SPOILERS: Chuck 3.16 Synopsis

NBC released the official synopsis for “Chuck vs. the Tooth”, episode 3.16:

CHUCK THE SPY NEEDS A THERAPIST – CHRISTOPHER LLOYD (“BACK TO THE FUTURE”) GUEST STARS – Chuck (Zachary Levi) struggles with disturbing dreams and now he believes his most recent dream predicts danger for a visiting head of state. General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy), however, is unconvinced and assigns Chuck to meet with a CIA psychiatrist Dr. Leo Dreyfus (guest star Christopher Lloyd). Meanwhile, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) gets surprising news and Anna (guest star Julia Ling) returns to the Buy More to talk to Morgan (Joshua Gomez). Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Ryan McPartlin, Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay also star.

This episode airs Monday, May 10 at 8/7c.

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  1. ANNA’S BACK!!!

  2. Who else thinks the surprising news is a pregnancy?:)
    Not really sure…

    • I’m pretty sure it might be. I read a spoiler a little while ago that said somebody has a child.

    • crimefightsevilwithbatman

      Agreed. Seriously, who says, “I need him to be okay,” with that kind of desperation if said someone is not pregnant? I don’t know, though. I won’t be surprised…at all…if she is, but I won’t be if she’s not. They do like to toy with us. :/
      I thought I read somewhere that someone is preggo, but with Anna coming back randomly, it could be her. OR Ellie. But, I think it would be Sarah. Surely, they’d be smart enough for everyone (characters, I mean) to think it’s Ellie, but it turn out to be Sarah. THAT would be interesting. haha. Chuck could finally tell HER to stay in the car! lol. Seriously, though, if someone’s preggo, I’d say it’s Anna…

      Super stoked about Christopher Lloyd, though!!! I love that man! Although, I guess, I said the same about Fred Willard and was a bit disappointed with that. 🙁 We shall see. j

  3. could be a pregnancy… or if it’s about Awesome, cause in the promo he looks ill or hurt so we’ll have to see.

    I hope these dreams aren’t reminesent (sp?) of Heroes. The Intersect 2.0 is power enough for Chuck.

    • Not like Heroes but Chuck’s dreams may be the intersect putting together information and putting out speculation as a dream rather than a flash. For example connections that are a certainty come out as a flash, high probability connections come out as a dream.

  4. OMG! My favorite TV show and one of my favorite actors in one? HEAVEN!!!!!

  5. Could the surprising news for Ellie be that her brother is a spy? She’s the last person close to him who doesn’t know.

  6. Ellie will be the last to found out, p[rolly when the series will be wrapping up (not soon i hope :)) and i like the idea of the intersect putting together info and analize it, making Chuck think of some strange dreams or predictions.

  7. The psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Dreyfus, has to be a nod to the movie What About Bob, where the psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin is played by Richard Dreyfuss. Hopefully the similarity stops with the name! Can’t wait for this one, and I kinda hope Ellie is pregnant. Would love to see Uncle Chuck in Season 4.

    • Couldn’t you see Casey as Uncle Buck?! (You wrote Uncle Chuck and it rhymed with Buck…lol)

    • Devon and Ellie have been married for two years now it’s high time they had a little Woodcomb running around the place. He/she could have uncles in Chuck, Casey and Morgan, and a doting aunt in Sarah. That would be awesome I love that idea.

    • wow you caught that too!!! we need Bill murray now 🙂 OH and christopher walken for some more cow-bell

      • Yes, Bill Murray would be awesome! He could reprise his “spy” character from “The Man Who Knew Too Little”. That would be pretty hilarious.

  8. Anna! Come back for good Anna. You were so missed this season!

  9. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1631530/fullcredits#cast

    looking at Imdb it shows that Casey’s daughter comes back for the final two episodes doesn’t show anything about his ex fiance. and it shows the kids that are supposed to be young chuck and ellie and I think they look kinda like them.

    • How cool would it be if the new love interest that someone gets (from a previous spoiler) was Casey’s daughter and Morgan? ha?

      • That would be awesome! she is in the last couple of episodes. I would love what casey would say to morgan like if you touch my daughter you lose your favorite body part.

  10. I think it would be “awesome” if Ellie & Devon had a kid, and agree that it would lend itself to lots of funny and endearing moments. I bet we’d get to see a whole new side of Casey, for example!

  11. Good work, keep us posting, you are good writer.

  12. is it going to have a fourth season;because if its not the case we shall have h happy ending at this season finale.
    chuck and sarah together,elli and devon back with a child,morgan with anna and casey with his family.
    wouldn^t that be awesome;

    • True if they end the show they should give us a real ending not somthing that leaves us hanging but I want more!!! we need like 5 more seasons 😀

      • true indeed we need at least one more season to wrap things up. There’s still a lot we don’t know, like Mama B, what happened to her? will we see her at some point?
        Sarah’s own mom as well, and we don’t know about Casey’s parents either. A new villain as well, sure the Ring is evil and well get eviler still from what I hear, but how about the Team’s own Government, that would make a great story. if it became corrupted and the Team didn’t know who to trust…

  13. This seems like it going to be a great ep. I mean seriously. Christopher Llyod peplz. It has to be good. Also the whole Chuck going crazy is a VERY interesting storyline.

  14. Did anyone see the promo? Sarah at the end was so heart breaking!!!

  15. I am not familiar with the movie “What about Bob”. However, anything with Christopher Lloyd has got to be good. Anybody ever check out his character Reverend Jim from “Taxi”. Absolutely golden. Would love to see this show get picked up for another season. It’s not the typical TV fare and the show is not afraid to evolve. Come on NBC. Show us you know what you are actually doing at that network.