SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 4.14 Official Synopsis

The official synopsis for Chuck episode 4.14, “Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible”, is here! This is the first episode in the extended backorder for season 4 and airs February 7:

THE TEAM JETS TO MOROCCO TO SAVE ONE OF THEIR OWN — JOHN LARROQUETTE RETURNS AS ‘ROAN MONTGOMERY’ — LINDA HAMILTON AND MEKENNA MELVIN ALSO GUEST STAR — In need of an exciting new mission, Chuck (Zachary Levi), Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) are sent to Morocco to rescue Roan Montgomery (guest star John Larroquette). Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah are at odds over their future plans. Back at home, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) prepares to meet Alex’s (guest star Mekenna Melvin) mom, as Mary (guest star Linda Hamilton) bonds with her family. Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin and Bonita Friedericy also star.

First, this seems to confirm that Baby Awesome does arrive in episode 4.13, so my initial assumption of a 4.14 birth based on Ryan McPartlin’s comments in an interview was wrong. Win some, lose some! Second, Morgan is meeting Alex’s mom? Oh boy. Third, if Mary is bonding with her family back home, perhaps we’ll get some emotional scenes between Mama B and Ellie that give us more answers about the Frost Queen and, maybe, Orion. What do you all think about this rather spoiler-y synopsis?

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  1. Wow. They spoiled that MamaB lives, and most likely is good. This is like the time they spoiled that Jill was Fulcrum.

  2. “In need of an exciting new mission…” hmmm. What does that mean?

  3. Why, why, why, why, are they at odds.

    Well, I guess it is time for some angst. I knew the fluffy underlining wouldn’t last long…

    • I am sick of the conflicts in the C&S relationship. If it not conflict it is angst. Why can’t we just go after bad guys. Castle is beginning to gain ground.

  4. Granted it’s such a spoiler-y synopsis. But considering the title of the episode there is no hint in the synopsis about the “seduction” nor who is going to do the seducing. At least the synopsis of Season 2 “Chuck vs Seduction” was clear on that aspect.

    “Chuck and Sarah are at odds about their future plans”

    Wedding vs Elopement?
    Morgan out of Casa Bartowski or still in?
    Strict no to seduction missions in the future?
    Nerd Decor vs Feminine Decor at Casa Bartowski?

  5. Well heck, maybe the conflicts will be better than we figure. Maybe no engagement conflicts.. but possible wedding? Then again, that’s totally guesswork/hopefulness coming outta me. 🙁

    The whole spoiling Mama B surviving is sorda lame, though. Oh well.

  6. I totally don’t mind being spoiled that mom lives given that I was so shocked when dad was murdered. As for Charah at odds over their plans, I’m guessing it’s lighthearted wedding related stuff. I STILL have got to know what seduction is going to come into play!

  7. I thought it was already guaranteed that Mama B would live, i mean they wouldn’t killer her so soon after Orion had already been killed, i don’t think they would do that to that poor family

  8. Umm, I don’t wanna say, but didn’t ANY of you see Chuck vs. The Anniversary? The Frost Queen fable Mama B read the young Chuck told you the entire season: Frost Queen saves Castle, restores the King and returns home after 20 years.

    I mean, what were you expecting?

    My only question is whether Orion someone is brought back to life. After all, this IS Chuck and you only live twice…

    • If they somehow bring Orion to life.. while that would be a happy moment.. that’d feel rather ‘jump the shark’-age.. you know? God I hope that’s not the ‘most epic 10 minutes of Chuck ever’..

  9. Chuck and Sarah are at odds over their future plans

    What a Suprise……..Don’t like that twist at all…
    Maybe something to do with that new girl in episode 4.13 ;)?

    But i don’t like it at all…Starting to get the feeling that they not having new idea’s for the show so they keep pulling the same Sh*t every season…
    Or is that just me?

  10. hey , i am not being a kill joy here but can u please lessen the spoilers? bcoz it can also lessen the shows awesomeness like in chuck vs the gobbler, we saw casey fell on the ground but it felt a little exciting now coz we already know that casey will be joining chuck and sarah rescue Roan..=(..that scene where in casey fell should have been a great thrill for us if we dont have spoilers..

  11. Chuck and Sarah are probably in disageement over the length
    of the engagement. Chuck wanting it ASAP….. Sarah holding
    out for season finale.

    • You know what?

      I think it’s Chuck that will now have some reservation over the engagement, with what will have happened since 4.12. Sarah will want it as much as before, and Chuck will have been hurt by what Sarah said or did, so I’m beginning to think that the engagement will not be in 4.13 after all.

      OR, it will be a la 3.13-3.14. Chuck and Sarah goes to the next step of their relationship (engagement) in 4.13, and then, in 4.14, they will have some quarrel or argument over what they want to do next(in 3.14, both wanted the same thing, but thought the other wanted something else, and they were at odds). It also fits with Chris Fedak saying that 4.14 is a “Honeymooners” type of episode; and just like in 3.14, the ETA ex-member put Chuck and Sarah on the same page, so will Roan Montgomery. You’ll see.

      And as many said, I’m getting a little annoyed with the conflict-of-the-week thing between Sarah and Chuck, and that they are having more and more difficulties to come with new ideas for the show. A signal that it is time to end it while it’s still great? Honestly, I’m almost beginning to wish that this season will be the last.

  12. You guys are all angry about how spoilery this SPOILER is!!! If you don’t want it spoiled don’t look at the SPOILER! especially because it says SPOILER ALERT!! So if you don’t like it it is your own fault(:

  13. Why is everyone feeling soo negative about Chuck and Sarah issues?!?! It’s not like they’re going to break-up or some crap!! JEEZ PEOPLE, CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!

    • Chuck's hardcore fan

      I totally agreed. Conflict with boys and girlfriends, husbands and wives are normal..Its happen all the time.. When they get back to each other, the tied become stronger…….relax…enjoy the shows.. the writer try their best to make as logical as possible relative to a real live…Cool ….

    • I agree as well. I am guessing that they will be engaged (or possibly married) by the end of 4.13. Remember that this could have been the last episode of the season (series?). I am hoping that any sort of conflict will be along the lines of Chuck vs. the First Fight, which really was not much and was resolved quickly.

      • I would like to see how the engagement process works between Chuck and Sarah. Would Chuck plan the dream wedding or would Sarah become involved or possibly shun the entire process? It would be fun to watch Sarah become excited over a wedding since “traditional” gender roles are reversed for Chuck and Sarah. I remember that Chuck wants to cuddle while Sarah likes at least thirty minutes of uninterrupted silence at night. Maybe the conflict mentioned above is derived from the desire for either a large or small wedding.

  14. I would guess Roan is the seducer–quite a pair of pj’s. Roan is a fun character-should be a good episode–I am sure Roan will have some advice for the happy er? unhappy–whatever couple.

  15. Perhaps it is Morgan that is sent on a seduction mission- now that could definitely be called impossible. Still the more likely scenario is Chuck getting upset with Sarah going on a seduction mission.

  16. Haven’t read all the comments but Donovan is right i think.
    Chuck and Sarah are gonne be at odds cause she is gonne do a seduction mission and she has no trouble doing it. So ofcourse chuck gets upset.

    Hope they don’t mess up the relationship too much. Kinda like them being together.
    Also can’t wait to see baby Awesome!!!!

  17. Just seen the promo and OMG Yvonne looks amazing in the belly dancer constume.

  18. After 4.13…I cannot wait for this episode!!! 3 more days! Why does that seem like such a long time??