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Zac Earns Pole Position in Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

Zachary Levi posted the fastest time of all celebrities to earn the buy viagra online site we recommend pole position in the 34th-annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race on Friday, April 16, according to a press release. Zac narrowly beat actors Adrien Brody and www.parunners.com Brian Austin Green in the qualifying race. He led the pack today in what has become the world芒鈧劉s longest-running, most successful celebrity racing event. (Watch for final results later this weekend.) CART Champion Jimmy Vasser finished first among all drivers and won in the Pro category, followed closely by Formula Drift Champion Tanner Foust.

芒鈧揑 did it!芒鈧 said a gleeful Zac at a news conference after the qualifying session. 芒鈧揟his is a great race, with a terrific group of people, that benefits an amazing cause. I can芒鈧劉t describe how pumped I am for tomorrow芒鈧劉s race.芒鈧

See photos of Zac at the race in the Gallery, and watch a short video from Toyota about the race below.

As pole-position winner in the qualifying session, Levi designated his $15,000 donation in conjunction with the lifestyle cheapest viagra in the world 13th-annual People Pole Award to the charity Operation Smile, which works to transform the lives of children who suffer from cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

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  1. Zac finished 3rd among the celebs behind Brian Austin Green and Adrien Brody. When you figure in the Pro drivers, he finished 6th overall.

  2. Sounds like a good charitable cause. A real-life hero as well.

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  4. Isn’t Zach’s last name pronounced the same as “Levi” jeans not “levee” like a dike?

  5. Zac, keeping doing good deeds for good causes, it will only make your life richer. When you can participate in activities that help those less fortunate and have fun too it is a real personal privilege —-now go get us a season 4!