VIDEO: New Chuck Promo!

NBC aired a new promo for Chuck today, including footage from episode 4.12, “Chuck vs. the Gobbler”. New episodes of Chuck return January 17.

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  1. Awesome, awesome promo!

  2. saw this promo several times during football today on NBC. sounds good to me!


  4. This promo was absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait for January 17th!!!

    Regarding the “Hello, boys” moment: Thank. You. God. 😀

  5. Of course Chuck likes it, she’s a brunette there.

    Longest. Week. Ever.

  6. Awesome!!!~~ 🙂

  7. Thank god there’s no limit on the replay button.

  8. im pretty sure i saw chuck in prison????

  9. He’ll want to be diplomatic about asking her to wear the wig “at home”.

  10. I love Sarah’s playful “hello boys” directed towards the three gentlemen of team Bartowski. Also, I want to know what Chuck and Sarah are toasting to at 0:07. Looking forward to these two episodes leading up to 4.13 …

  11. I’m really wondering what Volkoff is up to in that scene.

    Is it the 17th yet?

  12. It needs to be Jan 17 NOW!

  13. @ChuckFan50: I’m betting the toast is for Awesome & Ellie’s new baby!

    • Perhaps, but somewhere I read that a baby will arrive on episode 4.13. Of course, I don’t really know…

  14. Ugh! A whole week! CAN’T WAIT!

  15. I love it, Miranda Lawson is the reason I got into Chuck in the first place and the only thing I like more than Chuck is the ME franchise. I have a full size signed Miranda litho (signed by the artist not Yvonne) framed on my wall, its great! Only thing that could’ve made her outfit better was if Yvonne added more volume to her hair, kinda layered it with waves, dyed it more a dark brunette than black, and it was cut just beyond shoulder length. Then it’d be almost a mirror image since BW used Yvonne’s face for ME2 but the body was more voluptuous. Still since this look will probably only be for a few episodes I wouldn’t want them to do anything too permanent as Sarah looks best in her usual blonde look. Anyway cannot wait! Especially if they have Yvonne shout out a few Miranda lines:

    “And stop smiling damnit!” and… “I settle for nothing but the best.” come to mind in particular.

    • I would assume it is a wig so will be a fleating appearance. I am hoping for a comment something like ‘although I love you whatever your hair colour I prefer you A blonde.’

  16. spoiler alert!!!! Sarah’s hair is temporary and it is a minor thing in episode 12!

  17. So the waiting for new Chuck is over and they offer 20 seconds long promo, most of which is Sarah looking like…ehm, not like an agent at all. I don´t know what is she supposed to be, or if is it some Alias reference again but I am beginning to think they got beyond the geeky stuff and stayed fixed on Yvonne, dressed in sexy clothes. Without any spy plot, with just couply stuff and some not funny Morgan stuff. Sigh. I am beginning to fall between people who say that Chuck really got worse in S4. I hope I am wrong.
    They would be surprised that not everybody is eager to see Sarah in bikini/tight clothes/black wig/whatever 🙁

  18. If anyone watched the repeat from tonight (1/10/11) (Chuck vs. the phase three) at the end they showed the extended version of this promo, if anyone is interested I’m sure it’ll be on youtube eventually.

    I’m excited for some new episodes, it seems like we haven’t seen a new Chuck episode in forever, but I’ve been rewatching season 4 in the mean time and that’s good too.

  19. ok was it just me or did anyone else notice that in the new promo that was shown after the “chuck versus the phase three” encore tonight that sarah was sort of tearing up/crying when she told chuck “i’m not coming back without your mom” or whatever that was???? that will be such a cute moment!!!!sounds like she doesn’t want to leave him, but feels like she has to…idk

    on a side note, i love the line chuck says in the new promo: “it’s like i’m cheating on you, with you” Hahahaha…..loving the black hair on sarah! although i hope it doesn’t last too long, still love the blonde look.

  20. Season 4 ep. 11 – Chuck vs. the balcony

    watch this promo, it’s only for ep.11 and it’s great!

    (it’s like i’m cheating you with you 😛 (genius)

  21. Oh My God. I thought it was impossible, but she got even HOTTER.
    (.) (.)