SPOILERS: Chuck 4.07 Synopsis

The official synopsis for episode 4.07, “Chuck vs. the First Fight”, has been released:

CHUCK GOES ON A ROGUE MISSION AS HE AND SARAH FACE THEIR FIRST RELATIONSHIP CRISIS – LINDA HAMILTON, ANA GASTEYER AND TIMOTHY DALTON GUEST STAR – After their first real fight, Chuck (Zachary Levi) avoids confronting Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) by going on a rogue mission that leads him to his mom’s MI-6 handler, Gregory Tuttle (guest star Timothy Dalton), and a mysterious Russian agent (guest star Ana Gasteyer). Meanwhile, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) is on her own mission to uncover the Bartowski family’s long-buried past. Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Bonita Friedericy and Adam Baldwin also star.

So now that you know who Timothy Dalton is playing, does that impact your speculation about him?

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  1. So now we know who Timothy Dalton will be playing, but why does Chuck’s mum have a MI6 handler rather than CIA?

    • I’m asking myself the same question…. Well at least we’ll see some more of LH

    • That’s the question I was asking myself…

      The thing is… why would she need a handler if she is a spy, not an asset?

      Do american spies need handlers when operating in other countries?

      Was she after Volkoff in the UK (under the supervision of her MI6 handler) when she was captured, so that TD`s character was the last person to hear from her?

      And why would a spy (TD) dress like a bum?

      ps.: is the name a reference to Captain Tuttle (hahahaha)?

  2. Mama B being an undercover cia agent who made sure that volkoff provided guns to the enemies of the enemies of the US, then the british being the US closest allies would have to know what is going on so that there is no conflict of interest also the british may also want certain enemies of their enemies provided with weapons. You see potentially it is all political, people like volkoff do the dirty work that the US and British cannot be seen to do in public. And I know that people will say well in the pilot mama b’s file said she was captured, but the fact is it is black ops when people pick up chucks, sarah or casey’s file 99% of it will be blacked out, fulcrum, the ring and the rest will never have existed, only the general and president will know! It is all a conspiracy theory but it does not mean it is true! Well this is my spec! and if any of this is true this season will be awesome !

    • A very compelling idea Amrit. An interesting note that I might add is the theme of the evil organization for this season is weapons, thus far all the conversations about Volkoff have made it clear that weapons are a major part, if not the only part, of this it’s focus. If memory serves, In the episode of Chuck vs. The Subway General B referred Chuck as “the weapon we’ve always dreamed of” when giving a report to the senior generals. Perhaps the plan is and always has been Chuck and the intersect, other evil organizations have tried the “direct” approach to capture chuck, the intersect, and its creator in the past and have failed at every turn. Perhaps Volkoff is trying an indirect approach using Mama B. If this is the case, the question is, is she aware of it or not. If this scenario is correct then I think it would seem to tie nicely into a common thread of the show and the other seasons, bad people want the intersect for their own/evil purposes and are after chuck and his family to get it. Sarah/Casey want to protect Chuck and keep him safe, granted Chuck is now able to control the intersect for the most and can look after himself, but still doesn’t have the overall spy “experience” that they do. He is trusting of people and would be willing to believe a lie easily especially if it involves his mother. Then of course we have Sarah who loves Chuck very much and doesn’t want to see him change, she wants him to remain “Her Chuck.” And I would wager that she would fight extremely hard against anyone or anything that would try to change him or take him away from her. Even if that is the very government organization that She, Casey, and Chuck work for. Again a common thread to tie this to past seasons and the one of the key elements of this show. I know I know….probably wild and outrageous speculation on my part, but I guy can dream right?!? 😉

      • yikes a few typo’s in here was on break at work and had to hurry my apologizes all.

      • Interesting take Syris. That bears something to think about in the coming episodes if you’re right.

      • Wow Syris, I really liked reading your scenario. And, if in fact this were all a ruse to capture the Intersect and Sarah and Casey got wind of it, that could certainly explain why they’d have a “big fight.” Chuck is determined to find his mom and finish what his father started, but Sarah of course wants to protect Chuck. I like the revelation that Timothy Dalton is Mama B’s MI6 handler, it puts a whole new spin on this Mama B. storyline.

      • yeah, that may possibly the reason of their big fight.. can’t wait for 4.07! two weeks more hmph

  3. Aw, I’m disappointed that T. Dalton isn’t playing Volkoff. :\'( Okay, now that he’s been checked off the list of contestants for the Big Bad role, who do we have now?

    So we have Chuck going rogue again, how many times has he run again? Now that he’s avoiding Sarah, will he trust coming to Casey or Morgan or avoid them both and go to T.D.’s character. 😕

  4. doees timothy dalton’s character and mama b have a roamntic relationship? and i heard a rumor about chuck having a half-sibling hmmmmm

  5. I can’t wait. After Episode 4 I am left with HIGH expectations for this follow up episode. I don’t think I’ll be disappointed though given I spotted Joel Moore in there. I think this is going to have a lot of action, comedy, and story unfolding which is just around the time this should be happening. What more could I look forward to? 🙂

    I do agree with the staff about the previews though, they seem to be giving away WAAAAAYYYY too many details than they should be. From an opposing viewpoint though I think this is apart of the creators agenda to release more info in an attempt to get new followers. I know a lot of shows have done this is the past to try and lure people back or into a show they don’t keep the suspense as high so people can feel like they can watch the next episode and not feel completely lost regardless of where they were prior.

  6. Like Syris, I’ve also wondered about the General’s comment “The weapon we’ve always dreamed of” and I predict the Halloween episode will show how dangerous the intersect can be when Chuck is not in total control of it.
    What if during his waking nightmare he unintentionally hurts someone he loves? He will consider himself too dangerous to stay around Burbank and take off. Hence the fight and rogue mission.
    That’s my spec and I’m sticking to it.

    • Very interesting….maybe. I sort of like that Eowyn.

    • Oooooo!! Awesome twist Eowyn!! That would be very interesting indeed. What the general said in S3 stuck a cord with me from the second I heard it, almost as tho it was out of place at the time. Now I wonder if it was a bit of a foreshadowing of possible things to come. Either way a very good idea Eowyn and I for one would enjoy seeing something like that in the upcoming episode 😉

    • This is intriguing. If Chuck fears that he is a danger to Sarah, it would make sense that he would flee. When Papa B told him he had to flee to protect Sarah, even though Sarah warned him that he did so at his own peril, Chuck told Sarah that if he hed to choose, he’d always choose to protect her.

    • Definitely an interesting idea you and Syris have had, Eowyn…I hadn’t thought about that line of Beckman’s for a while now, but in retrospect it’s certainly interesting…I’m thinking, though, that the major fight with Sarah will result from Chuck, through his waking nightmare, thinking somehow that Sarah isn’t fully emotionally invested in the search for his mom, and that the clip we’ve seen of Frost and Sarah holding each other at gunpoint may tie into that. Just my opinion, though 🙂

    • and let’s not forget another thing that Beckman said “For the last two years we had to protect Chuck from the world, but now we need to protect the world from Chuck.” -that part left me hanging too ’cause the following events that occured didn’t really justify that statement since in season 3 Chuck just had serious headaches and didn’t really post much threat to people around except of course for himself – those migraines brought about by flashes could’ve fried his brain literally- and also except for that part when he accidentally kicked Lester on the face in the Buy More.

      Now, maybe, if you’re ideas are right. We might see the REAL threat the Intersect has in store for us. Yikes!

      • Very True Mary. S3 didn’t show us a whole lot of any possible “threat” the intersect poses to those in Chuck’s life or even those simply in close proximity to him. The only other one I might add to the list you have above is the fight Chuck has with Ring agents in Chuck vs. The Tic Tac. He did almost kill a man with his bare hands, however this “state” he was in at the time was chemically induced. Your theory however seems sound. Without Chuck keeping the intersect in check (perhaps his emotions The proverbially Yin and Yang?) it can run amuck which could equal bad news for Chuck and all around him.

  7. Or maybe they`ve put him down as MI6 because he cant do a convincing American accent?

  8. Presumably he’s MI6 because he’ll be sending up his time as James Bond? I mean, why cast Dalton at all in a spy-com if you’re not going to have fun playing on the fact that the audience knows him as 007. It would be a waste.

    • i like your thoughts.. my dad’s really a Bond fan. he’s excited about Tim being on the show. he’s gonna be more excited if he finds out Bond’s gonna be playing a Bond in Chuck XD

  9. WOW!! Eowyn and Syris for screenwriters!!!
    I would like to watch both of your ideas in the show 🙂

    • LOL!! Thank you Norma your too kind. Tho truth be told I couldn’t write myself out of a paper bag let alone an episode of “Chuck”. This show clearly has many talented writers and I think I’d only get in their way 🙂

      Oh! Maybe I’d be a good “Creative Consultant” That’s just a fancy way of saying somebody who makes stuff up right?!? I’d be GREAT at that!

    • Thanks alot Norma, but no, no, no… I couldn’t take all the heat from the fans if I happened to write something like “…versus the Mask”. I think the writers on Chuck are wonderful and have to be very thick skinned.

      I’ll take that Creative Consultant job with Syris just as soon as I move out to California.

  10. Dalton could be a PLI for Mama B, especially now that she’s widowed.

  11. Things aren’t always as they seem on Chuck…

    That being said, I reserve the right to believe that there is more to the MI6 character of Dalton and I’m especially interested to know what “Ellie” is up to digging into the past of her family. Perhaps a Chuck and Ellie mission in the works?

    • I was actually thinking about Ellie’s research into the Bartowski family’s past as well, tying back to Orion’s line from last season’s finale about how “maybe being a spy…is in [their] blood–maybe Ellie might find something revealing that someone farther back in their family worked in, say, the OSS (the World War II-era predecessor organization to the CIA)…Not sure it’ll go that far back, just throwing out ideas 😀

      • would be call if they had generations of ‘spys’ in their family, ellie could never argue that chuck shouldnt be a spy again seeing as it would be breaking the line

  12. I like all of the speculation, it is really good and makes you think. But now that Dalton is MI6 then Richard Chamberlin must be Volkoff??? Papa Bartowski told Chuck that he was protectecting Chuck, Ellie and Mama B in the course of doing things that Governments can not. So what if Mama B’s team was working with Volkoff, was saying one thing and doing another to preserve world peace. For example The missles at Costa Gravis were not offensive weapons but defensive and team B, just took out a defensive grid. Any way it is going to get good, but we have to keep reminding ourselves how much having Sarah tell Chuck she truly loves him, really means, specially in the times ahead.

    • Er how are nuclear misiles defensive? It’s a weapon of MAD its both offensive and defensive the ultimate deterent. However if your enemy does not know you have them its not really defensive is it?

  13. I thought Chuck was through lying to Sarah—he is a natural born liar and probably Sarah can never trust him, although I am sure she will eventually forgive him until his next lye. It would help the series if the writers would take lying out of the equation.

    • Wait a sec, I noticed a few times that Chuck WAS trying to lie to get himself out of sticky situation with Sarah, but I don’t recall him flat out lying to her at least he was honoring their agreement No Secrets, No Lies policy. And Sarah clearing her throat was her way of reminding Chuck of their promise to each other.

      • Oh I get it, sorry for a moment there I thought we were still on the Coup d’etat thing 😕 my bad. Looks like you maybe right on something but FTR (for the record btw) Sarah I’m sorry to say was the one who had taught Chuck how to lie. So, maybe once she gets that through her head that she’s part of the blame would try to remedy it don’t you think so?

        One thing I know for sure once those crazy kids get past all this this episode we have yet another C/S scene promising never to fight again, no lying (yeah right, shoot me) making up/making love blah blah blah. 😕

      • Where did you all get the idea that Chuck is lying to Sarah from this synopsis? It says nothing about Chuck lying to Sarah- it says he avoids confronting her about a fight they are having and winds up on this mission with Timothy Dalton’s character. There is no context for how any of it occurs in the episode so I think it’s hard to make the argument that Chuck lies to Sarah based on that info.

    • I have to agree with panda im not sure if its lying there fighting about from the info givin it does not sound like chuck lied to sarah. All we know is that a fight happens between the two and that he then leaves on a rouge mission to avoid and confrontations with her. On the bright side though this could be some good oppurtunity for some good sarah and ellie bonding moments seeing that sarah might need someone to talk to about chuck, we havnt really had that all the seasons.

  14. I just hope there is a scene between Mama B and Sarah where they are in a gun face off and are both wearing their respective bracelets; the ‘Good luck’ charm bracelet that Chuck gave Sarah and the Broken bracelet from the end of Season 3. And at that moment they realize…

    • oh oh oh! ^-^ i love that idea!

      Good Luck CHUCK! – jut playing words from your comment. love that movie btw

  15. I can’t agree more with Larry, I am fed up with Chuck lying to Sarah. THe first season and a half he constantly sruggled with this, but in season 3, especially after Chuck and Sarah got together he seemed to lie everytime he opened his mouth. As much of a C+S fan I am, if I was Sarah I would really have an issue with this, and we have had enough issues between these 2 to last a lifetime.

    On another point, just because TD has been revealed as an MI6 agent, who is to say that he isn’t also Volkof, a la sean Bean in Goldeneye?

  16. So i guess now we finbally know what their fight is gonna be about after yesterday’s episode. I can’t help myself thinking that Chuck was played like the asset in S1 and if he didn’t witnessed what happened, prolly Sarah would have never told him, and Sarah is the one saying no secrets but she was going to keep this one from him??? the lack of trust here is gonna be their major hurdle, Chuck is all about trust and if Sarah can’t trust him, well their relationship is doomed. I wonder though what Chuck will say to her. I know u guys want them kissing and cooing every episode, but this has to be done, they need to solve this, even if it will split them up for a few episodes. It’s not a lame PLI, it’s a serious matter. Let’s hope the writers will do a good job and make it the most believable possible.