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Friday Five: Ways To Celebrate Season 4

Hey, did you hear? NBC renewed Chuck! It’s time to party down, fans, and we’ve got some suggestions for how to do that:

  1. Join in today’s Chuck: Declassified mission on Twitter.
  2. Pre-order your copy of Chuck season 3 on DVD or Blu-ray.
  3. Go to Subway for lunch (extra points for ordering a tuna-roni!).
  4. Join the Facebook effort to have Zachary Levi host SNL & to get Betty White on Chuck.
  5. Watch LIVE on Monday, May 17 at 8/7c.

How are you planning to celebrate? Besides the general yelling and http://www.stimmenafrikas.de/get-levitra-online-with-paypal jumping up and down.

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  1. chuck has been renewed????? Since when? I thought it was on sunday…If this is true this is fantastic news!

  2. Fantastic news! When is Chuck fest 2011 going be? 馃槢

  3. Still just generally yelling and jumping. Might have a Subway sandwich with a sparkler stuck in it later. 馃槈

  4. what about the britsh!! we cant do number 5 :(

  5. I’m going to see if I can sweet-talk my managers at the store where I work into letting me play my copy of Chuck Season 2 on one of the display TVs in Electronics. We have Season 2 for sale right now, so I’m hoping that they’ll do it. 馃榾

    • Update: Well, I asked my supervisor if I could take Avatar out of the DVD player/TV setup in Furniture across from Electronics, so that I could put in my copy of Chuck Season 2, and he said it was okay! 馃榾

      When I did, I kid you not, it didn’t even get as far as the opening credits of “Chuck Versus the First Date” before a customer stopped me, pointed to http://eduentuzjasci.pl/buy-cialis-and-viagra-online the TV and asked me what it was. When I explained the buy prescription cialis without best show to him and told him we had the Second Season for sale, he said that he couldn’t get it right now, but he’d definitely check it out! 馃榾

      P.S. Also ate a Tuna-roni sub for lunch…it really is pretty good!

  6. Unfortunately, I live in Switzerland. Really want help you guys supporting CHUCK. But how?

  7. Betty White on Chuck? Zach hosting SNL? Combined with Chuck’s renewal, these things would make for a totally awesome Fall 2010 TV season.

  8. only bad part is we have to wait all summer till new season :( and with what the season finale looks like there is gonna be a lot of suspense :(

  9. I wish I could watch the finale live next Monday, but it also happens to be the “24” series finale, which both my brother and I watch. So, I have to sacrifice a little. But “24” won’t be back next season, and “Chuck” will, so Monday will be all mine! MWAHAHAHAH!!! >=D