PHOTOS: Chuck Episode 4.09 (SPOILERS)

I hope you all are sitting down. The promotional stills for Chuck episode 4.09, “Chuck vs. Phase Three” don’t include a single photo of Chuck…but it looks like we’re going to get a healthy dose of Sarah Walker being awesome as she goes hand-to-hand with a scary looking dude in some sort of fighting ring. Mortal Kombat, anyone? Casey and Morgan are along for the ride as backup. Wondering what’s going on? The episode synopsis might help. “Chuck vs. Phase Three” airs Monday, November 22 at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. Wow…I am beyond psyched for this episode! Between Sarah’s turn in the kickboxing ring and Morgan packing serious heat, this looks, well, awesome!!!

  2. Sarah Walker is awesome. Muay Thai is awesome. Therefore, this episode will be epic.

  3. Awesome woman….. Faithing with the big guy, ya..hoo… Sarah

  4. This seems like an epic episode, I cant wait for the next 3 weeks 🙂

  5. And Chuck???? Were’s Chuck???? It means that 3×08 has a epic end??

  6. 3.09 looks good–If 3.10 is the last episode until the end of 2010 or the first part of 2011 I hope it does not leave us hanging in a bad place. I appreciate season 4 but having a fan base live through long term interruptions is asking a lot. However a continuing season 4 without angst and a great season 5 would be adequate compensation.

    • I think the last episode until Jan being the Thanksgiving episode means that we wont be in a bad place.

      Prepare to be heartwarmed.

  7. Yeah Sarah! this episode is going to be freaking awesome!

  8. Oh. my. GOD. I so wish I could kick as much a$$ as Sarah …

  9. i think this is pretty sweet of sarah cux shes doing this to help chuck 🙂

    • yeah she is gona be like a wild tigress fighting for her Chuck 😀 that will be a sight no one can imagine. Can’t wait :d

  10. I wonder if the gang has to flee there because of the Belgion after the intersect. I’m loving this season already and a Casey/Sarah moment where can I sign? lol 🙂

  11. Sarah on a rogue mission to help/protect/save Chuck, not sure which but sounds good to me. Also, these photos are of one particular scene only. I’m sure Chuck is around somewhere and we will get a nice resolution of all of this…

  12. …and one more thing. Sarah’s hands are covered in all of the photos. Perhaps there’s an engagement ring under there. Just a thought…

    • Typically fighters cover thier hands to prevent their opponant from bleeding not to protect thier own hands (and rings would be taken off). But that is also just typically.

      • It’s part of the rules to put the hands in gloves. Sarah may be a nak muay farang, but I’m sure she’ll want (or have to agree) with stable rules to fight.

  13. The ep will probably be a bit light on Chuck/Zac Levi since he needed some time away from in front of the cameras in order to prep for directing episode 4.10.

  14. How does this show not get better ratings?

  15. Hey, Im new Here, but ive gotta agree with Nicks comment, that this is definatly gonna be an awesome episode, with the kick a** sarah that we all know back. and the fact that she is fighting for “her chuck” goers to prove the lengths that Sarah will go to look after chuck. True Love

  16. Also may i add, is it me, or does Morgan look rather serious as if hes really trying to prove himself in the spy world, Im thinking caseys training is really paying off, however i do hope there is some of the buymoron left in him 🙂

  17. wow…can’t wait for this episode! Is anyone else wondering if that’s a real gun Morgan has? Cause he actually looks pretty legit. Or is it another one of Casey’s unloaded guns? I wonder if they’ll ever make it official and give morgan a badge……

    • My money is on paintball pistol or its unloaded. Casey would never give him a real gun no matter how dire the situation, it would not be pretty.

      • I dont know because morgan did save the whole team in iran and nearly killed him self to save the team he changed his mind about him dating alex, morgan is growing on casey you can tell

      • Yes i have to agree, i think Morgan proved himself in iran, as a potential spy, but as much as Casey is softer now and morgan is growing on him i dont believe he woudl trust him yet with a loaded gun, we all know what happened in season 3 with a detonator 🙂

      • ohh yeh lol maybe a bit too soon i guess but he did have broken thumbs maybe its a trank gun because last time morgan fired a gun when training in castle it flew in the air.

  18. This could be a type of initiation into gaining access into a bad guy group. Cover posing as Mercenaries for hire?

  19. Damn! Morgan looks like a real badass. A far cry from the first time he discharged a weapon and the recoil sent it flying from his hands.

  20. Looks like a great episode. I wonder if Chuck snd Sara willever spa at castle. It would be interesting as to who would win!

  21. This is looking like the best kickbutt episode since Tic Tac. Not only Sarah, but look at Morgan all grown up with a gun at the ready.

    I think they should show two episodes this week. I’m not sure I can wait an extra week for this episode.

  22. can´t remember of seeing so many promotional pics from all chuck seasons!
    this is awesome and great for yvonne.
    i never find this promo pics at
    how this works. anybody know?

  23. One word: AWESOME!!!

  24. Okay, I know this comment is expected from a Casey lover like me, but he looks awesome in these pics as well. He looks so proud and supportive of his spy partner, and that’s the Casey I love the most. This episode will be amazing!

    • IKR? I’m a Casey lover myself. and he looks so BA with that gun (he always does. 😉 ) A great partner/brother figure to Sarah, and I love that shirt Adam’s wearing he’s hot lol 🙂

  25. In honeymooners chuck said he could never hit a girl, let alone spa with the love of his life. The intersect only works as well as his feelings about sarah are in line and settled, he could never use the intersect to hurt her, so sarah would definately win. Chuck would just let her attack him, but she would not hurt him.

    • Additionally, if you’ll remember in “Three Words”, no matter how Sarah goaded him to attack her with the bo, he never could (after which Sarah floored him).

      • I have to agree with you both, i dont think they would ever have a big argument or fing each other like that, as Sarah is chucks kryptonite as well as hero, The intersect can only operate at its best when his emotions are in check with Sarah, he could never use this to hurt her. and Sarah would definitely floor him,

  26. Jean-Claude Van Damme is hiding under his bed in sheer terror right about now….

    • LOL I have to agree, these clips definitely remind me of the film Kickboxer. and I think Sarah would defiantly floor him, anyway how could any bloke fight with her I know i wouldn’t be able to concentrate long enough :p

  27. Her hands are wearing the same cloth wrap then rolled in glue then into cut glass as in Van Damn’s Kick Boxer.

  28. This episode looks complete awesome, season 4 is shaping out better than season 3 and that was by far a great season. How am i going to survive all december without chuck 🙁 AAAAHAHAHAH

  29. Awesome stills, loving this season! Sarah is just amazing, chuck is going to have to raise his game to deserve her!

    I very much doubt that Morgans gun is loaded, as Dr Bob mentioned the last time he fired a live round the gun flew out of his hands!!

    Is it just me or is Morgan trying to dress like Indiana Jones? No hat but he may have just lost it!!

  30. Regarding the “Mortal Kombat-esque” look of this fight scene:

    If at any point during this fight sequence, Morgan shouts “FINISH HIM!!!”, I’ll totally lose it! X-D

  31. Is it just me or has no one pointed out how stunning sarah looks in these stills, if chucks not part of this scene which he looks he isnt, hes definitely missing out, on his woman fighting for “her chuck”

  32. Did anyone notice that in the 4th picture with morgan and casey and sarah that casey has a slight smile on his face? (: Where is CHUCK

  33. FINALLY! Morgan with a BFG!!! Although it looks more like a modded Desert Eagle by Magnum Research. . .but still, I’m surprised that The Col. didn’t simply give him a Walther PPK or something smaller.

  34. Also gotta love how it seems that Morgan is trying to be more like Col. Casey!. . .he isn’t trying to impress the man that he may one day gladly call dad!? haha

  35. I would be very surprised if that Desert Eagle look a like is actually loaded. Unless Morgan somehow makes great progress in his gun handling in the next episode I don’t see how that thing could be loaded. I’m also wondering how all you people are saying that Sarah is fighting for her Chuck as if you know it definitively. I haven’t seen anything that actually says that’s what she’s doing in this scene, but maybe I missed something. Anyway, this episode is awesome and this whole season has been awesome.

    • Although. . .The Col. could always make a tranc gun out of anything really, so Morgan may think it’s a deadly .50 when it’s actually just got tranc darts

  36. I wonder if Yvonne could teach me how the give the “I’m gonna drop you like 3rd period French” Look that she has in the second picture.

  37. I think what would make this scene cooler would be if she was fighting for ‘her chuck’ and in that second picture she has that “Im gonna kill you” look on because they have done something to Chuck(:

    • after the last episode i think it pretty much seals the deal that she is fighting for her “chuck” i think chuck needs to wear a sign in the future, “Start on me, and meet my Mrs” lol as the preview for chuck vs the phase 3 looks awesome, and now man is going to get in her way of finding chuck. roll on to the next episode.

  38. So I just watched the new promo for the Chuck vs Phase Three…..and Wow. That short 16 seconds really gave me a different perspective on this episode. From the photo’s above and the end of episode 8/1st promo for episode 9 we see Sarah is clearly upset/angry and of course will fight for Chuck and do whatever it takes to find him. She absolutely loves Chuck and as we’ve seen in season 2 would quite literally kill for him. The question I ask myself.. is that this behavior really out of the ordinary for Sarah? In Seasons 1/2 the “Claws” so to speak have come out before and she’s taken and dealt blows to a whole slew of baddies to protect her fella even if at the time they may not have been “together” she clearly had strong feelings for him and at the very least was her responsibility.

    Now you may ask yourself “Ok Syris…what’s your point?” Well my point is that after seeing that 16 second promo I think something has changed. In that promo we really I think get a glimpse of just intense Rage/desperation. It’s not “You took Chuck, you’re going down” its “I’m going to rip your still beating heart out of your chest” The feeling I get is she is willing to do, if not “IS” going to burn every bridge she has to in order to get him back even with people she cares about. We see her literally walking away from a Imprisoned Casey with no remorse at all. I honestly get the sense that she would be willing to toss just about anyone under the bus to get back what she loves or perhaps a better term for it at this point is NEEDS. Now obviously we can’t be sure of all that’s happening here as its only a 16 second clip, but I think what she says speaks volumes. She claims she’s different without Chuck and she doesn’t like it. This to me is more than just a “Sarah loves Chuck” moment this feels like absolute desperation. Now please don’t misunderstand, I’m extremely excited for this episode, in no way am I saying this is a negative…far from it. I think we’ll see a LOT of raw emotion from Sarah which for many, myself included, is very welcomed. We’ve wanted to see her really explode with some uncensored feelings that she clearly has and has had difficulty expressing.

    I just think the “Explosion of Emotion” that were hoping to see isn’t going to just be all love and happiness. I think we’ll see that ruthless side really come to light here and what’s more she knows it, dislikes it, but will none the less use that side of her personality to get Chuck back whatever the cost. It almost seems like Chuck is Sarah’s “governor” so to speak. Evens her out makes her feel whole. And to her even the slightest chance of losing that is more then she can possibly bare. To lie, cheat, steal, or kill anyone ANYWHERE would be a small price to pay in her eyes if it means she gets Chuck back.

    • Completly agree with you, Syris. This time is different, she is fighting with anger in order to have her Chuck back. Also keep in mind that he is not just a boyfriend, Chuck is way everything to her, is her home. And considerating of all Sarah´s historic as a cold blooded and unloved spy, that for years was just doing her job, Chuck has brought something else, Chuck loved Sarah for what she is (a spy), for her feelings, always helping her when she most needed, like when they went to the 10 years meeting with Sarah´s old high school mates, or meeting her con dad. There are many more, I´m just bringing some as an example, to show how Chuck was always really kind to her. So it´s like she said, she is different without Chuck, and she doesn´t like it, which means, no one should like it either, considering what she´s capable of. 🙂 Like many of you, I´m glad to see some raw emotions, anger and ass kicking from Sarah, it will be a great episode.

    • Dude, well said! I think this episode has the chance to take this season and show to a whole different level! I can’t wait to see it!

  39. Well, I can´t wait any longer 😀

  40. I’m so glad the last exam I have is English on Tuesday. Not much studying for that the night before 🙂

    As for the episode, I’m wondering if they at all address Chuck’s absence when it comes to Ellie and Awesome. Two episodes in a row without them is not awesome. Regardless, if the whole episode is Sarah being badass then there will be zero complaints on my side. For Chuck, though, obviously he’s not going to forget Sarah completely, but what if maybe only temporarily he forgot her and when she finally gets to him he doesn’t recognize her? A potentially heartbreaking moment that I don’t think Shwedak would do to fans, but would be very poignant. I bet this will be Yvonne’s favorite episode for a long time to come.

    Unleash the Sarah.