SPOILERS: Synopsis for Episode 3.15 (UPDATED)

MSN has a brief (and very early!) synopsis for Chuck episode 3.15, “Chuck vs. the Role Models”, which airs Monday, May 3:

Sarah and Chuck train under Laura and Craig Turner (Swoosie Kurtz and Fred Willard), a married CIA team with an impeccable record but stormy relationship; Casey trains Morgan.

Lots of comedy potential from those last 3 words! Sounds like Chuck and Sarah will be getting more than tactical training, too.

Updated 4.16.10: Here’s NBC’s official synopsis with just a little more information about the episode:

Chuck AND Sarah TRAIN WITH A MARRIED CIA TEAM – FRED WILLARD (“ANCHORMAN”) AND SWOOSIE KURTZ (“PUSHING DAISIES”) GUEST STAR – Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) are assigned to train under Craig and Laura Turner (guest stars Fred Willard, “Anchorman” and Swoosie Kurtz, “Pushing Daisies”), a married CIA team who, despite their impeccable record, hate one another. The Turners’ stormy relationship forces Chuck and Sarah to wonder if they’re doomed with the same fate. Meanwhile, Casey (Adam Baldwin) must train the newest member of the team – Morgan (Joshua Gomez). Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin and Mark Christopher Lawrence also star.

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  1. This episode would be AWESOME.

    • I really dont wanna be a downer but it sounds like this is the episode in which sarah and chuck are gonna “evaluate” their future together. most likely terminating it? but who knows… hopefully not 😀

      • I doubt that JS and CF would bring Chuck and Sarah together just to take them apart again. The viewers would be more mad than when “the Mask” aired.

      • I think it’d be more likely that they would consider quitting the spy world than each other

      • Well quiting the spy world ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. We have six more episodes that equal six more SPY adventures so I don’t think they’ll be quiting yet.

      • No, I think the situation is more like, they see that there are is potential for the spy world to suck the life out of their relationship (assuming the Turners have “lost the spark”) if they are not careful. I think in the end, C/S will learn that there is hope for a future together in the spy world, and teh Turners will re-ignite the romance in their relationshp.

      • So in the tradition of titles meaning more than the obvious, Chuck and Sarah could actually be the Role Models for Laura and Craig? I like that. 🙂

      • If TPTB really want to kill Chuck for good, all they need to do is split Chuck and Sarah now. That would drive a stake into the heart of the show, and the fan base.

      • Which is why they won’t.

  2. I have been so excited for this episode ever since I found out that Swoosie Kurtz was guest starring. Hopefully Sarah and Laura will have a good “girl talk” at some point. This episode sounds great.

  3. This sounds like where we see that move pulled off by Chuck and Sarah, when they’re fighting crime like Mr and Mrs Smith 😛 I can’t wait for that 😀

    And I’d love some talk about Chuck and Sarah’s future together 🙂

  4. If Mr & Mrs Turner show themselves to be good spies and an affectionate couple, I could see C&S taking that as a sign that they too could make a good spy couple, but if there’s anything remotely glitchy about the Turners, our heroes are likely going to want to bolt the CIA. What we already know is that if they had to choose, they would rather have each other than the spy life.

  5. I think after seeing how stormy the Turners’ relationship is they will worry that they might end up like them but in the end they’ll see that the Turners still truly love each other even with the up and downs that come with the spy world.

  6. I don’t see TPTB breaking them up, but as JS is often quick to remind everyone, he learned his trade writing teenage soaps. So, while I firmly believe that the C/S romance will continue, the writers are incapable of checking the angst at the door of 3.12/13 and will try to squeeze some out of these last few episodes without, in their opinion, jumping the shark. Hopefully, it will be minimal. As I see it, the show has three, maybe four, episodes to save itself. The angst extreme drove ratings down .5 points to a 1.9. I know that all of this was written and filmed before the epic fall, but at the same time, I think TPTB realized that the show had to evolve/change to something new and resolve the C/S relationship this year. 3.13 was the original end of season 3 and was like a series end. So, putting all of this together, I see some angst, some concern, but ultimate resolution that C/S can be different, but with some tension over whether they will or can continue as spies. The role models serve as the catalyst for this conversation and set up the will they/won’t they continue being spies drama for the remainder of the season.

  7. Spoiler Alert: TV Guide has an interesting tidbit. http://www.tvguide.com/News/MegaBuzz-Chuck-CSI-1017248.aspx

  8. Maybe some training on how to manage being a spy couple? Cause i’m sure there is no breaking up C&S.

  9. Ooo 🙂 sounds like a lot of tension between the spy couples in this one. And Casey training Morgan ? Let the fun and laughs comance Chuckaholics Can’t wait!!!!

  10. Whether the Turners provide a good role model or not there is still some genuinely, great role modeling (with all the ups and downs) in the kind of relationship that Devon and Ellie have shown. So even if the Turners fizzle C/S will have great encouragement and mentoring from the Awesomes.

    • Though we have to remember Devon and Ellie are not without their quirks either. Tho’ they have an excellent relationship that I enjoy.

  11. I just realised that (after watching 3.13 twice) the kissing scene between sarah and chuck is not passionate or hot like previous season 1 & 2. Sarah kiss Bryce, Cole and Shaw is more hot. Is it possible that Zachery Levi and Yvonne does not have good relationship off screen?

    • Geez. We finally get C/S together and people STILL find things to complain aobut…. 🙁

      Their kissing to me seemed more romantic and loving than that of 2 horny kids who only want to jump each other’s bones. And C/S kisses in the past have been just as “hot” as Sarah kissing other boys. TPTB were going for something different with the kisses in 3.13.

    • IMO,they kissed like that because they finally knew it is ‘official’ 🙂

    • Well, I think that she didn’t love any of them and she loves Chuck. I mean at one point she loved Bryce but when we saw Sarah kiss Bryce she didnt love him anymore.


  12. This is madness!!! April 26 can’t come to soon.

  13. Ok I can’t wait for this episode! But all i have to say is that I LOVE Chuck and Sarah together and i’ve been waiting for them to be together for the past 2 seasons. If they break up C/S I will be very angery and disapointed. But I dont think they will because the ratings went up from this last episode with C/S together and thats what this show needs–good ratings.

  14. Wondering why Chuck and Sarah would be require training by a married team if they’re not one? If they’re just a romantic couple, wouldn’t they try to hide that from Beckman? If they are married, it seems to pull together the spoiler clues from the synopsis and promos for 3.14 and 3.15, and the TV guide article. The scene where Beckman finds out ought to be hilarious. As with all previous spoilers for the show, the showrunners and NBC have done a pretty good job at misdirection though.

  15. Looking at the promos this is what i believe:

    Chuck will ask Sarah to move in, but Sarah thinks its too soon, but in the end she will move in.

    In the promo Chuck and Sarah aim their guns at the Turners and also they say the picked the wrong couple to stab in the back, so i think the Turners will use them, and that’s where Chuck and Sarah go find them.

    I believe Chuck and Sarah will still be a happy couple, apart from the moving in situation, which will be resolved at the end, so it looks good.

    Morgan and Casey will be together in this episode as Casey is showing Morgan how to become a real spy and use a gun, but Casey gets frustrated with him, which is where the Action/Comedy and Drama comes in, not to mention Chuck and Sarah, they will also have Comedy/Drama and some action along with loads of Romantic scenes, especially at the end as Sarah will agree to move in.

    This will be another Chuck and Sarah episode as well as a Morgan and Casey one too. Anna is set to return in the episode after this Chuck Vs The Tooth, in my opinion i think she is coming back because she is pregnant (because that is one of the big spoilers, that has been released), she will also be back to be with Morgan….

  16. I hope this is not going to be a giant step backward in Chuck and Sarah’s relationship–if so some people will feel this road to love is too bumpy to ride on any longer. They have had 2 really good episodes(actually great) in a row, I hope they do not screw things up. F&S have done better in 3.13 and 3.14 than I thought they were capable of doing. I wish I had more trust in their creating of storylines. Ryan, I think there is a good chance you are right about Anna. She may not have run away with anyone but just left Morgan thinking he was too immature to be a father. With her fighting expertise perhaps they will turn out to be a happy spy couple.