CASTING NEWS: Robert Englund To Appear In Halloween Episode

Robert Englund guest stars in the Chuck Halloween episode
Robert Englund is ready to scare Chuck!

Ausiello just scooped that Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, has been cast in Chuck episode 4.06, “Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror”. As some speculated based on the title, this episode is Halloween-themed. Hurrah! The ultimate baddie plays Dr. Stanley Wheelwright, an evil scientist (is there any other kind?) who “can make your waking life a nightmare”. Uh oh. Is Chuck having nightmares again? And perhaps more importantly, who will be in costume and what will those costumes be?

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  1. There’s smart casting, there’s brilliant casting, and then there’s this. No other actor in the world is a better fit to play a scary character in a Halloween themed episode than the original Freddy Kreuger.

    • Agreed. Great casting.
      I just hope it is due to something new (like a drug or an intersect update), and not the intersect simply malfunctioning again. I didn’t really like that dynamic.

  2. This is absolutely brilliant!

  3. check this out:

  4. Do not know how this casting could not be great fun–Chuck better wear rubber pants!!! Will someone be disemboweled and put on a stake?? I have it!! Let’s do it to Shaw!!

  5. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that’s been able to do as well as Chuck does with regards to casting guest actors that fit their roles & stories extremely well, without their presence feeling somehow “gimmicky.” Every guest casting they’ve had has been spot-on perfect!

    • Couldn’t agree more with you there Matt. They just keep pulling these signings out of the bag. And the best thing – not only will we Chucksters love watching them and the Chuck story unfold, but it’ll generate plenty of interest for the show and hopefully get the show some more fans.

      Way to go Chuck team!

  6. That is awesome!

    I have loved Freddy / Englund forever, so much so that I own my own Krueger themed halloween costume site.

    I have looked everywhere and can not find details.
    Does anyone know any more?
    Will he appear as a Krueger type clone?

    I would think that would be impossible for copyright reasons, but we can always hope!

  7. Goose bumps. Viewer beware, you’re in for a scare. *evil chuckle* Sounds awesome and knowing this guy, he can bring quite a scare can’t wait. 🙂

  8. The casting for Season 4 is phenomenal. So much to look forward to and not much longer to wait!! Roll on September 20th!!

  9. Will Chuck and Morgan finally retire their “Space Penis” costume? Will Sarah be able to out-do her Season One costume? Is she finally ready for Arcade Fire’s first album?

    • Will Chuck and Morgan be doing a costume together or will Chuck and Sarah pair up while Morgan and Alex do something together? That would be rather awesome considering the fact that Casey would be less than thrilled over that prospect.

    • Shame on you Doc for even mentioning such a thing lol. It’s not a space *bleep* it’s a worm of some kind. 😉

      • Merely quoting the esteemed Harry Tang. I think Chuck and Morgan refer to it as the Sandworm from “Dune”, hence the title of the episode. If they’d listened to Harry Tang, the ep would have had a far more colourful title.

  10. Do you think the sandworm costume will make a reappearance – I think if it does it will be Morgan and Casey. After all Chuck and Sarah will have couple’s themed costume.

    How about they dress as the main characters from Mass Effect 2 or perhaps they will borrow Awesome and Ellie’s old Adam and Eve costumes.

  11. Freddie really needs to use a moisturizer!

    (Note-I think the costume is a sandworm from Dune-Dunes-whatever)