Join the Chuck TWITTER Mob!

We know not everyone can participate in the live flash mobs, but Chuck fans are an online force to be reckoned with, so we’ve come up with a way for virtually anyone to participate!

Fans across the country will rally on Monday, May 3, to show support for one of the most awesome shows on TV by staging flash mobs. If you can’t make the mob but want to participate and show the world (and NBC) just how much you love Chuck, please tweet out the following message on Monday between noon and 1pm (in your local time zone). International fans, use the World Clock to figure out when noon-1pm Eastern/Central/Mountain/Pacific is in your area.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please do not “tweet” multiple times!  Tweet once in support.  This is not about spamming the community or cause a Twitter stoppage but about showing YOUR support for Chuck.

Sample tweets:

@NBC – We want more #CHUCK! Give us another season of flashes and fun. The world’s safety depends on it! #FlashChuck

#CHUCK rules! @NBC show your love for CHUCK and the fans will show their love back. We want a 4th season! #FlashChuck

Note: If your server or Twitter is busy during this time, please keep trying. And don’t forget to join in the Chuck episode discussion later that night!

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  1. Your Monday is My Tuesday…so do I tweet on (my) Monday or Tuesday?

    • To be effective, it needs to be with the rest of us, so on our Monday, your Tuesday.

      I need a nap. 😛

  2. Hi Mel:

    According to your article, the Twitter Flash Mob is scheduled for Monday, May 3, 2010 noon – 1 pm the Twitter’s individual time zone.

    @TheLiveFeed article calls for it to happen noon – 1 pm PST.

    Is there any way of clarifying this mixup?

    Thank you and I’m looking forward to a fun Monday.


    • The mobs are happening 12-1PM local time, which participants know. THR just got his signals mixed.

  3. i have no idea what time that is in Australia.. but i have a feeling that i’ll be at school… i might have to tweet it a little earlier

  4. Mel;
    How about something for us non-tweeters (I know, hard to believe, but…)? Could we do something on the internet? Leave NBC a message through their website, maybe? Advise, please!

    • *gasp* No Twitter?!? 😉

      Once we have video from the mobs, we’ll be asking fans to post on Facebook, blogs, etc. to spread the word.

      • As Papa Bartowski might say, “Aces, Mel!.”

      • Agent52 & Mel, I don’t live near a mob city, or have Twitter either (although I might start one to do this), but what some of my friends and I have been doing to try and help is walking around our community with a video camera and talking to people about Chuck, much like what the mobs will be doing. We’ve been trying to spread the word to those who haven’t seen it yet, and to those who have, we’ve been asking them “Who’s your nerd?” where they pick their favorite character and say why they like the show. I guess you could say it’s been a mini mob.

        I’ve been editing footage together and I’m hoping to have it up on youtube, facebook, etc… soon so that people can watch and hopefully post their own video responses to who’s their nerd.

        Since I can’t participate in a mob, I just thought this might be a good way to stay involved and do my part to help spread the word, as well as be an idea that others could get involved with too. Is my project maybe something you could post along with mob videos? I certainly don’t want to step on any toes however, but just thought I’d share what I was doing in case others wanted to do the same.

        Good luck to everyone participating in the Mobs!!

  5. I’m confused with the time.. when you say “in your local time” are you just talking for who live in USA right?

    • i mean the point is to have everybody at the same time tweeting something with @nbc and #chuck right?

  6. Ok now im confused, are you going by EST or Central time?

    • “please tweet out the following message on Monday between noon and 1pm (in your local time zone).”

      It’s not complicated, folks. If you’re in the U.S., when the clock strikes twelve noon, Tweet.

  7. One sugestion: Whole the World can scribe your tweet your city… will be interesting. For ex.:

    @nbc:We want more #CHUCK! Give us another season of flashes and fun. The world’s safety depends on it!- Brazil #FlashChuck

    What do you thinking: Chucktv?

  8. I think if we all tweet at once me might crash twitter lol GO TEAM B!!!!!!!

  9. Im in I made a twitter account just for this event for those who are wondering Its @ChuckTaylorDude we should get all followers to re tweet for us

  10. RT @InSUBs: .@NBC – We want more #CHUCK! Give us another season of flashes and fun. The world’s safety depends on it! #FlashChuck

    Post it on

  11. Here’s a great blog piece on why NBC’s Chuck SHOULD get the chop at the end of this season… do you agree?