SPOILERS: Official Synopsis for Chuck 4.08

NBC has released the official synopsis for Chuck episode 4.08, “Chuck vs. the Fear of Death,” set to air November 15:

CHUCK FEARS THAT A MAJOR LOSS MAY END HIS SPY CAREER—AND HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH SARAH – ROB RIGGLE, SUMMER GLAU AND RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN GUEST STAR – Afraid that his latest setback is driving a wedge between him and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), Chuck (Zachary Levi) resolves to prove himself by going on a dangerous mission with the overeager Agent Rye (guest star Rob Riggle). Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) scramble as the “Buy Morons” attempt to uncover the true identity of Greta (guest star Summer Glau). Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky and Bonita Friedericy also star.

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  1. I guess this refers to Sarah’s fear of Chuck’s death?

  2. Chuck’s story sounds good but the Crimes thing just has me rolling my eyes it’s sounds rather lame. ::)

  3. The part with Chuck sounds as a serious problem for him and makes me really interested in this episode. I am wondering what´s the “major loss” and also, what made him to go a mission with another agent.

    But I guess the other part with Morgan should be funny (again?). But I guess it makes sense for Casey to stay in BuyMore when “River” is going to be there 🙂 I am really curious about some Firefly references. But I hope they won´t try to make Morgan funny…

    • I also wonder what the “major loss” could be. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that the same computer that Young Chuck uploaded his very first intersect on? Perhaps when they take a look at what’s on the disk/s it has some affect on the 2.0 intersect. Might explain his fear of losing his spy career and losing Sarah. Anyway food for thought speculate away I look forward to what you all think 😉

      • Maybe it´s not a loss of something physical, but maybe it has to do something with his soul? Like that he will lose one of his features that Sarah values so much? Like a trust in people (in Sarah, maybe?)? Or his “innocence” (that he will shoot someone who stays dead for a change?)
        I am not sure about the Intersect because it would kind of made the whole “an ordinary guy gets an Intersect” pointless. We now know he isn´t “an ordinary guy” but I think you know what I mean…do you know what I mean? 😀

      • I DO know what you mean! 🙂 And you could be right Ella. Over the last few episode we have seen Chuck be a bit more Calculating in his decisions and actions in the spy world. Not to say that he isn’t still the same “Chuck” that we all know and love. I think that the life he’s chosen certainly takes its toll on him and may force him into a situation with no good resolution. So you could be correct perhaps it’s his soul that takes a hit not his abilities. Either way should be an awesome episode. 😉

  4. Anyone else think that judging by the last clip from the spoiler clips and the fact that Chuck feels that he has to prove himself that they trade Mama B for escape or lose her at some point in the escape from the bank?

  5. If Chuck joined his mother and went rogue that would be awesome :D.. Just kidding since that’s pretty much not going to happen… I think that the “setback” is Chuck helps Mama B escape CIA custody… But I don’t see why Chuck’s career as a spy and his relationship with Sarah should depend on each other.. But we’ll see soon enough I guess..

  6. louzeyre@yahoo.com

    Kinda worried about what the loss may be. I suspect it has something to do with losing Mama B, but watching the previews I did, wonder whether the whole thing with Tuttle and the disks might be a ruse to get Chuck to let Mamma B and Tuttle into the Orion Cave. So maybe its something in there?

  7. Apart from looking forward to Jayne-River, er, Casey-Greta interaction, I’d like to see Jeff and Greta outo each other on looking weird.

  8. To all dudes and gals who think that Sarah and Chuck may break up- relax! They wont simply because the producers and writters will lose a lot of cash if they do that. Anyway, they will have relationship problems though, which in fact is quite understandable given their situation.

    And honestly at this synopsis the only thing that bothers me is what on earth can be so bad that can make chuck fear for his professional and personal future. Personally, i think that he will make a mistake that could have cost Sarah’s life, smth like that. If he realises he is the reason Sarah might have died for real, then their relationship will be in trouble for a 1-2 episodes.

  9. The Intersect does not seem to be working as well as it has in the past. I thought Sarah said that nothing could happen that would take away from her love for Chuck–did that just last for a couple of episodes?? Are we going to have some conclusion on Mama B–will it be resoved to some extent this coming week—Perhaps she will be reintroduced in a couple of episodes with additional questions to be resolved.

  10. Let’s just remember that November is sweeps month, so they are going to ramp up the drama a few degrees……

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  12. Well, the only way Chuck would have a loss – that might end his career – and his relationship with Sarah – Is if they are part of the same event!
    If Sarah gets captured – or sacrifices herself for Chuck and the team –
    well- Chuck only has himself to blame….

  13. And here I thought we didn’t have to worry about that ‘will they/won’t they’ stuff with their relationship. Wonder what the ‘major loss’ is..

    • Well Chuck will most probably freak out until he understands what happened to the Intersect. And before Chuck’s brain is “fully operational” he will try to prove to everyone he is the old spy. Eventually Sarah will tell him she loves Chuck for who he is. I am looking forward to seeing that scene where their love is just out of bounds.

  14. ultimatechucklover

    after the newest episode that came out tonight i think they are now referring to him losing the intersect in his brain…which sucks i hope that chris and joshua stick to their word about not putting things in between chuck and sarah cause if they do they might lose viewers of the show. which will sad for them considering the show is already in danger.

  15. Near the end when were chuck thinks the intersect is gone well it can’t be possible as his mom shows him the images and says “your father wanted you to see this” now if his father wanted him to see it when chuck did’nt have the intersect it can’t get rid of the intersect so ponder on what it could be maybe a version of the intersect that gives him more brain or muscle power

    • She actually said, “Chuck, your father never wanted you to see this. But I know now that he was wrong.”

      • That’s a good catch, Patrick – if Orion never meant for Chuck to have the Intersect, then what Mary showed him could have been a good thing. It’s tough to guess her intentions – maybe Mary showing him that thing was, along with giving Sarah the razor blade, one of the major turning points of the episode, season, and the entire series.

        I’ve always felt weird about the whole season 3 subplot with the Intersect messing with Chuck’s brain. I hoped that wearing the Governor/watch wouldn’t be a crutch, and I’m glad they haven’t mentioned it at all this season.

        I wonder if Mary showing Chuck the images meant that the Intersect is permanently cemented into Chuck’s brain, and that he no longer has to flash to access his abilities. He just has to know and believe that they are a part of him, free to use at will. This could remove the glitchy nature of the 2.0, and maybe put him beyond any further Intersect manipulation.

        On the other hand, if the Intersect is truly gone, then Chuck has to rely on all the growth he has gone through to be a good spy on his own terms. Maybe he can fight a bit. Maybe he has to rely on Sarah more now. Maybe he will regain the Intersect.

        Overall, though, I hope that what Mary did was a good thing. Maybe what she used was something Orion didn’t want to, in that it would install or lock in the Intersect permanently. Could be that Orion wanted the Intersect to be removable all along, and Mary has decided that it’s time that Chuck’s intersect needed to be beyond manipulation. In effect, that means that what she did to Chuck wasn’t to mess with him, but to prevent him from being messed with from here on out.

      • some guy named john

        A lot of odd things happened at the end of the last episode.
        Frost didn’t give up the info that her son is Chuck, or that Orion was his father, so does Volkov know Frost was married to Orion?
        Elle’s new Mustang has Orion tech. I want to know where that goes.

        I’ve been thinking the intersect is now a more permanent part of Chucks mind. I think next episode we will find out that his skills wont need flashing they will just be second nature. His new training he will get will help him work past the fears and second guessing that has plagued him for the last few seasons, and not have him rely on the hope he flashes. I hope this is the case.

        Two peculiar things was Frost knew what to look for in the Orion basement and of Chuck’s abilities, so what was on that PSP? It also makes me think that Orion was in contact with Frost at least to some degree.

        The story lost traction with the whole Triangle floppy disks. How would Frost or Volkov know that Orion had one still.

        I’m actually more excited to hear Rob Riggle will be on the show. Sure a few Firefly jokes will be good with Glau, but Riggle is just an amazing funny man who can actually dish out the pain. The man was a real Marine before switching to comedy. Watch him in the movie Killers he has an amazing fight scene with Aston Kutcher.

      • it was chuck that knew where the floppy disks could be played on a computer in los angeles

      • Yes but they must of known why else would they use it to trick chuck and sarah, they must of known he had one they wouldnt risk it otherwise

  16. The box Mary obtained the PSP from was called EURYBIA this may reference eurybia the greek goddess she was the goddess of the mastery of the seas. She seems to have presided over the external forces which influenced the main, including the rise of the constellations and seasonal weather, and the power of the winds. Don’t know where the show could be going with this its just a hunch really, it may hint to how chuck has lost the emotion and everything that comes with it i.e pain,regret and possibly love. We may see a change in our beloved chuck (personally I hope i’m wrong)

  17. I doubt his new training has any impact–I think when he is put under real stress (not training) the Intersect with all of Papa B’s lifetime of work included suddenly is activated to save the day.

  18. I think the spec is referring to Chuck’s ability to use the intersect. My guess is that MamaB gave him a super refresh of all of Orion’s data (so it isn’t lost) and Chuck just can’t process it all yet. He will revert to less confident Chuck and doubt himself. He then proceeds to have to “prove himself” with the new agent of the week. Something will have to happen to force Chuck to “reboot” again and he’ll be fine. Just my take!

  19. More answers may be in 4.09 than 4.08–looks like Sarah may be putting herself in jeopardy to save her man–hope it is soon–cannot stand Chuck’s whining.