VIDEO: “Chuck Returns”

ANOTHER new Chuck promo just hit the airwaves, and it gives us bit more info about the search for Mama B.

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  1. Yvonneeee!!!OMG hot!


  3. OH MY GOD! THIS IS AWESOME….Chuck’s mom loves him <3 awwwwww and sarah and chuck's make out scene cannot wait 🙂 xxooxxxxx yayayay only 3 more days nerds

  4. Awesome! Thank you so much for bring this to our attention!
    Can’t wait for Season 4

  5. im sorry about this, but…. fck YEAH!

  6. OMG this promo is the best one so far lol AWESOME !!!! 🙂

  7. WHAT A GREAT MOM!! She shoots bad guys—she is going to love Sarah–they have so much in common–I can hear the conversation now—I prefer the low recoil and accuracy of a 9 mil. unless I want to go heavier with a 10 mil or even a 40 cal–If Sarah makes that comment Mama B. will probably say that a 9 mil is normally her preference unless she wants to see the bad guy’s body explode then she uses a 50 cal. S&W magnum–especially if the guy is as big as a Grizzly or even if he is a Grizzly. No problem with Mama B. getting Sarah a Christmas present, a new shoulder holster or possibly a leg holster with fringe. Looks like an awsome season!!!

  8. Sooooo much to look forward to Monday night. Can’t wait.
    I can’t stop laughing at the scene with Casey in the background of Chuck and Sarah kissing, “I’m going to be sick”, as only Casey can deliver that line.

  9. heheyyt bea.millet bu harika bi bölüm.casey herzamanki gibi duygusallıktan yoksun wiiiiiiuuuv.___
    THAT’S AMAZING!omg these guys getting better and better.

  10. ”You miss him” *startled* “What? I don’t miss him” Oh yes you do Casey, you love your adopted little brother don’t you? 🙂 This is too good. It’s awesome. The way Mama B is like you’d think she’s on the good side. We’ll have to see. I can’t wait. THREE MORE DAYS SQUEEE!!!!!

  11. haha gonna love this season!
    Sarah is acting all girly “I haven’t seen Chuck in forever!”
    Hehe poor Casey is going to have to deal with all Chuck and Sarah’s “Lady Feelings” all the time now 😛

    • We all know how much of a softie Casey is and he’s been Chuck/Sarah’s biggest supporter from the beginning. He may act annoyed but that’s just him and probably it reminds him of the life he could’ve had with Kathleen, bittersweet isn’t it?

  12. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ! =)

  13. Whoa! Fasten your seatbelts everyone, this is gonna be one AWESOME ride. Less than 72 hours to go….