Chuck Fans, Save 50% On Sleep Sheep

Hey Chuck fans, want to support Chuck and get a great deal? Cloud B, the company who made baby Clara’s Sleep Sheep, is offering Chuck fans a 50% discount on the cuddly animal during the month of March! To get this exclusive discount, follow these steps:

  1. Like Cloud B on Facebook.
  2. Comment on Cloud B’s wall that you saw Sleep Sheep on the February 21st episode of Chuck.
  3. Cloud B will send each person who likes and leaves them a message an exclusive 50% discount code off of Sleep Sheep for use on their website.

This offer is only good during the month of March, so take this opportunity to show Cloud B (and NBC) that you notice and appreciate their support of Chuck. Product placement is the a vital part of funding Chuck; we want advertisers and the network to know that fans will respond to that if it means we’ll get another season. Also? My Sleep Sheep came this weekend and it’s both adorable and soothing. If you have any young’uns in your life, or if you’re lacking a good night’s sleep yourself, you definitely need to check this out.

Updated 03.08.11: Chuck fan Chad created a small pdf version of the JEFFSTER! logo that you can download, print on transfer paper, and iron on to a baby t-shirt to customize your Sleep Sheep. Download here.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. 50% off, wow. I was going to get this for my friend who just had a baby but the sheep is so cute that i want it for myself.

  2. Only for US? =/
    I’ll try contact my friend who lives there. Hope she answers my call. I would love to give one to my baby niece.

  3. Hey, at 50% off, I’ll purchase a number of them. I know several “mothers with child,” and in my line of work, there’s AWLAYS more in the pipeline!! 🙂

    • Did everything you listed – now just waiting for my email with the promotion code!! 🙂

  4. Mel:

    I am not on Facebook and live in Canada. From whom shall I buy Sleep Sheep to support Chuck. We have them in stores but I don’t think it helps if I buy them from the stores. Please advise.


    • It doesn’t matter where you purchase the product, Patty, the point is to buy it because you saw it on Chuck. After you purchase the cuddly little fella, go to the Sleep Sheep website and send them an email letting them know when, where, and why.

  5. But it doesn’t come pre-loaded with a Jeffster t-shirt and “Send Me On My Way”? 🙁

    • Not preloaded but song available on
      Also cited in a previous post.

  6. Haha, I had no idea that it was real…now I need one. : ]

  7. Just bought one for my new 3 week old. By the way he was born at 5:30 on a Monday, so enough time for him to get cleaned up and watch his 1st episode of Chuck. By the way his name is Zachary Charles. Yes, Charles is after our favorite spy, but Zachary is not.

  8. For the Jeffster tee–all that would really be needed is a Jeffster iron on decal. Any art experts want to produce that for the rest of us Chucksters?

  9. My first one just arrived – going to try it out tonight!!! 🙂

  10. i really like sleep sheep.thanks so much for the sale.

  11. I have done as instructed above, but have yet to receive any code from Cloud B. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    • Yes, that happens. If you still don’t have it, just go to their the Cloud B Facebook page again and “post” that you still haven’t received it. Sometimes they have trouble getting the code to you via a Facebook message and they send it via your “regular” email.

  12. Well, I have to be completely truthful. The things works – for ME!! The “rain” sound puts me to sleep within 10 minutes. Now, as far as waking up during the night, that’s another story! But if you DO get up during the night, just press whichever “sound” button you prefer and let it “put you to sleep” again.

    I know a half a dozen people who have ordered them either for THEMSELVES (adults) or for their babies/toddlers. So it’s not just a “baby” thing. It works on “OLD” people, too!!!

    I would think that Cloud B has to be happy with the response from all the CHUCK-sters. Not only are CHUCK fans purchasing, but they’re letting their friends know about it, too. Will it save, the show? Who knows? But at least it will make another CHUCK advertiser (or product placer) happy with the results.

    • @rick holy- does it record voice like Big Mike said it did. after reading the info on it, im under the impression you cant. i ordered one anyway, but i was hoping to record my voice on it so my 6week old daughter can listen to it when i go back to work.

      • Mine has no record function – so I think that was just an “add on” so that something “Jeffster” could be added to the Sleep Sheep. It just gives you a choice between a number of different sounds of nature plus a mother’s heartbeat. But even without the “record” function, it’s still nice – and pretty darn cute as stuffed toys go.

      • thanks for replying back to me. well though i really hoped it could record, im sure my daughter will be equally as happy w it. hopefully i will be getting it in the next day or two. thanks again.

  13. Ordered mine on amazon so it can be shipped to South Africa!!! Can’t wait to get it!!