Chuck Flash Mobs Coming To Seattle, San Diego, Chicago & Philadelphia!

Last week we called on Chucksters to participate in flash mobs set for Monday, May 3 in various cities across the U.S. Based on the response we received and some logistical issues, we’ve confirmed mobs in three four cities (Philly is on!), picked our team leaders, and are ready to roll!

Updated 9:30PM: Hey look, we’re famous!

Updated 04.30.10: Philadelphia is a go!

When & Where

If you have not yet notified us that you’d like to participate, please do so immediately! There are a couple of things you’ll need to do in advance for this to be effective, so you must contact us first.

Millennium Park by the Bean (aka Cloud Gate – Michigan Ave between Monroe & Randolph)
Meet at 12:15PM Central

Seattle Center in front of the Space Needle (400 Broad Street)
Meet at 12:15PM Pacific

San Diego
Horton Plaza Park (on Broadway between 3rd & 4th; look for the Buy More flag)
Meet at 12:15PM Pacific

Philadelphia – IT’S ON!
Updated 04.30.10:
The parks dept gave us a resounding “NO WAY!” in response to our request for permission to rally in Philly.

Updated (again) 04.30.10: Philly Chuck fans are creative, smart, and passionate, and they’ve found a solution for a gathering that should keep everyone happy. Chuckadelphia is on! Participants will meet at the Subway at 400 Market Street at 11:40AM. Sign up below to get complete details.

I Want To Mob!

Again, if you want to participate, we’d love to have you, but you must contact us in advance! We have a special video for you to download and there is a dress code. Contact us no later than Sunday, May 2, so we can send you the details and put you in touch with your mob leader.

**Sign ups for participating are now closed. Stay tuned for reports from the various mobs!**

I Don’t Live There!

Not in one of the mob cities? Don’t fret, we have a plan for virtually anyone to be part of an online mob! Show the world (and NBC) just how much you love Chuck, please tweet out the following message on Monday between noon and 1pm (in your local time zone).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please do not “tweet” multiple times!  Tweet once in support.  This is not about spamming the community or cause a Twitter stoppage but about showing YOUR support for Chuck.

Sample tweets:

@NBC – We want more #CHUCK! Give us another season of flashes and fun. The world’s safety depends on it! #FlashChuck

#CHUCK rules! @NBC show your love for CHUCK and the fans will show their love back. We want a 4th season! #FlashChuck

Good stuff continues to happen with the mobs/rallies/whateveryouwanttocallthem, so keep an eye on the site and our Twitter account for updates! In the meantime, have you submitted an ad for Chuck: Declassified yet?

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  1. I’m not near any of these cities but if I were I would be alerting at least the NBC station in each city of these activities and ask if they could send out a news crew. Any other newspaper or media outlet could potentially send a reporter if they were contacted ahead of time.

  2. I wish I could go, but there is no way I can get out of work to do this!

  3. I’m still at school and will not be able to join the mob at Philly (if all things go as planned), but I am with you in spirit. Think about the success Chuck would have in Philly if cheesesteaks were incorporated into the show…

  4. There have been plenty of flash mobs in Philly for a cause, completely separate from the more riot-like mobs, so I really hope it gets approved. Nothing like spreading Chuck love in Love Park!

  5. I would love to go to San Diego for this, but it is too far for me and my Nerd Herder to be able to make it.

  6. I live in Chicago but school doesnt end til the week after!!!! Lets do another mob in Chicago the following week!

  7. why not in burbank where it’s actually stationed? interesting choice of cities is all. wish i could go.

  8. No Dallas? No Austin? SuperSadFace. 🙁

  9. If not Burbank, in Woodland Hills where the old Sears is that they use for the external shots of the buymore.

    • We chose San Diego for a variety of reasons, but it’s nice to know people in other cities want mobs. If we have a reason to organize them again, we know who to call!

  10. How about this for support–I’m coming in from St. Louis for this! Since I can never make the WonderCon in San Fran, thanks for having this event around the country. I’m glad I can finally get to do some kind of fun get-together with other Chuck fans, and we get to support the show to boot! Thanks for all your hard work and effort in arranging this.

  11. Will you be doing this again in a couple of weeks before the finale? I would gladly do it because I’m from Philly, but I am not there right now. I am about to get out of college in North Carolina. Its really unfortunate because I’m going to be back on the 6th.

  12. i have no idea what time that is in Australia.. but i have a feeling that i’ll be at school… i might have to tweet it a little earlier.

  13. Is there any other way besides twitter
    Because I dont use twitter can we put it up on facebook

  14. The flash mobs got mentioned on a major radio station (PLJ) in NYC a little while ago (heard it on my way home in the car)! Chuck fans RULE!

  15. Brazil love chuck