PHOTOS: Chuck Episode 3.15

NBC just released six photos for episode 3.15, “Chuck vs. the Role Models”. Yes, we don’t have photos for Monday’s episode yet, but this gives us a sneak peek at what’s coming up on May 3.

Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski
Bartowski sure cleans up nicely.

Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Swoosie Kurtz star on Chuck
Swoosie Kurtz guest stars as Mrs. Turner in this episode

Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi hiding in a closet on "Chuck vs. the Role Models"
Hiding in a closet? I love this episode already!
Zachary Levi in a tux and Yvonne Strahovski holding a gun on Chuck
Awww, that gun is so cute!
Photo of Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck
Scream like a girl, Chuck!
Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary levi hiding in a closet on Chuck.
Yep, still funny.

“Chuck vs. the Role Models”, guest starring Swoosie Kurtz and Fred Willard, airs Monday, May 3 at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. I love em. I really do!!!!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing the photos.
    Here are my thoughts on each photo.Starting from the top
    1-Chuck does look good in a tux.
    2-Sarah pointing her guy at Mrs. Top-Spy…IS it Mrs. Top Spy?.. Why is Sarah pointing her gun at that woman. What’s that Chuck is holding in his hand?
    3-Time for some spy action and anyone that pops out Sarah will kill with her little gun or maybe just threat cause i don’t think her actual gun would fit in her purse. Do you see how small her purse is?
    4-Sarah’s got the confused look and Chuck is even more confused looking at her. Is that how they meet Mr and Mrs. Top SPY of the CIA?
    5-Wait why is Chuck screaming and not following Sarah? Come on Chuck follow Sarah.
    6-Hiding in the closet again? or is it connected to photo number 3?

  3. in the picture that looks like chuck is just screaming, it seems to me that their both jumping to attack some people; with chuck tossing a rope at them.

  4. Does this bow tie make me look fat?
    I just love my stylistic bathrobe and moon boots drop the Martini or Ill shoot
    And what were you two love birds doing in there?
    Sarah is that a gun?
    Sarah you run I will hold them off with this Garden Hose, It worked for Casey.
    Sarah you go first you have the gun, do you have you bullet proof vest under that dress?

  5. they’re finally doing sarah’s hair pretty again!

    • No kidding? They need to fire the last hairdresser because those dos in 3:13 did not do her any justice whatsoever. She was still pretty though

      • They probably deflated her appearance during eps 1-13 to emphasise the torment she was going through. The whole thing seemed to make her weary, and she looked it. Also they likely didn’t want her to “look good” with Shaw the way that she does with Chuck.

  6. Are the Turners bad? Cause judging from Charah’s behavior, they could be a little shady. Monday can’t come soon enough for my liking. Can’t wait. 🙂

  7. This looks like what we’ve been loooonging for, hoping for – for quite a while this season. More of a “mad cap, light hearted, high spirited fun and frolic romp through the spy world” (as opposed to the heavy, more angsty ride that most of season 3 has been).

    If that ride has been what it takes to get us to where we’re at now. Then so be it. Let’s get as many people as we can to “climb on board” for the Back Six and HOPE, HOPE, HOPE for some kind of renewal for an S4.

    If you know ANYONE who is a Nielsen family, offer to bring them over dinner as long as they turn on their TV to CHUCK on the next 5 Monday Nights!! (And don’t forget SUBWAY, too!).

    Keep your fingers crossed, everybody. And keep spreading the word. It aint’ over til it’s over – and hopefully that won’t be until at least AFTER a Season FIVE!!

    Peace, all. And have a great weekend. Keep on Chuckin’!!!

  8. I love sarah’s uggs

  9. “Scream like a girl, Chuck”

    LOL, this picture is worth a thousand words. And really represents what Chuck is – the super spy in the tux vs the normal guy with the girlish screams.

    I can’t wait to see this scene =D

    • haha this is the epidsode with the TIGER!!!! awwww our good ol’ nerd with girlish screams is back 😀 that was always a funny part of the missions

    • or ” scream like a banshee Chuck” lol.

    • That’s the Chuck who won the girl. Her Chuck. Girlish screams and all. Keep doing what works, Bartowski.

  10. I saw this video from episode 3.15 Chuck vs. The Role Models.
    Cracked me up……Morgan is getting to be more hilarious the more involved he becomes with the spy world.

  11. i Love Chuck Bartowski..!! =D

  12. Everyone just get everyone you know to start watching chuck and then have everyone that they know to start watching chuck and so on. Its no supprise everyone that i have talked to that has not seen chuck has said that they have never seen it advertised, and their right NBC doesnt do advertising for this captin AWESOME of a show. Me and my friends have been doing that and so far so good i have at least converted five families and counting.

    This episode should be great i cant wait these back six should be called the incredible six.

  13. hey i just saw the promo for episode 3×15 and im getting worried, sarahs reaction to chuck asking her to move in wasnt good. poor chuck…..:(

    • i dont think its anything to worry about because if anything we know the F&S love to lead us into different dirrections im more excited to see what brings that hole thing about but who knows that could be the scene or they could have the same scene split it up and put that together idk im just guessing

    • i dont think there is really anything to worry about in all the previews there is always something that is not the way it is shown

    • They want to “have it all”, to keep their spy careers and still be a couple in search of their dream of a “normal life”. Could be that she wants as many of the trappings of normal life in their personal relationship as possible, and that would include getting a better offer from Chuck than merely shacking up. She’s done with her spy habit of playing fast and loose, of having a “lot of stamps on her passport”. Which leads us to “Chuck vs. the Ring, Part Two”.

      • LOL. So they can go at it like rabbits, but she wants to appear respectable by keeping her own apartment? Asking her to move in is a sign of commitment on Chuck’s part and would cut down on any “walks of shame”. It could be that Sarah is averse to being dependent on another person, and giving up her apartment and moving into Chuck’s is difficult for her.

  14. Someone educate me. Obviously, I don’t watch that much television. Just who is Swoozie Kurtz supposed to be. I’ve heard of Fred Willard, even seen him in some TV stuff, but Kurtz? Never heard of her. And if I’ve seen her in something, I don’t remember it or who she played.

    • Swoozie Kurtz!!!!! Dont you know she cameoed in herose in 2009 for two episodes! lol jk hahaha but she was in bubble boy and liar liar 😀

    • Biggest TV role: in NBC’s “Sisters” in the early to mid 1990’s. Most recently played one of the two weird maiden aunts (the one with the eyepatch) on ABC’s “Pushing Daisies”.

  15. Sarahs reaction to chuck was pretty uncouple like. I am freaking out!

    • nobody needs to freak out. did you see the note that the turner’s found later? from the Bartowski’s? there just messing with us.

      • I hope so! Man….. Mondays are sooooo far away!

      • its kinda sad that we are the people, (nerd herders i mean) that can’t wait till monday arrives 😀 but in a good way… I mean its chuck 😀 we should find a way to share the wealth of happiness on monday with, wait for it… the entire world!

  16. all i know is that its going to be epic so im just going to sit back and enjoy and let the show take me back. and to kill the time till monday im going to play some COD MW2. Im not worried about the prieview

  17. tommorow should be fun. Tried to figure out as much as i could with the promo. i amounted to nothing. any guesses on the promo ?

  18. can’t wait to see episode 15…im sooo lovin’ the photos of chuck and sarah!