SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 4.14 Title

SpoilerTV reports that the title of Chuck episode 4.14, which would air in February 2011, is “Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible.” Which begs the question: who is being seduced? And who is doing the seducing? And who is teaching the seduction? Someone we know?

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  1. A jealousy episode.

  2. Pulling for Sarah!

    This would be one aspect of the spy game that could test Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. “Sexpionage” I believe it was called in an episode of “The Undercovers”

    • “Sexpionage?!?!”lol No wonder I never bothered to watch that show. Though I agree this will test Chuck and Sarah. This should be fun.

  3. I think it would be great if it was Chuck who had to seduce the Mark. Sarah being the master spy will say she’s fine with it because its just part of the job, but then we will get to see from her reactions she is anything but fine.

  4. The original “Seduction” ep in season 2 featured John Larroquette as Roan Montgomery. It would be so cool for history to repeat.

  5. Morgan’s the one that has to be doing the seducing.

  6. “Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible”…I would have rather have it switched around “Chuck vs. the Impossible Seduction”.

    • I think they called it that in order to make it as similar as possible to Chuck Vs. The Seduction (due to a possible Roan comeback?)

      I would love to see Roan return, but would also love to see Chuck bust out the eyebrows again! 🙂 All jokes aside, it would be great if the writers explored the jealousy and insecurity that Sarah shows in Chuck Vs. The Suitcase. Considering how beautiful she is, it would be funny to see her getting worked up over Chuck’s mark.

    • It is possible they wanted the title to sound like Mission Impossible. I don’t know.

      • I think that is exactly what they are going for. I don’t see why people are getting so anxious about this title. It’s episdoe 4.13, so it’s the first right after the conclusion of the initial story arc. This is going to be a lighthearted episode. I could see the person having to do the seduction being Morgan with Chuck in the van trying to coach him on.

  7. Maybe Roan Montgomery is supposed to seduce Mama B. If Papa B is her type than Roan definitely wouldn’t be. Unless he’s gone through rehab and therapy.

    I’d like to see the character again. I felt sorry for him because in spite of his confidence and young women hanging around ,he seems like a lonely character. If he got sick no one would be there to take care of him. He really seems to be trying to drink and screw himself to death. I was sad when it was shown that Beckman had some other man in her bedroom. I wanted them to hookup for good.It would do them both good as long as he stopped drinking and didn’t cheat.

  8. hmmmm…this is fun..im guessing sarah will seduce someone(the ,mark) then chuck is not comfortable..lol that will be fun to watch..

  9. I have no idea who would annoy me the least, or I would actually like seducing who… but I really do hope Roan’s back. I want to see a bunch of old characters come back and see Chuck and Sarah together and be full of “what the…?”

    Mostly Jill. That would be awkward and fun.

  10. Three wild speculations

    1.There is a male mark from whom the CIA needs to extract info. They use all types of female agents to seduce him, but fail. So, it’s like a seduction mission that looks impossible. Enter Beckman, who thinks that Sarah can pull it off and assigns her the mission despite her protests.

    2.Chuck is tasked with seducing an evil “brunette” spy (similar to Sasha) and Sarah gets unbearably jealous – I like this more because jealous Sarah is a treat to watch (claws come out) while jealous Chuck gives off a more wounded puppy vibe.

    In either of the above two scenarios, both Chuck and Sarah will face some hard questions. Maybe they realize that there are some things which they just cannot do now – being so much in love that they find it impossible to carry out the mission.

    3.Chuck is asked to do a seduction mission. He refuses and points towards Morgan as the one to do it. Enter Roan, who will try to help Morgan. Let the comedy flow.

  11. Chuck Versus The Seduction was one of the funniest episodes, hope this one this will beat it! 🙂

  12. Casey has to do some apologizing (and attempted seducing) when Alex and Morgan announce they’re serious and Alex urges him to reconnect with Kathleen. So he has to go meet Kathleen again and explain what the heck happened in Honduras.

    It’s the Seduction Impossible because Caswey keeps trying to use spy moves on her and Kathleen has no patience for lies and lines especially given what Casey put her through by being young and naive, and wishes he’d just be straightforward already.

    Not going to happen, of course, but it would be interesting to have Chuck once again urging Casey to fight for someone he loves. I really do think Kathleen/Casey needs some kind of resolution, particularly given that Alex is firmly in his life.

    • Pulling for Sarah!

      I agree. What does Alex tell her mom, nothing about Casey. What about Morgan, has he met Alex’s mom? We know how Morgan lets things slip sometimes. There needs to be some resolution with Casey and Kathleen.

      Are we ever going to find out about Sarah’s mom? Maybe she was in the CIA, similar situation as Chuck’s family.

  13. I hope this is not the episode were Yvonne learns pole dancing??

    • Good call forgot about that. Thats definitely in this episode becuase frankly were else would it fit with what we know now?

  14. morgan has to seduce someone and somehow alex sees it, now that would be interesting

  15. what if chuck is trying to seduce sarah??????

  16. I’ll vote for Morgan doing both the seduction and the pole dancing! Can you imagine Sarah giving him lessons in the apartment like Awesome gave Chuck Tango lessons? Alex would be mad too, which would be interesting because Casey warned Morgan to never hurt her.

  17. It’s gonna be one of the awesomest!