can show her that he’s made this change by rescuing Casey. It will be good to see C&S working together again, as they’ve had very little of this since Prague.

    • Agreed,when it comes to friends and family being in trouble, Chuck has always put that as his first priority. And in saving Casey, Chuck is repaying a debt as well (see vs The Colonel as reference)

  4. its awesome seeing beckman again, tired of shaw’s humongously bushy eyesbrows getting all the screen time.
    team B is back and casey is the main dish, this episode is gonna be EPIC!!!!!

    • Ditto that. Waiting has been torture this week. I’m the only Chuck fan in my family so…. you can imagine.

  5. does anyone know the name of the song ?

  6. This ep. 10 is going to be real good.