First Look: Chuck Episode 4.10 (SPOILERS)

NBC has released a single promo still for Chuck episode 4.10, “Chuck vs. the Leftovers”, and I think I finally get the reference. WARNING: If you’re at all worried about Chuck’s fate after this week’s cliffhanger, then this is a big ol’ spoiler!

Zachary Levi stars as Chuck Bartowski
Have some leftovers, Chuck.

Look, it’s Chuck! He’s not dead! He’s happily nom nom nomming on some Thanksgiving leftovers! So obviously Sarah, Casey and Morgan’s mission to rescue him in episode 4.09 is successful, and he certainly looks happy to be home, but I think this photo gives away the timeline and possibly some of the tension from 4.09.

What if Thanksgiving is during episode 4.09 and while the rest of the team is off saving Chuck, Ellie is fretting over a Thanksgiving dinner that no one attends? Could that be the episode when she finds out that Chuck is still a spy? How else can they explain his absence? As a result, the big meal is moved to the day after Thanksgiving, thus the titular “leftovers” and the presence of Mama B and her surprise “date”, Volkoff. What do you think?

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  1. The idea about 4.09 taking place on Thanksgiving Day, hence the time of 4.10 being on the day after certainly makes sense, and would absolutely provide a good way for Ellie to get wise to Chuck still being a spy.

    • New greta …Laura Vandervoort or eliza dushku. Hands down. as far as the new epi of chuck on 11/22/10 A mazing!!

  2. I wasn’t worried. When you’ve got Sarah aka the female Rambo for a girlfriend you come home safe and sound. But I HAD to tell you how much I love the use of the expression “nom nom nomming” LOL!

  3. Agreed with the nom nom phrasing lol. On a side note, the arguing between Chuck and Sarah finally got realistic this past episode. I’ve been waiting for a truthful outburst like that this whole season 😀

  4. I also note that he still has the Governor on.

  5. Yes i have to also poitn out what Kon says, its os good to notice he is still wearing the governer, as this has not been mentioned at all through the season so far. I also think that it may be time that ellie finds out about chucks extra curricular activities (and i dont mean with sarah) however volkoff is brave coming inot a house with the whole team there, especially what episode 4:09 is looking like,i deffinatly do not want to see anyone get on the wrong side of sarah especially regarding chuck

  6. I may be the only one feeling this, but i really dont want ellie to find out about chuck still being a spy. Well, not until futher on. i still like the whole secret idea.

    • Why you guy’s keep thinking Ellie dont know Chuck’s a spy,remember the end of Coup… !!! ” Your pretty good at that spy stuf are’nt you…you seem so alive back there ..i dont think i realy realized what you’d gaving up for me …yes you did and it must have been difficult and i just want to tell you that i’am so glad you have a life now that we can talk about No secrets…”

      Beside about Chuck eating some leftovers,(nom nom nomming)maybe he’s a litle numb numb…LOL he will get better dont worry 🙂

      • The life she’s referring to is his job at the Buy More and the fact that his girlfriend and another friend are spies. She still doesn’t know that he’s a spy.

      • Hmmm your shure about that ,maybe i am wrong ,and when her Mom is in custidy she keep thinking Chuck’s not invold !!!now she know more about her father and mom being spy’s ,anyway hmmm yeah i must be wrong…:)

  7. Im not sure if anyone else has thought this or brought it up but if Ellie is supposed to help Chuck regain the intersect she will have to realise Chuck is a spy, accept Chuck is a spy, and be willing to facilitate him being a spy. She hasn’t in the past been happy about it so I’m curious if she is to help him with it why she would go further then getting chuck back to pre intersect normalacy.

    • Actually I think the intersect will be regained by a cataclysmic event. In the past we have seen that the only time Chuck will do things that he won’t normally do is when Sarah is in danger. I think it will be an event where Sarah is in danger and Chuck needs to call upon the intersect to save the day so to speak.


      • Yes, I totally agree with that. I think the Intersect will be reactivated when Sarah’s life gets put in serious jeopardy. In the Aisle of Terror, it was revealed that her getting shot was one of his worst fears. Plus, we all know what caused the 2.0 to activate for the first time in the end of the Ring: the Ring agent pointed a gun at Sarah in front of Chuck.

  8. Wow! The Belgian still has Chuck captive and he’s dreaming about the holidays. 😉

  9. Let’s see, Ellie knows that her dad was a spy, her mother is a spy, Sarah is a spy, Casey is a spy, she knows that Chuck used to be a spy and now she receives a gift from her spy father who died over 5 months ago. Something tells me that she will be figuring the truth out about Chuck and her mother sooner rather than later.

  10. I think chuck lost his memory, with all the things the belgian did to him, so when mama B and volkoff came for thanksgiving, chuck doesn’t know who they are… he’s too happy in that picture..i belive there’s something rare in that happiness. right?

  11. Hum… No trace of worry or angst, a vacant but vaguely “happy” look on Chuck’s face…

    Gasp! I think our boy has been lobotomised! HE’S A ZOMBIE! Oh NOOOSSS!

    As for the Intersect in his head, “Sometimes a governor is just a watch,” Freud once said. 😉

  12. I totatlly agree with Polly and Joe: Chuck has been lobotomised!! Maybe the meaning of the name is the “leftovers” of Chuck’s memories 🙂

    • I hope that he remembers at least Sarah because that would suck…3,5 years of painful fights for her to admit her love to him and he wont remember it. Ouch… that would be darn stupid if they did it. He might be happy to be just alive though. I strongly hope it is that.

  13. He may not be dead but he could be lobotomized.


  14. I would love to see chuck forget who he is for a while and maybe pick a fight against sarah because he thinks shes a enemy something like that for a episode and sarah tries everything to get him back.

    • Sarah would really be fighting for the leftovers (and probably confused and desperate as hell) at that point and so would Volkof because at that point he would just like season 1 Chuck completely corruptable and with no knowledge of friends and enemies. It could give Ellie an angle in though because at that point it would give the neropsyc background a point and she would help Sarah to get him back at least for her own sake. I doubt it though because that would be a complete kick in the _____ for the fans making the last 4 seasons nearly pointless.

      • I agree that I don’t think he should forget about Sarah. If he does, then it can’t be for too long (not longer than 1 episode) because it would be very risky. Considering what the fans have been through, if they are going to go in that direction, they need to be very careful about it.

  15. If he has amnesia , it would be neatif he forgot everything post Intersect including Sarah. She makes him feel happy though and Ellie approves so he goes along with things and everything’s going pretty good in spite of the lost memories ( the flashing convinces him they are telling the truth) . He starts to remember Sarah but he remembers the bad parts first . This would force them to work through these things instead of glossing over them.

    • That could be interesting. Him needing to flash on himself and others to remember who they are? Imagine trying to remember Casey on that info alone! I wouldn’t want him to have some permanent damage and have to re-learn certain things with Sarah though. “Will they, won’t they? They did but then he forgot.” That would be downright evil.

    • That sounds the plot of “Chuck vs. the Clip Show.”

  16. Short-term memory loss could be interesting. It could be funny for him to forget that he can flash. I imagine that could be very strange (and make for some humorous scenarios). Maybe he needs to forget what he knows now to get the intersect to work again? What if he forgets what the “psychological rock” is?

  17. i don’t think he could have memory loss because he’s smiling in that picture. It would be very disorienting and confusing– not a time to be smiling. That face is his “I’m smiling on the outside but on the inside I don’t know what to do!!!!”

  18. That face looks like a fake smile. Like “Man this is good..” and then his mom walks in and all the sudden it’s like “Oh crap..”

  19. is this the episode in which zachary levi directs?

  20. Really hoping, but not expecting that the Belgian has somehow or will alter Chuck’s mind per Volkoff to make him some sort of unwilling double agent. Aka a mole or some sort of intense brainwashing to make him secretly work against his own team.

    Take the whole approach of Star Wars that if he is turned that only good can bring him back from the dark side. Such as Ellie inheriting an intersect or something. I don’t know, just spinning my wheels here.

  21. you guyz rock! keep going ur theories, i like reading all those hehehe:))

  22. Chuck looks happy! Of course he has no idea what his name is and he started the meal without using a knife, fork or spoon and he can only communicate by grunting (something Casey taught him).

    • What if the only thing left that Chuck can access is the intersect? What if what makes Chuck who he is, is lost for a short period of time. The gov’t would get the weapon they always wanted. They could figure out what they had (in Chuck) was much better than what they wanted (a weapon). Most people would worry about how Sarah would handle it, but I think Casey would have a tougher time.

  23. Well guys all that theories are awesome, but I’ll go with this short time memory loss, and also brain wash, The Belgian, convince him that he works for Volkoff the CIA & NSA are the enemies and he has to work with them as double agent to get intel back to Volkoff and his mom.
    He considered Sarah, Casey and the General as enemies, Sarah and Ellie tried to get him back, and he becomes a real super spy with no fear and all the intersect power.
    Scary right?

  24. Tonight’s episode was fantastic! The blonde she-male rules!

  25. OMG, I can’t believe what I just saw, it was amazing, really the She-Male rocks.
    They really bring every human emotion with Sarah in tonights episode, and all the wildness and furious too. They revived the trully spirit spy in Sarah, awesome. Five thumbs up!

  26. Wow. Tonights episode was definitely the best so far. ( of the season)
    So, I’m dying to know what was on ellie’s computer! And what about the intersect? And the proposal?!

  27. Why is he still wearing the Governor???

    • I guess he is still using it because it also works as a watch, and also he still has the Intersect just that mamma B, did something to blocked it, and until now its working, he can’t flash, because of something.

  28. Ok now we know why Chuck has the forced look on his face. And as a side bar anyone else see the potential for a ton of Star Wars references in 4×10 like being tempted to join the dark side with his parent (unfortunately no “I am your father” moments) having to look out for a sister without a special skill (intersect or force) after being recently handicaped (losing the intersect or a hand courtesy of the parent in question) the only question for me is will or who will pull an Obe Wan Kenobi. Really liked this week’s, stoked for next.

  29. I must also agree with the other about the last episode was complete awesome. Best episode of the season so far. an award should go to Yvonne as she was superb this episode, real true emotion, and the last scene mad eme cry just like the last scene of the chuck vs the fear of death. All these great charah moments are really effecting me 🙂 cant wait to see what is in store for the proposal. however what ever chuck does it cant possibly be more romantic than his original plan of on the beach at the end of the 1 episode of season 1 episode. next best place is in the buy more 🙂

    • I totally agree with u, the giant blond SHE-Male was totally awesome. Totally referenced to Kill Bill, and i also loved the soundtrack of the Sarah action scenes Woman, was just perfect.

  30. 4.09 was good-I enjoyed Sarah’s passion in her search for Chuck and the fight scenes were terrific–I did not like Chuck still being without the Intersect. In 4.10 I am wondering why Chuck’s mother and her evil friend come back into Chuck’s life–they evidently want something from Chuck or the family–I hope we are not left in the air for the month of December–it is tough enough to keep viewers now.–Are we getting close to a formal proposal? A wedding in season 4? What about the computer in Ellie’s possession? Will it be relevent in helping Chuck get back the Intersect or has Ellie suddenly had an Intersect planted in her head? Will the storyline for Chuck’s mom end with episode 13? Lots of questions, hopefully we will get some answers in the not to distant future. Plenty to keep us interested!

  31. I wondering what on computer for Ellie?! Is she going show it to chuck?

  32. as much as I loved 4.09. 4.10 is disappointing. All characters look like puppets on a string, flat, no depth. was it Zachary directing? I don’t know. That would be a something for insiders to talk about.

    Looking forward to 4.11, though.

  33. SpecialAgentChuckles

    wild guess: Volkoff is Chuck and Ellie’s maternal grandfather.