VIDEO: Chuck Season 3 Blooper Reel

Oh Chuck, you always have the best bloopers. The season 3 DVD is out tomorrow, but you can watch the gag reel now! I’m wondering, if they’d used this version of the shirtless Shaw scene, how would that have impacted his storyline? Thinks that make you go “hmmm”…

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  1. Wow…that “alternate” version of the shirtless Shaw scene was epic! X-D

    • Yes I always knew that Jeff and Sarah were made for each other. So now we know who Sarah’s PLI will be in S4. Let’s just hope Lester wont be too jealous.

  2. Blooper reels are fun but that’s the first one that really made me laugh in a few spots. These people are crazy. In a good way.

  3. Amazing video.Especially,the Sarah/Shaw/Jeff scene is epic…:))

    Greetings from Greece!

  4. I just watched this 3 times in one day! I LOVE THIS! It was sweet that few cast member and guest star were on bloopers like bonita Friedericy,Brandon Routh, Ryan Mcpartlin, scott Krinsky and Tony Hale! And Zack, Yvonne, Adam and Josh like always just hilarious!

  5. Great stuff, haha!

  6. It’s no wonder that we all love this show so much! THEY do! ha!

  7. Awesome! They have great bloopers and I especially love the impromptu dancing they do (Yvonne esp.can really cut a rug). They also really like to belch a lot I’ve noticed. That seems to be a feature on every season’s blooper real so far. :-). They seem to have so much fun, glad they share it with us every season.

  8. I enjoyed the whole thing, but I can’t believe there were no outtakes for the “So will Merlin, Chuck” scene. It would have been hard not to crack up at that!

  9. Awesome town!!! I wana go!

  10. I think some people would have been happier with the alternate shirtless Shaw scene. They should have left it in, at least then we would have known Sarah was losing her mind.

  11. The lipstick-on-the-teeth bit was charming. Zac loves to tease Yvonne, and she’s such a trusting soul. Reminds me of that interview where he had her convinced that “Back in Black” (by AC/DC) was actually a big hit for Lionel Richie!

  12. awesome! once again i’ve spent five minutes recovering from a fit of laughter after watching the bloopers. Its clear that a lovely group of people work on chuck and it clearly shows onscreen 🙂 i adore how near the end yvonne says ‘blooper reel’ exactly how zach did at the start of the season 2 bloopers.