PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes of the Chuck Season Premiere

Filming on Chuck season 4 is underway, and we’re being treated to some glimpses of the set thanks to Twitter. Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, and David Coleman all Tweeted photos yesterday in what appears to be a coordinated effort to tease us fans. These photos are from the season premiere, “Chuck vs. the Anniversary”, which debuts September 20. Have a look.

Zachary Levi tweets photos of Adam Baldwin from the set of the Chuck season 4 premiere
David Coleman & Adam Baldwin (by Zachary Levi)

Adam Baldwin sends photos of Zachary Levi on the set of the Chuck season 4 premiere to Twitter
Zachary Levi & David Coleman sending their Twitpics (by Adam Baldwin)
David Coleman Tweets photos of Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin from the set of the Chuck season 4 premiere
Zachary Levi & Adam Baldwin on the set (by David Coleman)
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  1. Looks exciting…..I wonder why they’re in suits?

  2. Is that a set being built or is it the Buy More in the process of being re-built? Maybe Chuck has bought the Buy More lot to turn into his own retail outlet and that will be his cover for Season 4. Of course they could just rebuild the Buy More and Chuck ends up back where he started. Looking forward to finding out.

    Casey’s looking good with shorter hair.

    • Hmm, I wonder if they are indeed re-building the buy more. The construction-site-“cap” could be an ironic hint. I don’t believe David Coleman would be also starring, so no need there for specific wardrobe… what could mean the buy-more-construction-“cap” could be a hint (since Zach and Adam are not wearing one, it surely isn’t for safety reasons).

      I am pretty intrigued.

      And BTW, is it possible that the Castle was also damaged by the huge Buy-More blast? Could they be rebuilding Castle? Hmmm.

      • Hmm, correction. They are in some kind of “power plant” (or something like it, full of pipes, where apparently everybody has to wear such a construction “cap. Check the pictures posted by David Coleman and Adam Baldwin:


        Apparently no rebuilding the Buy More (for now).

      • Then how come coleman is wearing a buy cap it weird and why r there guns on that table plus I think chucks getting back in the spy business soon

      • maybe they’re rebuilding castle with chucks secret basement stuff being placed there as well and chuck gets to lead the construction of the new castle. that’ll be cool 🙂

      • doubt it, he did promise his sis that he was going to quit the spy business, my guess is he moves into his childhood home, probably with morgan and sarah, doesnt tell either of them about the basement full of really secret stuff until they figure it out, but the construction photos look a lot like the underground subway where papaB was killed

  3. Another season begins and another new hairstyle for Chuck. This one looks pretty good! Last season’s was so-so. The season 1-2 do was the definitive look for me, but he can’t be a boy forever. As Casey says, he’s turned into a man, and the new coif bears that out.

    • Great hair, great suit, very G-Man. I don’t mind being teased that way. Hope they tweet some more photos soon.

  4. Who is David Coleman?

  5. Chuck Property Master and personal friend of Zac.

  6. Amalia Kartika(Indonesia)

    ouwww, chuck really become a man, the hair style makes perfect… can`t wait for the premiere….

  7. Those pics are made of win. 😉 Can’t wait.

  8. Some very interesting pictures coming out thanks to Zac, Adam, Josh Gomez, & the property master. How come everyone so serious? Great picture–especially of Adam & Josh Gomez—just no smile?

  9. Josh Gomez didn’t show up in any of the three photos I was able to access. Are there more photos elsewhere? I would like to see some photos with Josh.

  10. Zach looks mighty fine in that tux. *in girl heaven* 😉

  11. Chuck needs his old hair back. They are getting to serious with how he looks. If the geeky look leaves Chuck then Chuck is no longer Chuck.

    • Chuck will always be a nerd, to be a nerd is an attitude not a look, all you have to do is listen the comments about a video game or some sci fi flick or the glazed look he gets when he sees a new computer system and you know “NERD” no matter the package

  12. Looking forward to a great season–Linda Hamilton–what a great choice!

  13. Very industrial looking set. Older, rusted pipes. Doubtful that its the Buy More. Could be Papa B’s super secret spy command center under Chuck’s boyhood home. Clearly Chuck and Casey will be working together from the get go. Wonder how many others from Team Bartowski will be in the loop?