Tonight On Chuck: “Chuck vs. the Anniversary”

Linda Hamilton guest stars in the season premiere of ChuckIt’s premiere night, Chucksters! Are you ready to jump back into the world of espionage, missing mothers, geek references, Gretas, and wannabe rockstars on the lam? So are we! Be sure to join us for our first live chat during tonight’s episode, beginning at 7:45PM EST (see below). But first, here’s a refresher on the official synopsis for “Chuck vs. the Anniversary”:

CHUCK BEGINS A SEARCH FOR HIS MOTHER, WHICH HE MUST KEEP A SECRET FROM THE CIA AND HIS SISTER — LINDA HAMILTON GUEST STARS AS MARY BARTOWSKI — DOLPH LUNDGREN, HARRY DEAN STANTON AND OLIVIA MUNN ALSO GUEST STAR — Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) go on a rogue globe-spanning mission to find Chuck’s mom. Meanwhile, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) follow a trail to Russia as they investigate the mysterious Volkoff Industries and its operative, Marco (guest star Dolph Lundgren). Back at home, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) delivers big news to her family. Bonita Friedericy also stars.

Need something to do until showtime? Check out the promotional stills in the Gallery; participate in our Promote Chuck, Win Swag event; read more spoilers for this episode; and watch the latest episode of Chuck vs. the Podcast with Chris Fedak. “Chuck vs. the Anniversary” airs Monday, September 20 at 8/7c on NBC.

Live Chat

You’ve been asking for it, and we’re finally doing it! After incorporating live chat into our True Blood site all summer, we knew we had to do it for Chuck as well. Not only does it provide real-time conversation, it avoids spoiling folks on other mediums like Twitter. Please join us every week to chat during the Eastern/Central airing of the new episode, and spread the nerd word!

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  1. YESSSSSSSS! We are so close!!!!! The wait is almost over! (: (: (: There arent even words to describe my happiness and excitment!

  2. I am so pumped for tonight I could squeal (which I probably will come 8:00pm tonight. 🙂 )
    Just hope that the word can be spread today so we can get the ratings we need for tomorrow.

    Can’t wait.

    • Do the ratings come out tomorrow already? How high do they have to be for Chuck to be out of any “danger”?

      • Usually they come out the day after the episode airs. I think it has to be in the fours or fives for it to be out of the danger zone.

  3. Since I can’t watch it live here in Europe (at least not legally, so… no), I’ll have to wait for the recaps and untill some good souls post (at least part of) the episode on youtube… yep, that’s just sad. Anyway, I am too curious to wait for season 4 to air here, so I’ll be reading the recaps and reviews 🙂 But I sill can’t wait.
    And God bless Youtube!

  4. Cheese Puff Order – $3.79
    Subway Sandwich Order – 2 $5 footlongs = $10
    Nerd Herd outfit = $45 (Shirt, Tie and Lanyard)
    Premiere Party with friends to watch CHUCK = PRICELESS!!

    Bring it on!!!!

  5. Totally excited. Had a Chuck marathon this weekend I can’t wait YAY!!!

  6. I can’t believe it, Chuckday is finally here.

    I have taken part in live chats of episodes before, but always on a summer rewatch. I don’t see myself doing live chat while the episode is on for the first time because when I do the live chat, I tend to miss things. I don’t want to miss anything tonight because by all accounts it is going to be a great episode.

  7. Dancing with the Stars is only the start of some tough season 4 competition. Everyone is going to have to help to give us an extended season 4 and a season 5. I hope NBC realizes that Chuck will do better than any other show they could slip in the time slot. As a whole season, I look for season 4 to be as good or better than any.

  8. please record chuck season 4 episode 1 and put in on megavideo and send me the link i live in cyprus so i have to wait 1 year to see it heres my email address or put it on blinx tv or sidereel i am begging you

  9. I hate living in germany. ;__;

  10. I have read the season 4 synopsis and watched the previews. Why is it that the creators don’t get it, we the faithful fans who have fought hard to see the show brought back twice, we want to see Chuck and Sarah together. We don’t want Chuck to lie to Sarah AGAIN and break her heart. Sure we want to see Morgan and Casey in the mix but we want Chuck and Sarah together working, Loving and being honest with each other. Do the writers not remember the line “If you give me this one lie I promise I will never lie to you again. As much as I love this show if they move away from Chuck and Sarah being the heart of the Show we are watching the last 13 episodes and no more.

  11. Hey Mel! T-minus 5 min CDT!! Hope all’s well with you. 🙂

  12. In the promo, did they just show Chuck proposing to Sarah?? Or am I seeing things? I am so proud to see the show come back like this, especially with the funny bit about Morgan and Sarah. Where do I get those pictures…? I, along with the whole world, have a major crush on her and I would love to meet her.

    See You Next Week With Your Friends,

    Indiana Buy-Moria Embassy
    All Midwest Chucksters, Say HEY!!!

    • Yes they did!! He looked kind of suprised to see her when she saw him with the ring. I’m wondering if that’s in episode 3 (it is after all called the CubicZ) and the bit that we saw in the promo is of him trying to figure a way to ask her. LOVED THE PREMIRE!!! VIVA LA BUYMORIA!!!!

      • I’ll love this two getting engaged in one point!

      • It has to be somewhere within the first six episodes because I don’t think they haven completed filming beyond that.

        Also in a promo is a clip of him telling Ellie about the search for Mama B. Glad to see that coming fairly early in the season.

    • If you are talking about the sexting pictures John, the following link should work for you.

  13. OK this episode was awesome. It`s made it into my top 10. Not sure exactly where – I will have to watch it at least a few more times to decide.

  14. Fabulous episode, and a great start to season 4! Mondays are Awesome again!

  15. What was the song at the buy more scene?

  16. SO GOOD! I’m beside myself with happiness! Chuck is back! Woot!

  17. I am a huge Chuck fan, but I was disapointed tonight. There was just something missing. I don’t know if it was the new writers, or lack of secondary characters in the episode. I hope it was that they were just setting up a new direction for the show, but the previous 3 seasons were so well written and directed, that I am worried.

    • bob says–I think they had so much to accomplish to set up the following episodes that it might have impacted what you wanted to see in episode 1. I enjoyed the episode and one of the highlights for me was Sarah sexting on the plane. I love Sarah doing comedy—no more angst!! I do not like the lies between Sarah and Chuck–hopefully that is at an end and they are together permanently.

  18. honestly I was hoping to like the season 4 premiere more than I was. The most action happened by Chuck’s Mom. (But that was cool). The episode just wasn’t that hilarious, or passionate between Chuck & Sarah. Also, where was Capt. Awesome to congratulate Ellie & say “that’s awesome!” (Probably in another episode)

    So far the 1st season was my favorite, followed by season 2 & 3. Probably in that order. But there were some gems in season 3. I hope season 4 gets better, I want it to be a favorite of mine. Season 3 had me worried about Chuck being a spy & not being a funny normal guy, but it worked out alright. Now I worry that Season 4 might not be as funny if we don’t have the old Buy More crew’s shenanigans. I am looking forward to the guest appearances tho.

  19. Now I wish I hadn’t watched the sneak peeks, most of the humor was in there but there were a couple of times I actually shouted with laughter.

    One nitpick though, Great casting on the whole but Olivia Munn was terrible. I’m sorry, but that girl can’t act to save her life.

    The episode was great and I look forward to the review.

  20. Hey, random question. The control room scene where Chuck is downloading stuff from the computer and there are a bunch of dials in the background… is that the same set from one of the episodes of 24 (just looked it up, Season 5, Episode 9:00pm – 10:00pm”) where Jack Bauer confronts Vladimir Bierko and his men in a similar room? Can’t remember, but they look similar. The bad guys from 24 had taken over the control room of a gas company and were planning to release Sentox gas through the pipelines.

  21. Fantastic show, although Olivia Munn was a bust. Her scenes did nothing to propel the story. I’ve seen better scenes among the deleteds on my DVDs. But otherwise, great adventure, Morgan responding to Sarah’s sexting was a hoot, and Casey’s reaction to when he thought Chuck was dead was stunning. I’m not clear about the anniversary reference with the “slash”. OK the six months could be Paris, if we overlook that October 5th would really be the date, but I don’t understand the nine month reference. Any ideas, folks?

    • I just watched the episode, and I have to agree with Dr. Bob in everything! Olivia Munn was rather blergh (“30 Rock” reference, sorry), but the rest was perfect. And Linda Hamilton does still kick ass convincingly! I also didn’t get the 6/9 months anniversary thing…I thought it would be the anniversary of their first date ever (pilot)… but 9 months??? Please I could use some help here 🙂
      The menacing Chuck on the walkie talkie was priceless, as well as Sarah’s face when she heard him threaten Ivan Drago, I mean, Marco, if he were to harm her.
      And Vandalay Industries? Genious! Are they an architecture company :)? Was the interviewer perhaps named “Art”?
      On top of that all the absurdly great promo for the next 4 episodes… what else can one want from a TV show?

    • I’m thinking that when Sarah first left for her mission with Casey it was around their 6 month anniversary and that she was gone for 3 months (which is an understandable ammount of time for Chuck and Morgan to travel the world) so when they are leaving Russia its 3 months later making it their 9 month anniversary.

      • Oh, it does make some sense now. Thanks Liz!

      • I’m still confused: I see two possibilities: (1) The three-month mission went from June to September, it’s now September, and it’s roughly six months since Paris (reason to celebrate) and nine months since Prague (nobody’s celebrating that!); (2) The three months begin in September, so it’s now December, in which case I missed the Halloween episode. That doesn’t work either.

      • Oh, Doctor Bob, I am confused again! That’s what happens when one (in this case: me) can’t watch Chuck when it actually airs… confusion regarding the dates.
        I think they messed up the dates, just as they did with the “Encino, 1994” thing.
        They should have said 3/6 months anniversary, then it would make sense (according to theory number one).

        Sometimes they have this kind of problem like with the “Chuck has never been to therapy”/”it took him several years of therapy to deal with his parents leaving” thing.

      • Oh, and I just realized something: it was snowing in Moscow. And it does NOT snow in Moscow in september.

        Should it be December already (Dr. Bob’s theory Nr. 2) and the Halloween episode will be Halloween for us but not on the series? Are they abandoning the real-life calendar correspondence they always kept?

        I am even more confused.

    • Anyone else surprised that Steven Bartowski didn’t leave a huge chunk of money for Chuck to use on his missions? Or perhaps they are leaving the discovery for a later date. It would only seem right that Dad would have some patents or some large sums of money for all of his spy work that he was performing to try and find the Frost Queen. I only say this because of the whole ~$50,000 debt that he has after flying around the world in his attempt to find Mom.

  22. You can really see the new writing staff, awesome episode. The music at the end was so amazing. Unfortunately, Olivia Munn and this older actor were only in 2 little scenes :(. Chuck is BACK!

  23. The only thing I found wrong with the episode was the date on the first scene. It should be 1990 at the latest not 1994 in order to fit in with the timeline because we know from Best Friend I think that Morgan promised Chuck not to stalk women for another 19 years and then it said 19 years later. When Morgan promised Chuck was tall and curly haired. Given that Chuck should be thirty by now , the first scene would make him 14 in 1994 not 10 the way he looked.

    I think Olivia Munn played Greta the way she was suppossed to , The new citizens of Buymoria are very much Stepford people , kind of like the 49B Forrest . They look good but not much in the way of real personality . They are all surface.

    Given that Big Mike , Jeff and Lester are in the opening credits, I think they’ll be back to balance things out soon.

    • Chuck turns 29 this month. We know because we know Morgan’s age (“I’m 27 and still sleep with the same Tron poster”: vs. the Beefcake 2 March 2009), and that Chuck and Morgan are the same age (“Chuck has been my friend since we were six”: vs. the Beard). So if Chuck was 27 in March 2009, he turned 28 in September 2009, and 29 this year. We also know that Casey’s daughter Alex was born in 1989 or 1990 (“Honduras 1989” caption: vs. the Tic Tac). And Sarah is 28 as of 8 December 2008 (Chuck says so in “the DeLorean”), so she turns 30 at some point prior to December of this year.

      • And the expert has spoken.

        Anyway, 1994 was off.

      • Chuck would have turned 13 in 1994. This kid looked, what, nine? Chuck may have been a late bloomer, but not that late.

      • …Furthermore, I just went back and watched “the Best Friend” from season 2. There’s a flashback scene where an 11 or 12 year old Chuck saves Morgan from being beaten up by a girl, and the caption reads “1992”. Yet “the Anniversary” flashback caption is dated 1994 and shows Chuck to be 2-3 years younger!

  24. I don’t know; I wasn’t thrilled by the episode. Too campy for me. Too “forced.” I’m looking forward to the return of Big Mike, the two numskulls (Jeff & Lester), and of course Captain Awesome. Even the chemistry between Chuck and Sarah was… er… less than compelling last night – at least that’s my reaction. I’ve never been thrilled with “The General,” but at least when she was “in uniform, in Washington” the character worked; in civilian clothes, at a fake BuyMore… not so much. There’s effective spoofing and there’s overkill – trying too hard; I thought last night’s Season Four opener was overkill. Just one man’s opinion.

  25. Saw that someone said we need a back 6. . .turn that 6 upside down to a 9 and it would be perfect! 22 is always better than 19 = )

  26. Too bad Mom had to kill Dolph already, would’ve been awesome if he was still around

  27. season premiers of chuck was well done!!!
    Please don’t change nerd herd by replacing characters Jeff,Lester,Big Mike, Cindy Wu
    (and those two weird guys that never talk) with Super cool CIA operatives. too much perfection is boring…..unless it’s DR AWESOME

    Let Buy More be
    Buy More!

  28. Hoily S#!T what a great episode! This show just keeps getting better and better!! I’m glad that the characters continue to develop! Two of my favorite episodes are “Chuck .vs the Suburbs” and “Chuck .vs the Honeymooners”. The fact that they are carrying Chuck and Sarah’s relationship forward is a big plus in my book and a step in the right direction. Now that that is out of the way we can concentrate on all the other cool stuff that interested us in Chuck in the first place. I love Adam Badwin as Casey and he brings a lot to the table as far as the action is concerned. This show just keeps getting better and better. I’ll raise my Subway sandwich up in their honor. I have always said that the Cast, Crew, and Writers have done a great job. Kudos to the new writers. Thank you Josh and Chris for making this great show. Yes, the absence of Capt. Aswesome was noted from this episode, but I’m sure he’ll be back. P.S. nice to see a softer General Beckman…better lighting not so harsh a complection. Hats off to all who participated in this episode!!!!

    • Oh yes Elizbeth Munn…great Job! Love you in “The Daily Show with John Stewart”…but you did a great job and I loved your facial expressions in this episode. Hope they can have you back in the furture! You Rock!!

    • windfarmer could not agree more with you–with the exception of Munn and her boy friend’s comments–sorry,a little on the garbage side! Hope she is gone for good.

  29. Sorry Olivia Munn…..I have a friend named Elizabeth Olivia Munn….so you can see where the confusion comes is…in any case a rose is a rose and you my dear are a rose! Great job! Would love to see more of you in Chuck….maybe twarting the efforts of Morgan. I really enjoyed your performance and am sorry about the name confusion :+)

  30. I thought Katie Cleary should have played Greta, instead she got the shaft! I love her, they need to bring her back for another spy role for sure and then I will watch the show again. She’s way hotter than Olivia Munn and more talented!

  31. I didn’t like Olivia Munn, you are right Marsh, not a good actress. I have heard of Katie Cleary and just looked her up, totally smokin! I Tivo’d the show and I am going to rewind to see Katie. Which scene was she in? Why didn’t they give her Olivia’s part? Confused?? But I do hope they bring Katie back!!!

  32. Relating to the spoilers–I think Chuck’s spoilers are very misleading. It is better for me not to look at any spoiler–unfortunately my lack of discipline keeps me peeking at them. The interview with Munn kind of ruined her appearance on the show—hope she is not in any more episodes. I do not care about her ex boyfriends preferences as they relate to other guys.

  33. Chuck is a great story about friendship and 4×01 confirms this ; is it like 007 , action and women , guns and one against the world (the bad ones ) ? NO , it’ s better .It reminds us what it’s important : loyalty to our affections